Renew Life
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The Renew Life difference

  • Made stronger for a strong gut and a strong you*
  • Billions of live cultures in each capsule
  • Multi-strain formulas to reflect the natural diversity of your gut
  • Quality, purity and potency are guaranteed through expiration
    Some manufacturers may only guarantee potency at time of manufacture
  • Gluten, dairy and soy free

Why take a daily probiotic?

Probiotics are the good bacteria that support a healthy gut.* Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria— good, bad and neutral, diet, stress, antibiotics and just growing older can throw them out of balance. Taking a daily probiotic can help restore digestive balance and support immune health, and more.*

What are probiotic strains?

Your gut naturally contains hundreds of types of probiotic strains, and different strains can offer different benefits. Be sure to choose a probiotic supplement with multiple strains to reflect the natural diversity of your gut.

What is a probiotic culture?

A culture is a single probiotic cell. Look for a probiotic supplement with tens of billions of live cultures to support the billions that naturally reside in your gut.*