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High Fiber Foods Can Help You Manage Your Weight

The Truth About Diet Pills

Diet pills have done enough harm; they are known to have caused anxiety, nervous disorders and even cardiovascular damage. If you have a weight problem, you must tackle it sensibly. The first thing to remember is that if it took years to put on that excess weight, you must give yourself enough time to shed it too. There are no short-cuts and no quick-fix solutions either.

Fiber, a Magic Solution?

However, there is a realistic, sustainable, affordable and readily achievable solution and it involves the magic of high fiber foods. You probably have them in your fridge and almost everyone has heard of high fiber foods. They are widely available and all you have to do is be convinced enough to put it into practice. You have to drink to quench your thirst and no amount or f reading about it will help. Similarly, reading of the benefits of high fiber foods is not going to help you.. You"ve got to eat those high fiber foods, and eat them frequently. In fact, they will work even better if you eat them every two to three hours.

High fiber helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and bowel regularity. High fiber foods are a large part of the USDA's Food Pyramid and high fiber foods provide a slow drip of energy to the body. Fiber is a form of carbohydrate that encourages the elimination of excess calories without carrying calories of its own. While it helps you to reduce weight it also cleanses your colon. In her book, The F-Plan Diet, published in the early 1980s Audrey Eyton discussed showed how high fiber diets and high fiber foods can encourage natural weight loss through healthy bowel elimination.

Two Types of Fiber: Soluble & Insoluble

There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. It is the water-soluble type of fiber that creates this calorie reduction. Soluble fiber is found in foods such as oats, beans, fruits and, as in high fiber supplements such as acacia and inulin. It dissolves in water, where it becomes highly absorbent and forms a gel and swells. For every gram of fiber you eat, studies have shown that seven calories are eliminated from your system.

Writing in her book, THE FIBER35 DIET, digestive care expert Brenda Watson calls this "The Fiber Flush Effect." Brenda Watson says to lose excess weight naturally we should consume 35 grams of fiber every day. The Surgeon General and the National Institutes of Health and other health experts also recommend a high fiber diet and the daily consumption of 20-35 grams of fiber to maintain ideal health.

Brenda Watson has painstakingly shown in detail how you can eliminate 245 calories by increasing your fiber consumption to 35 grams per day. That is an amazing 7595 calories per month and we need to lose 3,500 calories for a one pound of weight loss, so without any other changes, just by adding 35 grams of fiber per day you can lose over 2 pounds a month.

By combining this with increased exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced diet you can have even greater success. 50% of Americans are approaching obesity and two out of three are overweight. This simple solution should come as a blessing. There is no need to resort to quick-fix diet pills or other dangerous or extreme measures. You can take a much safer route by simply adding more high fiber foods to your diet. To ensure that this solution is easy and tasty Brenda Watson has developed several high fiber diet foods in the forms of high fiber diet shakes, high fiber diet nutrition bars and fiber supplements - all of these and much more are available in our online store.

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