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Fiber Smart (Powder)



Fiber Smart™ is a high-fiber supplement ideal for those with sensitive digestion, occasional gas, bloating, and constipation.* It includes organic flax fiber, plus L-glutamine, probiotics, and soothing herbs that work hard to help support digestive balance and intestinal health.*

Advanced Fiber for Sensitive Digestion*

  • Made with organic flax, probiotics, and L-glutamine
  • For sensitive colons*
  • Promotes regularity*
  • Supports intestinal health*
  • Pleasant-tasting powder
  • Gluten free, psyllium free
  • Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

Also Recommended

Fiber Smart™ is an advanced high-fiber formula made with organic flax fiber designed for sensitive digestion. The pleasant-tasting powder also includes L-glutamine, probiotics, and soothing herbs to support intestinal health.* It’s ideal to promote regularity for those with sensitive colons who deal with occasional gas, bloating, or constipation.* Fiber Smart is a non-cramping, psyllium free,  gluten free formula, and is guaranteed for quality, purity, and potency through expiration.

Why Choose Renew Life Fiber Formulas?
Made with ingredients derived from nature, and nothing artificial, our wholesome fiber formulas work hard to keep your digestive system running smoothly.*

Supplemental Facts


I tried this in coffee; it looked and tasted disgusting. It wouldn't dissolve, and changed the taste of the coffee to something I poured down the sink. I WILL NOT use it again, and DO NOT RECOMMEND.*

* ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTE: Your experience with this product is atypical, as the FiberSMART powder is NOT intended to be mixed into a beverage like coffee. We have clear-mixing acacia fiber products made specifically for that kind of use.

Reviewed by Nez on 2/19/15

Great Product

It worked perfectly for me, including eliminating bloating and gas that I typically have when taking or eating fiber.

Reviewed by Love Fiber Smart on 11/23/14

We love this product!

My boyfriend and I have been regular consumers of this product for years! We strongly encourage our friends and family to consume more fiber and this is the best product we have found! It has helped us lessen acne and oily skin as well as help our bodies rid itself of toxins. Being "regular" when it comes to the digestive tract is so important and this product will help anyone! I love that it contains probiotics as well to restore beneficial bacteria to the intestines. Thank you Renew Life for making this great product!

Reviewed by Tara on 10/20/14

Better way to take Fibersmart

I took fibersmart for about 7-10 days solid. The first time i took it i just put a scoop in a glass of water and vigorously stirred. The result was slimy lumps of fibre among smooth slimy water. The texture made me gag. After a few days I figured out a palatable way to drink this. put a glass of cool water (or room temperature water with an ice cube or two) in the blender then add a scoop of fibersmart, a dash of cinnamon and a about 3 drops of stevia (or another natural sweetener of your choice). Blend it up for a few seconds and enjoy. Because fibre smart is made from a flax base the cinnamon and flax make a pretty decent drink (for drinking fiber).
When taking fibersmart i did not notice any bloating, gas, or discomfort like people tend to with fiber. I also didn't necessarily notice my bowels clearing out any more than normal. So i am not sure if it did the job or not as i didn't notice any change. I was taking this along side Paragone, Parazyme, and bentonite clay cleanse. So i am not sure if either of those caused an interaction with the fibersmart or if it just doesn't "clean you out". Just am not sure.

Reviewed by Christine on 8/12/14

Best Fiber Powder

I love using this with the cleanses (total body, rapid cleanse etc). It really helps to bind to the toxins and waste and "push" it out. It seems to really enhance the cleansers and it doesn't have a weird taste. I usually mix it in with hot tea or I blend it in with my yogurt smoothies. Plus I like the fact that I don't have to really add calories to my diet to add fiber :)

Reviewed by Ashton on 7/22/14

Love this!

I love this product. It is the best fiber supplement I have tried. It has helped with my regularity and has become a part of my daily routine. I highly recommend this to anyone who has struggled with regularity. I was worried that it would irritate my colon but it didn't. Great product!

Reviewed by Angela on 6/12/14

Free Shipping On Orders Over $49. Plus, Free Gift With Orders Over $75!