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The Most Important Ingredient in Your Oil Supplement

What is Lipase?

How do you know if you’re getting the most out of your daily oil supplement? One good way to tell is by making sure it contains Lipase. This powerful enzyme is perhaps the most important ingredient to look for when choosing the right oil supplement. Why? Because Lipase helps the body absorb the healthy oils so you can enjoy all of the benefits they provide.

Essentially, soon after you swallow an oil capsule it enters the upper portion of your small intestine (also known as the duodenum). There, bile salts secreted by the gall bladder work to break up the surface tension of the healthy fats and split them into thousands of smaller droplets of oil, similar to the way dish-washing liquid works on a pan filled with greasy water.

That’s where Lipase comes in.

Lipase helps to break those smaller droplets of oil into a form that is more easily digested by the body, making this important enzyme a key player in the overall process of oil digestion. Plus, Lipase helps prevent the fishy aftertaste and unpleasant repeat that many people experience when supplementing with fish oil, and who doesn’t love that?

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