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Probiotics Help Digestion and Immunity

Every day, your body does an amazing job fighting off harmful microbes. Most of this work takes place in your digestive track, where trillions of good and bad bacteria reside and work together to help keep your body free of infection by increasing white blood cell counts and stimulating your body’s natural immune response. Without these colonies of bacteria present in your gut, your body’s immune system won’t build up a tolerance to harmful microbes, increasing your risk of infection and other conditions, including diarrhea, inflammation, stomach pains and gas.

While a healthy immune system is vital to fighting off viruses, having a healthy intestinal track also means getting more from the foods you eat. A properly working digestive track quickly and efficiently processes food, allowing it to naturally pass through the body while absorbing a high percentage of the available nutrients. Conversely, a digestive track that’s hampered by an unbalanced digestive track can become constipated and reduce your body’s ability to gain valuable nutrients.

To encourage proper delivery of beneficial bacteria, Renew Life probiotics are specially designed to travel inside your body so they can populate the digestive system, where they do the most good. This includes time-delayed capsules that are protected from harsh stomach acids while they are transported directly to your intestines, where they can aid in immunity and helping your body digest the foods you consume.

To sustain this delicate balance of bacteria you need for proper digestion and a healthy immune system, you must introduce this microflora into your body, either through the food you eat or by taking supplements. When you are looking for a daily probiotic to help maintain and restore the integrity of your gut lining, ReNew Life offers top of the line supplements that are specially designed to help you.