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Cleansing & Supplements: Your Questions Answered

Cleansing & Supplements: Your Questions Answered
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For many people, herbal cleansing and digestive wellness supplements are two components of a healthy lifestyle.* Regular cleansing supports the natural detoxification processes our bodies use to help eliminate waste and toxins.* Likewise, taking a daily probiotic supplement or adding a digestive enzyme supplement has been shown to support good digestion and immune health.*

But are there recommendations for when cleansing and supplements overlap? We asked our team of experts to answer two questions we commonly hear from our customers, and here’s what they had to say:

  • Will cleansing flush out vitamins and other supplements?
    No. Cleansing herbs function by simply “up-regulating” your detoxification functions.* They do not flush out vitamins or other supplements.
  • When should I take supplements while cleansing?
    Vitamins and supplements can be taken along with a cleanse, but we generally recommend an hour or so spacing between a cleansing formula and other supplements. As always, consult your physician first if there is any doubt about mixing supplements—or especially mixing supplements with medicines.