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Children’s Constipation Treatment

No one likes being constipated, but it can be especially tough on a child who doesn’t fully understand his or her body and the importance of maintaining overall bowel health. That’s why it’s important to make sure your children have an understanding of the digestive system and how regular trips to the bathroom are a part of living healthy and feeling good.

Constipation is a fairly common problem in youngsters, for a number of reasons. And since bathroom breaks are a private matter, it can be hard to tell if a child is constipated because they often don’t mention when they’re feeling the effects. Ask questions, monitor their trips to the bathroom and let them know there’s nothing to be ashamed about. If they’re comfortable talking to you, it’s that much easier to diagnose any symptoms.

Below are a few of the major causes why children experience infrequent bowel movements, or hard dry stool.

  • Believe it or not, many children choose not to sit on the toilet. For one reason or another, they don’t look forward to the experience and do everything in their power to avoid it.
  • Some children develop a fear of toilets, especially in public places such as schools or church. They can also be concerned with germs, resulting in a pattern of avoiding using the toilet on a normal schedule.
  • It’s also important to make sure they’re getting enough liquids every day. Fluids help ease the process of going to the bathroom and work to prevent hard, painful trips to the toilet that can lead to further problems.
  • Exercise is also vital to helping children stay regular. Exercise takes energy and it stimulates the body to process foods faster for suitable nutrients to replace those lost to running, playing and burning calories.

Probably the most important aspect to preventing constipation in children is diet. Just like adults, children need to have a diet rich in fiber, including vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains. If your children are picky eaters, you might want to consider a supplement to ensure they’re receiving the fiber they need, which could help avoid problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as they grow older.