Which Cleanse Should You Choose? A Few Pointers

Which Cleanse Should You Choose? A Few Pointers
By Renew Life
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Which Cleanse Should You Choose? A Few Pointers

Before you cleanse, it helps to ask yourself a few quick questions. First, are you new to cleansing and looking for a gentler formula to start out? Or are you a cleansing pro and want something a little more advanced? We want to make it easy for you to find the best cleanse for your needs, so here are a few tips for navigating our cleansing section:

Gentle Cleansing Formulas
First-time cleansers with regular bowel movements may benefit from one of our gentle cleanses. These are whole-body formulas that typically last a few days to two weeks and include whole herbs to provide natural support for each of the body’s elimination organs, including the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, and bowel (or colon).*

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Advanced & Targeted Cleanses
If you are an experienced cleanser or if you have occasional constipation, a more advanced cleanse or a targeted cleanse (one that focuses on a specific concern such as healthy liver function) may be the answer.* These formulas can last up to a month and contain deep-cleansing herbal extracts to support detoxification and help restore digestive balance.*

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Why Cleanse?
We come into contact with toxins every day—from the environment, our food and water, and even within our own digestive tract. And yes, our bodies were built to process those toxins, but our modern world puts added stress on our natural detox channels. Renew Life® herbal cleanse and detox formulas work with your body’s natural metabolism to help re-establish digestive health, get rid of waste and toxins, and let you recapture that clean, light, energetic feeling you love.*

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