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Your Purchase Feeds a Future!

Renew Life’s Feed a Future Program enables children in some of the world’s poorest and most undernourished regions to attend school and receive the essential dietary assistance they need. When you purchase a Renew life probiotic supplement product online, $1 of your purchase is sent directly to our U.S. not-for-profit partner, who then collaborates with international organizations such as Centro Promocional Social Hormiguero near Cali, Colombia, to offer local children the chance both to attend school and be served three meals per day. It costs $1 to feed a child for one day, which we can with through your purchases!

Partnership With Centro Promocional Social Hormiguero

In many developing nations, school is the one place children can count on for a meal. In a very poor rural area outside Cali, Colombia, the school is a haven for youth, providing them with a valuable education and with breakfast, snack, and a balanced lunch, all cooked from scratch, 5 days a week.

Many local families could not afford to send their children to school, due to the $5 a week bus fee. This is where Renew Life customers have also helped. By funding student meals with $1 from each Renew Life probiotic purchase, school officials were able to subsidize the bus fees and fill their school to capacity—from just 70 students to 130! It costs only $1 a day to feed each child.

Thank you for making the difference in their lives!

Feed a Future

Your Probiotic Purchases Currently:

  •  Enable 60 additional students to attend
        school each week
  •  Provide all 130 students with breakfast,
        snack and a balanced lunch daily
  •  Have funded over 68,000 meals and
  •  Assure a brighter, nourished future for
        children in need

Meet our U.S. Partner

Renew Life has partnered with Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention, a U.S. 501(C) (3) based in Baltimore, MD, to ensure rural students outside Cali, Colombia, receive optimal dietary and educational assistance. We are currently expanding our Feed a Future program to reach other school districts in need. Please contact us at feedafuture@Renewlife.com if you would like to make an additional donation or for any questions regarding Renew Life’s Feed a Future Program.