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Do YOU Know the 6 Rules of Probiotics?

Do YOU Know the 6 Rules of Probiotics?
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It seems like everyone is talking about probiotics these days, using words like cultures and strains and Bifido—but what do you REALLY need to know when choosing a probiotic supplement? Is there a difference from one supplement to the next? Do certain formulas target specific needs? And why can you find some on the shelf and some in the refrigerated section at your local market?

Watch this eye-opening video to find out!
The 6 Rules of Probiotics

The 6 Rules of Probiotics explains how to choose a probiotic based on a handful of simple, easy-to-remember guidelines—including the total amount of good bacteria per capsule, also called the culture count. In addition, you’ll learn all about the bacteria in your gut (most of which are good guys and help with things like digestion and immune health) as well as what can happen when your digestive system is out of balance. Be sure to check it out!