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Fiber Smart (Capsules)



Get your fiber fix and more with Fiber Smart™. This high-fiber supplement is ideal for those with sensitive digestion, occasional gas, bloating, and constipation.* It includes organic flax fiber, plus L-glutamine, probiotics, and soothing herbs that work hard to help support digestive balance and intestinal health.*

Advanced Fiber for Sensitive Digestion*

  • Made with organic flax, probiotics, and L-glutamine
  • For sensitive colons*
  • Promotes regularity*
  • Supports intestinal health*
  • Gluten free, psyllium free
  • Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

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Fiber Smart™ is an advanced high-fiber formula designed for sensitive digestion that combines organic flax fiber with L-glutamine, probiotics, and soothing herbs to support intestinal health.* It’s ideal to promote regularity for those with sensitive colons who deal with occasional gas, bloating, or constipation.* Fiber Smart is a non-cramping, psyllium free,  gluten free formula, and is guaranteed for quality, purity, and potency through expiration.

Why Choose Renew Life Fiber Formulas?
Made with ingredients derived from nature, and nothing artificial, our wholesome fiber formulas work hard to keep your digestive system running smoothly.*

Supplemental Facts

good stuff

This product works well, I just don't like having to take so many pills. 4 pills a day is kind of a lot.

Reviewed by Joe on 10/24/15

Amazing product

I've used this product for years and it's always effective. I tried other fiber supplements before I found this and they just caused gas and bloating, and didn't even help with bowel movement. This fiber consistently works.

Reviewed by Ck on 7/28/15

Fiber plus probiotics is a great combination that has evened out my problem with irritable bowel syndrome

my sister-in-law gave me a bottle to try and I had only been using a probiotic and since I was out of this fiber smart and went back to probiotic and I have the same issues; where caffeine which is a trigger- with Fiber Smart & probiotics-it is not! able to have more than one the loca

Reviewed by Donna on 1/10/15

Great especially for travel!

My boyfriend and I love these capsules for when we travel and need our fiber supplement! When we don't have a glass/spoon to stir the usual powder fiber we normally would consume, we turn to these pill formed ones! We can take our fiber anywhere and anytime! Love these!

Reviewed by Tara on 10/20/14


I purchase this product due to IBS concerns and the quality of this product definately brings relief. I take this product with Ultimate Flora 50 Billiion and it has been a blessing to my GI concerns. I tend to not take the 8 pills a day and split the dosage of 4 pills, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening, and I have to admit it definately works on just that dosage.

Reviewed by Jason on 10/15/14

Love this stuff

I have ibs so serious digestive iasues. This fiber has been a help to me keeps me regular but no bloating

Reviewed by Carmen on 8/28/14

Lots of pills, but it works

I'm not a huge fan of taking four big pills a day, but the product works, so I'm not complaining. I had to work myself up to the recommended dosage. I'm not very regular as it is, and taking the recommended four pills bound me up even more. I gradually increased my dosage and am now less gassy and sometimes go twice a day! I feel so much better after taking this. I also take it in conjunction with the Critical Care Probiotics.

Reviewed by Lauren on 7/18/14

Free Shipping On Orders Over $49. Plus, Free Gift With Orders Over $75!