Earn Points and Save Money

With Renew Rewards


Welcome to Renew Rewards, the Renew Life Customer Loyalty Program. Earn points every time you shop RenewLife.com and unlock new benefits with each new VIP tier—Bronze, Silver or Gold. The more you buy, the more value comes back to you. Plus, earn additional points when you refer friends, celebrate your birthday and more!

Click here to create a Renew LIfe account and enroll in Renew Rewards. You can start earning points immediately. We’ll even kick off your new membership with 40 points!

Here’s how it works:

Renew Rewards Levels

Note: You must be logged in to your account to earn points and to use points. If you are not logged in, you will not earn points for purchases, reviews or any other activity.


Your VIP tier status is determined by the points you earn throughout the calendar year (from January through December). Points expire after 365 days of inactivity, but a single purchase will automatically reset your account to day one and preserve your current points. In other words, just one purchase a year ensures your points and your tier status are safe!

Managing Your Points

You can view your Renew Rewards points at any time by logging in to your account using the Earn Renew Rewards button on the Renew Life website. From there, you can also manage your Renew Rewards referrals and referral preferences.


Terms and Conditions

Renew Rewards (the "Program") is a loyalty program sponsored by Renew Life Formulas, Inc. through which individuals (“Participants” or, individually, the “Participant”) can earn “Points” by making online purchases from RenewLife.com and by other online activities. Participants can redeem Points earned for discounts on future online purchases. Click here to view the full terms and conditions.