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Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent 100 Billion

Supplements for Intestinal Support ǂ

  • Ultimate Flora probiotic helps support healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. ǂ
  • Organic Triple Fiber provides your intestines both roughage and detoxifying fiber types. ǂ
  • ParaGONE cleanse helps your body rid the intestines of parasites. ǂ
  • IntestiNEW helps soothe the intestinal lining and irritable bowel. ǂ

All Natural Solutions—For Intestinal Support

Our intestines are probably one of the last organs we think about, making intestinal support pretty low on the priority list. Experts have only recently begun to understand why our intestines are so crucial to our health, mood, and longevity. The intestines do far more than simply digest our food—they also help regulate our weight and how much we eat, our hormones, our “feel-good” serotonin output, and our immunity.

  • Weight and hormones—besides the digestive hormones gastrin and secretin, the small intestine also releases the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) which tells your brain you are full and to stop eating.
  • Your second nervous system—your intestines house a second nervous system that runs the length of this organ. This enteric nervous system contains half of your body’s nerve cells and more serotonin (the relaxing “feel-good” neurotransmitter) than the brain!

Your immunity—over 70% of your immune system is actually located in your intestines in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). This tissue lines the intestinal walls and is a hotspot defense system for your body, which is exposed to many potential invaders every day via the digestive tract.

Beneficial Bacteria and Intestinal Support

Perhaps the most important healthy residents in your intestines are your colonies of beneficial bacteria. Your intestines house trillions of bacteria and every bowel movement you have is approximately 1/3 bacteria. We need these microscopic helpers the way our body needs blood flow. Our beneficial bacteria digest food, help form healthy bowel movements, produce vitamins, support the immune cells in our intestines, and help crowd out potentially harmful bacteria. Your intestines could not do their job properly without them.

It is now well established that age reduces your levels of Bifidobacteria (the beneficial bacteria type found mostly in your colon), giving rise to digestive imbalance. A poor diet, stress, and certain medications all affect your beneficial bacteria levels no matter your age. It’s important to make sure your good bacteria levels remain high and healthy. ǂ

A high-potency, delayed-release probiotic supplement such as Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent 100 Billion can help rebalance a gut environment that is low in beneficial bacteria. ǂ Because this probiotic comes in a delayed release capsule, the beneficial bacteria in it survive stomach acid to reach the intestines where they’re needed. You can step down to a less potent probiotic once digestive issues seem to stabilize as a daily intestinal maintenance solution.
Why Your Intestines Love Fiber
Fiber is a vital nutrient for intestinal health because it is not digested. Unlike other macronutrients in food, fiber passes through the digestive tract relatively intact. So if it’s not digested how is it beneficial?

Both types of fiber—soluble and insoluble—perform important intestinal actions as they pass through the gut:

  • Soluble fiber (dissolves in water) acts like the soft side of a kitchen sponge, soaking up digestive toxins so they can be eliminated. Certain types of soluble fiber are also known as prebiotics because they feed the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Flax fiber and oligosaccharides are examples.
  • Insoluble fiber (doesn’t dissolve in water) is the scrubby side of the kitchen sponge. This is the bulking fiber type that helps make stool substantial so you can pass more complete movements and helps stimulate the intestines into peristalsis (moving waste through and out).

We are not eating enough fiber. Fibrous foods are still not a significant part of most people’s diet, which is why many are now turning to fiber supplements like Organic Triple Fiber which provides both soluble and insoluble fiber from organic flax, oat bran, and acacia.

Parasites and Intestinal Support

The intestines are prone to parasites because they can provide an ideal environment for parasites to thrive. Intestinal parasites produce unpleasant digestive signs such as diarrhea, cramping, gas, irregular digestion, and digestive upset. People who travel are especially prone to intestinal parasites, which can take root without our knowing it.

If you or your health care professional suspects intestinal parasites, you can opt for a natural supplement such as ParaGONE to help balance the intestinal microbial environment and assist the body in cleansing parasites. ǂ ParaGONE contains a variety of potent natural extracts such as wormwood, caprylic acid, black walnut, grapefruit, garlic, rosemary, and pumpkin seed to help target adult parasites and their eggs and support the digestive process as it expels these unwelcome guests from the intestines. ǂ

Intestinal Support for Irritable Bowel
If you’ve experienced irritable bowel you know all too well the sudden and debilitating abdominal cramping, digestive upset, and constipation and/or diarrhea that can strike without warning. Irritable bowel significantly affects the intestinal lining, making it important to support this area against further damage and inflammation.

IntestiNEW is formulated as an intestinal renewal supplement that contains only gentle, nourishing, and natural ingredients selected for their intestinal benefits: ǂ

  • L-glutamine and N-acetyl D-glucosamine help support healthy intestinal mucosa, the nourishing home that lines the intestines where beneficial bacteria and immune cells reside. ǂ
  • Gamma oryzanol is included as an antioxidant that helps scavenge free radicals in the intestines, helping to keep intestinal cells healthy. ǂ
  • Soothing ginger, marigold, and marshmallow help support optimum lubrication in the intestines, making bowel movements easier to pass. ǂ