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Advanced Body Detox Cleanse: ǂ

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  • Deep and natural 2-part cleanse
  • Supports the seven channels of elimination ǂ
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Advanced Formula—Body Detox

Every day your body performs many life-saving functions such as breathing and circulation, digestion, and body detox. These are functions you don’t have to think about and so they are taken for granted as simply part of your healthy physical self.

But what happens when one or more of these involuntary functions malfunctions? Worse still, what if you aren’t even aware of this malfunction? This is the unfortunate case for many people in a state of toxic overload. Toxins have taken center stage in our modern world and yet they are rarely discussed in medical circles and certainly don’t make the cut when it comes to dinner table conversation.

Toxins are everywhere—in our food, water, and air supply and in the many household and personal care products we use—and they are unavoidable. We simply cannot live a toxin-free life anymore. What we can do is equip our bodies to deal with these toxins by making specific lifestyle changes and cleansing twice a year with a total body detox cleanse. By staying one step ahead of our “dirty” world, we are taking our health into our own hands.

How Your Body Detoxes (and How You Can Help)

Every year 98% of you is entirely new. Physicists have proven that 98% of your atoms are replaced within a year, and for some systems—the skeleton, stomach lining, and liver—this timeframe is much shorter. You are constantly renewing yourself. Another constant are the toxins our new and old cells are exposed to daily.

Luckily, you have your seven channels of elimination that form your bodily detox super team:

  • Lungs—help expel toxins through exhalation and filter them through mucus and cilia
  • Liver—the main detox organ, along with the digestive system, that filters all the blood in your body
  • Colon—the last stop for the toxin-laden waste before elimination
  • Kidneys—your filter for toxins that are eliminated in the urine
  • Skin—keeps certain toxins out and also releases more cellular waste than the colon and kidneys combined
  • Blood—a key nutrient provider and toxin remover for cells throughout the body
  • Lymph—immune fluid that, similar to the blood, travels around the body flushing out toxins from cells

Even a super body detox team can get bogged down, however. The sheer volume of chemicals, pollutants, and food additives in our daily lives are putting stress on our detox systems. Certain changes such as switching to natural, chemical-free personal care products and cleaners, drinking well filtered water, and eating organic definitely help cut down on our toxin load. Herbal body detox cleanses, saunas that promote healthy sweating, colon hydrotherapy, and skin brushing also help to cleanse the detox channels and the body so it can perform its detox processes efficiently.

Advanced Herbal Body Detox Cleanse

A host of health signals point to toxin overload including chronic fatigue, stubborn weight gain, low energy levels, digestive problems, irritable bowel, brain fog, joint and muscle pains, food/metal/chemical sensitivities, headaches/migraines, mood swings, brain fog, and so many more. Constipation, the #1 digestive complaint in America, is a sure sign that your body is toxically imbalanced. You should be going 2-3 times a day yet most of us are going once, if we’re lucky!

A body detox cleanse works internally using select herbs and nutrients to help cleanse and support the seven channels of elimination. This type of advanced cleansing is best done twice a year over a month period each time to help deeply process and expel stored toxins in the body.

Ideally, your herbal cleanse should address all the channels of elimination with nutrients such as:

  • Liver Cleanse: Artichoke, dandelion, milk thistle, turmeric, and natural LAG (larch arabinogalactan) help stimulate the production of bile for healthy liver toxin elimination and support the liver’s important detoxifying fuctions. ǂ
  • Lymph Cleanse: herbs such as ashwagandha support healthy immunity for lymph flow support. ǂ
  • Skin and Blood Cleanse: beet extract, bupleurum extract, celandine, chlorella, red clover and burdock extract support an optimum alkaline blood state and healthy blood flow/cleansing. This in turn supports healthy, clear skin and an optimum release of toxins through the skin pores. ǂ
  • Kidney Cleanse: corn silk and hawthorn support healthy urine flow and kidney cleansing. ǂ
  • Lung Cleanse: mullein leaf acts as a natural expectorant to help make mucus more liquid so it can flow and remove toxins as it should. ǂ
  • Colon Cleanse: Cape aloe, rhubarb, slippery elm, and triphala to help relieve occasional constipation by cleansing the lower digestive tract so that it can eliminate waste regularly. ǂ The colon is a hotspot for toxin build-up if bowel movements aren’t happening 2-3 times a day.

NOTE: Pay special attention to the other ingredients in your cleanse. Except for a natural vegetable capsule, your cleanse should not contain any extra inactive ingredients under the Other Ingredients section in the supplement facts. Added binders and fillers offer no cleansing or health benefits and in some cases can actually encourage toxin build-up.