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Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity

Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity Boost:

  • With immune boosting S. boulardii probiotics ǂ
  • Plus EpiCor® immunogen and ResistAid™ ingredients
  • Supports whole body immunity from the gut ǂ
  • Helps strengthen the intestinal lining ǂ

Immunity Boost—For Adults

The immune system is the body’s most interrelated and complex “organ” that thrives on an immunity boost and on regular, attentive care. Your immune system is actually a combination of several organs, chemical reactions, proteins, cells, and immune tissues that work collaboratively to defend your body from the foreign invaders you might inhale, ingest, or touch with the skin.

As adults, we come into contact with as many potentially harmful pathogens as children do, and we rely on our well-developed immune system to keep us healthy. Many of us think of a runny nose when we think of immunity, but did you know that over 70% of the immune system is invisible and hidden among the folds of our digestive system?

Your Gut and Healthy Immunity

An immunity boost starts with GALT, or your Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue. This tissue, which stores immune cells, is found along the lining of the intestines and is the largest repository of immune lymphoid tissue in the body. Your gut lining is truly the body’s immunity hub.

GALT is made up T cells and B cell lymphocytes and it employs a mucosal defense against invaders that may try to penetrate the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream. You can think of your GALT as a highly intelligent line of defense that knows which molecules to let through (tiny, well-digested nutrients and water) and which to repel (pathogens and larger molecules).

Despite our modern sanitation and food processing capabilities, we are exposed to many more potential invaders through our food and water supply than we realize. Even biting your nails exposes you to potential pathogens.

  • A pathogen is ingested and makes its way down the digestive tract.
  • Pathogens that survive stomach acid are passed into the intestines, which are semi-permeable and should ideally allow only beneficial nutrients through and into the bloodstream.
  • Your healthy intestinal lining, including GALT and colonies of beneficial bacteria that support these immune cells, keeps pathogens from entering the bloodstream.

Challenges to Your Immunity

Your immune center, the gut, can become less effective over time without proper care, an immunity boost, and nutritional support. Factors that affect the gut lining and your immunity include:

  • A poor diet high in inflammatory foods such as sugars, preservatives, trans fats, and processed ingredients
  • Certain medications such as birth control pills, antibiotics, and others can disturb the balance of beneficial bacteria that support your gut immunity
  • Stress, which is a chemical reaction in the body, upsets your normal balance of healthy cells, including immune cells. Stress is a silent immune system depressor.

These conditions are all related to an immune system imbalance that finds its origins in the gut:

  • Food sensitivities/reactions
  • Allergies, including nasal allergies
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Respiratory health challenges
  • Sinus problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Inflammation around the body

Giving Yourself a Daily Immunity Boost

A healthy diet is the foundation of healthy immunity. Make sure you’re eating plenty of whole fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fats, and keep inflammatory processed foods to a minimum. Vitamin D3, obtained through direct sun exposure on the skin or in supplements, is also an important immune system booster.

These specific nutrients support your gut-centered immune system to help you fight off foreign invaders:

  • S. boulardii Probiotics. S. boulardii has been shown to support the GALT by promoting a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria along the intestinal lining.ǂ These bacteria help the GALT do its job effectively. S. boulardii also helps keep bowels regular and relieves occasional diarrhea. ǂ
  • EpiCor® immunogen. EpiCor is a nutrient combination of protein, fiber, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and other system-boosting metabolites that work together to support immune balance, healthy mucosal defenses, and active immune cells in the gut. ǂ EpiCor also supports respiratory health. ǂ
  • ResistAid™ immune booster. ResistAid contains a more active form of arabiongalactan, the immune ingredient in Echinacea, plus antioxidant-rich bioflavonoids. This immune booster helps protect the digestive lining by supporting the body’s natural defenses. ǂ

More immune boosters
All exercise supports immunity, but these specific types of exercise and body work will give you an extra immunity boost:

  • Yoga, which helps to detox the body
  • Rebounding on a trampoline, which helps to stimulate immune lymph flow
  • Massage, which also stimulates lymph flow
  • Meditation, which helps to calm the body and reduce stress