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Bowel Cleanse

Constipation Bowel Cleanse: ǂ

  • Relieves occasional constipation with fiber and herbs ǂ
  • Magnesium helps hydrate bowels for easier elimination ǂ
  • Helps flush toxins and support your natural regularity ǂ  
  • Organic ingredients, no harsh laxatives

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Cleansing Formula—for Constipation

Constipation is one of the most misunderstood digestive disorders, and it is also the most common. Over 60 million Americans battle this issue on a regular or intermittent basis. For some of us, sluggish bowels happen occasionally or strike at irregular times. For others they are a chronic condition that can have serious future health implications.

Either way, constipation is not something to be ignored. There are multiple factors involved in the constipated bowel, and one of the most important is the store of toxins a bowel cleanse is designed to remove. As unpleasant as it may be to talk about bowel movements, it’s far less pleasant to be skipping them altogether, straining to pass them, or bloating and cramping thanks to waste that passes too slowly through the digestive tract.

The Causes of Constipation

This list may surprise you. The causes of this issue are varied and some are less known than others. Still more are being perpetuated every day by our dietary and lifestyle habits. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is not big on bowel support, and many of the over the counter medications we take actively slow waste transit time and imbalance the digestive environment so it can’t eliminate effectively.

The causes include:

  • A diet low in fiber (less than 30-35g). The average American consumes only 12-15g of fiber daily.
  • Bowel toxicity, a state in which toxins have built up due to poor diet, long-term sluggish bowel movements, and the many toxins we ingest every day.
  • Certain medications such as antibiotics, anti-depressants, pain medications, antacids, and diuretics, all of which imbalance the digestive tract by: eradicating important beneficial bacteria in the intestines that keep you regular, reducing bile flow, dehydrating the bowel, and aggravating stomach acid levels/intestinal lining.
  • Stress, which sets up a stress hormone cycle in the body that actively directs blood flow away from the digestive tract. The stress reaction is designed to keep us safe from danger, but so many of us are overstressed that our bodies are in a chronic state of low-grade “flight.” Poor blood flow to the digestive tract slows down digestion and waste movement.
  • Imbalanced digestive bacteria, and particularly low levels of bowel healthy beneficial probiotic bacteria in the colon (Bifidobacteria) that support regular movements.
  • Low water intake and a poor diet. Many of us are far less hydrated than we think, and the bowels depend on proper water intake to do their job. Hydration means pure filtered water, and primarily water. Coffee, alcohol, and sweetened drinks don’t count. Foods that tend to constipate include starches, sugars, preservatives, and food additives that place added stress on the digestive tract and colon.

Am I constipated?
These signs may point to a problem with constipated, sluggish bowels:

  • Straining to pass bowel movements
  • Hard, pebbly stools
  • A feeling of incomplete evacuation when you go
  • Massaging the abdominals or other maneuvers to get waste going
  • Feeling of waste sitting in the colon/rectum

Ideally you should be evacuating your bowels 2-3 times a day, or approximately as often as you eat a meal. This is a sign of a healthy, balanced, clean digestive tract that is eliminating as it should.

When choosing a natural bowel cleanse to help get waste moving, it’s important that your cleanse contains specific nutrients, minerals, and herbs. ǂ

Fiber is one of the most beneficial and quick-acting bowel cleansing nutrients you can take. Fiber is the great “scrubber” and toxin absorber. The intestinal walls are a favorite place for the toxins we take in to hang out. This toxin build-up contributes to constipation, reduced nutrient absorption, and sets up a toxin cycle that only produces more toxic byproducts when waste is held too long in the colon.

Two fiber types help eliminate constipating toxins and provide the bulk you need to get waste moving:

  • Soluble fiber such as acacia and oat bran fibers absorb toxins as they pass through the digestive tract so the toxins can be flushed. ǂ
  • Insoluble fiber from flax seed and raw fruits and veggies provide roughage and gently scrub built-up waste and toxic material from the intestinal walls. ǂ

In addition to fiber, your cleanse should contain ingredients that stimulate, hydrate, and soothe the colon to help move waste through and out at a healthy rate: ǂ

  • Stimulate with rhubarb root, which has a deep, gentle laxative effect and promotes peristalsis (the natural wave-like motion of the intestines) without the harsh irritating effects of senna, psyllium, or cascara sagrada. Ginger, coriander, fennel, and papaya leaf also stimulate digestive juices for more complete digestion and digestive motility for proper elimination. ǂ
  • Hydrate with the mineral magnesium which draws water from the colon wall into the bowels so they can be better hydrated. ǂ Constipated bowels are always dehydrated, making them hard, lumpy, and uncomfortable to pass. Bowel movement hydration is an important step in relieving occasional constipation.
  • Soothe the cramping, gas and intestinal lining damage from toxins with spearmint, peppermint, cumin, marshmallow root and slippery elm bark. ǂ

Rather than irritating the colon with harsh laxatives, a constipation cleanse works at the source of issues—namely toxin build-up and non-hydrated, low-fiber bowels. This more holistic approach is designed to offer relief over the long-term and help reset digestion so that the issue does not simply return as soon as the laxative is stopped. ǂ