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Cleanse Smart Total Body & Intestinal Cleanse:

  • 100% natural 30-day deep cellular cleanse
  • Extra herbal support for colon and liver detoxǂ
  • Supports intestinal health and overall vitalityǂ
  • Only herbs—absolutely NO artificial ingredients
  • Two-part morning and evening formula

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Intestinal Support—Intestinal Cleanse

Many of the toxins we take in every day pass through the intestines, making a regular intestinal cleanse (at least twice a year) an important part of any health regimen. Because the intestinal lining permits particles to enter the rest of the body, it can be the start of what is known as the toxic stress cycle if not properly cleansed.

We can compare the intestines to the oil filter in your car: it doesn’t matter how often you change your oil, your filter must also be cleaned to maintain your car’s engine. Similarly, you might have switched to a very healthy diet and still be experiencing the effects of toxic build-up in the body. The missing ingredient? An intestinal cleanse.

Toxins in Our Modern World

The body produces inner toxins in normal metabolic processes and as a result of improper digestion, excess waste accumulation in the colon, and other factors. We are also exposed to outer toxins—the ones found in our modern environment—daily.

Outer toxins include:

  • Industrial toxins include the 100,000 chemicals currently in use to make our plastics and other materials. We now eat off of, drink from, cook with, brush with, and wear far more plastic products than we used to. Heavy metal industrial toxins and other metals such as aluminum are also pervasive in our personal care products, auto exhaust fumes, dyes, Teflon coatings, mercury dental fillings, cooking utensils, certain medications, pesticides—even our carpet.
  • Agricultural toxins such as pesticides are still widely used on our food crops. Opting for organic foods is virtually the only way to cut down on your exposure to these types of toxins.
  • Household toxins are often the most surprising toxin group to many of us. So much of what we use to clean and maintain our homes is toxic. Items such as aerosol sprays, bleach, paint, wood preservatives, carpet glue and material, common household cleaning products, and even the insulation in our walls all emit toxins that can be potentially harmful for our health.

The good news is that the body’s seven channels of elimination—the liver (your hardest working detox organ), blood, skin, kidneys, colon, lungs and lymphatic system—are equipped to handle a certain amount of toxic exposure. Any added toxic stress such as intestinal toxins, however, significantly impacts your body’s ability to detox.

Intestinal Toxins

Intestinal toxemia, or the toxic result of certain bacteria digesting our food when our bodies fail to do so, starts with improperly digested food. Improperly digested food is a primary source of toxins that travel through the intestinal walls to the blood and the liver. The liver, which is coping with the many outer toxins it has to process, can become overloaded. When this happens, the liver passes unprocessed toxins back into systemic circulation where some are secreted and others are stored up in lymph and fat cells, bones, hair, and muscles.

Stored toxins affect the health and energy production of cells, as well as negatively impact the hormonal systems in the body. Signs of stored toxins include:

  • Muscle/joint pain and stiffness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Intensifying PMS symptoms
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression/mood issues
  • Blood sugar challenges
  • Occasional constipation/diarrhea
  • Irritable bowel
  • Skin conditions such as acne
  • Dark under eye circles
  • Excessive body odor

The Regenerative Power of an Intestinal Cleanse

Did you know? Every six weeks you have a new liver, meaning that in six weeks every cell in the liver has been replaced with a new cell. The same is true for your stomach lining, which is entirely new every five days. Your body, and particularly your digestive/detoxifying system, can greatly benefit from an internal herbal cleanse to help set new cells up for health and assist the ongoing detoxification process.

Herbal and botanical extracts, long used for their cleansing properties, help assist toxin removal by stimulating peristalsis (the movement of food and waste through the intestines that prevents toxic build-up) and liver bile production (essential to flushing out toxins). Select herbs also help strengthen the intestines and other organs against toxic build-up.

An intestinal (colon) cleanse includes herbs such as:

  • Rhubarb, cape aloe, and triphala to stimulate the bowelǂ
  • Slippery elm and marshmallow root for intestinal supportǂ
  • Ginger root and fennel to support optimal digestionǂ

Our intestinal cleanse would not be complete without additional support to the seven channels of elimination. Cleanse Smart features the intestinal cleansing herbs mentioned above in the evening part of the cleanse plus a second complex of 15 whole body cleansing ingredients that purify, help mobilize stagnant toxins, and boost immune health/lymphatic flow so the body can detoxify as it should.

Assist Your Intestinal Cleanse

  • Drink plenty of purified water and avoid tap water and all sodas while cleansing.
  • Eliminate almost all processed foods and eat plenty of lean meats, veggies, and fruits.
  • Limit your exposure to chemicals in household products and deodorants that contain aluminum.
  • Exercise regularly and spend 15 minutes a day in direct sunlight to boost vitamin D3 levels.
  • Go organic whenever possible and cook with unrefined coconut, sesame, or olive oil.
  • Support healthy digestion/immunity with minerals, probiotics, and digestive enzymes for complete food breakdown.