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Our Story

We're Gut Wellness Pioneers

Twenty-five years ago, our founder couldn’t find the solution to her own gut health issues. She struggled to receive answers to her questions. And stores didn’t have the right products for her needs.

So, she made her own solution. And ever since, we’ve continued her legacy at Renew Life, helping countless others find relief, share their stories and rise to their full potential.

You have ultra-high standards. So do we.

At Renew Life, we strive to:

Identify probiotic strains on package for the majority of our products

Guarantee potency through expiration

Back our claims with competent and reliable scientific evidence

Back our claims with clinically studied strain amounts

Have DNA verification of strain ID for the majority of products

Have third-party verification of probiotic potency and quality

Use scientific support to deliver live probiotics to your gut

At Renew Life, we believe…

…in raising our voices over suffering in silence.

…that honesty isn’t the best policy. It’s the only policy.

…women’s bodies are unique, complex and deserving of their own solutions.

…that gut wellness is the foundation of your good health.

Driven by science. Naturally.

Drawing on natural science, our innovative, clinically tested ingredients offer trusted efficacy. We custom-choose multiple strains that are proven to work with your unique microbiome.


Gut wellness is a women’s issue.

Women’s bodies are powerful and complex. They are home to microbiomes that are different than men’s—and also more susceptible to a host of gut health issues. That’s why we made the #1 Women’s Probiotic* with strains specifically for a woman’s body. Multiple strains with multiple benefits to target the areas where they’re needed, boosting digestive, immune, urinary and vaginal health.

Created by women. For women. With strains clinically shown effective with women. Renew Life probiotics are made different because you’re different.