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A Simpler Way to Find the Right Probiotic

A Simpler Way to Find the Right Probiotic

Experts tell us that added good bacteria are beneficial at every age. But when it comes to choosing a probiotic supplement, all those choices can seem a little overwhelming. How do you know which one is right for you and your family? We make it easy.

Visit the Renew Life home page and use our helpful tool to find the right probiotic for your specific needs. Whether you experience occasional digestive discomfort, are looking for a great kids’ probiotic supplement, or you simply want to support digestive and immune health on a daily basis, we can help you make the best choice for you and your family. Renew Life probiotic supplements are made with multiple scientifically studied strains to help re-establish digestive balance and support optimal health.*

Did you know?

Your gut is considered the core of your health and wellness, because it’s where at least 70% of your immune system can be found. More than 100 trillion bacteria can be found in the gut, and many of them are friendly bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics work to maintain a balanced internal environment, keeping the harmful bacteria in check so you can continue to feel healthy. That’s why maintaining good balance among all your diverse gut microbes in your gut is so important.

What happens if that balance is upset?

You may not realize it, but everyday factors such as stress, an unhealthy diet and even just normal aging can reduce the number of good bacteria in your body—which can impact the health of your whole body. The good news is that our friendly gut microbes respond quickly to positive changes in diet and lifestyle.

Want to learn more? Check out these 6 Mind-Blowing Facts about Your Gut or visit the Probiotics and Health page in our Learning Center.

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