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Total Body Rapid Cleanse

7-Day Detox Cleanse:

  • Helps detoxify the body in just one weekǂ
  • Easy—no need to put your life on hold for this cleanse
  • 3-part morning, evening, and fiber cleansing kit
  • Added magnesium mineral support for advanced colon detox ǂ

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Detoxification Program—7 Day Detox

How quickly does the body detox from the many chemicals and inorganic substances it’s exposed to every day? The answer to this question in many cases is surprisingly quickly. Actually, your body does most things pretty quickly.

  • The liver, your primary detox organ, filters about 2 quarts of blood every minute for impurities and toxins.
  • The digestive tract processes waste into feces in under 3 days.
  • Every 5 days your body completely replaces its stomach lining.
  • Within 6 weeks, you will have a completely new liver as all cells are replaced
  • In 3 months, your body produces a completely new skeleton from cranium to calcaneus (heel).

Yes, your body is a cell-replacing, renewable machine if its systems are functioning properly. The influx of heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, pollutants, and food additives in today’s world have made the body’s detox job that much harder, however. Is it a coincidence that new health complaints are cropping up daily in conjunction with the new chemicals in our environment?

But I Don’t Feel Toxic…Why Detox?

It’s surprising how rarely we attribute our common health complaints to a build-up of toxins in our bodies. Toxins get into our cells, irritating tissues and affecting a healthy exchange of energy/nutrients at the cellular level. If you or anyone you know has recently complained of these issues, you could be fighting a toxin burden:

  • Headaches, getting as severe as migraines
  • Slow digestion, occasional constipation, or loose stools
  • Excessive sweating, body odor, and facial redness (signs of liver toxicity)
  • Low energy or sudden mood changes that aren’t like you
  • Difficulty concentrating, brain fog
  • Stubborn weight gain, or trouble taking the weight off
  • Sensitivity to metals (jewelry), chemicals, and foods
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Joint and muscle aches or inflammation

The list of a body in need of detox goes on and on. Unless you cleanse regularly and follow a very strict organic diet that contains virtually no processed foods, toxins have been compounding in your body for years.

Typically, we go on putting toxins in without any thought as to whether they are being processed out or not. Toxins vary from caffeine and the NSAIDs you take when you have a headache to the emissions in your carpet’s glue, the paint on your walls, and the cleaner in that spray bottle you just used to disinfect the kitchen counter. They are everywhere and unavoidable. Luckily, your body can handle them with a little help from an herbal cleanse.

How a 7 Day Detox Cleanse Can Help

Either as a total body detox for those with limited time or as a preparation for a deeper 30-day cleanse, a 7 day detox cleanse is an ideal way to boost the body’s detoxification channels and eliminate excess toxins.

The detoxification channels include the liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, colon, skin, and lymph system. All these channels are responsible for getting toxins out of the body. If they can’t do this due to an overload of toxins or dysfunction, toxins are recycled back into the body and stored in tissues (especially fat cells).

A 7 day detox cleanse contains natural herbs and botanicals that have long been used for their specific detoxifying organ benefits. Within a week, and if taken in conjunction with a clean diet, the ingredients in this cleanse can significantly impact your toxin load and leave you feeling lighter, cleaner, more energized, not to mention curb many common health complaints: ǂ

  • Liver and Kidney Cleanse—Milk thistle, which contains the powerful cleansing antioxidant silymarin, plus garlic, stinging nettle, dandelion, and turmeric all support toxin removal in these key elimination organs and promote optimal organ function. ǂ
  • Lung Cleanse—Mullein leaf, a natural expectorant, fenugreek, and bamboo leaf help keep mucus less sticky so it can freely flow to support lung cleansing. ǂ
  • Blood Cleanse—Most of the herbs in this cleanse also cleanse the blood but Burdock specifically helps to purify the blood of toxins. ǂ
  • Skin Cleanse—Oat extract supports healthy skin detoxification and hydration. ǂ
  • Immune Lymph Cleanse—Vitamin C is a powerful cellular antioxidant and helps stimulate healthy lymph (immune) fluid flow. ǂ
  • Colon Cleanse—Fiber, Betaine hydrochloride, L-glutamine, L-glycine, and N-acetyl cysteine support healthy digestion and advanced detoxification of the digestive tract and body. ǂ

Because detox does not happen all at once, a cleanse that works in stages is best suited to your natural detox cycle. Total Body Rapid Cleanse is formulated to work in three stages:

  1. A morning purifying multi-herb and nutrient formula that targets cleansing of the seven channels of elimination
  2. A twice-daily acacia fiber flush formula that soaks up toxins so they can be eliminated
  3. An evening formula that focuses on stimulating and hydrating the bowels with magnesium for maximum toxin elimination after a good night’s rest

A few helpful herbal cleansing tips

  • Prepare for your cleanse by phasing out processed foods and toxins such as alcohol for a week before you begin.
  • Double your water intake when you cleanse, and make sure it is only purified water.
  • Plan on getting extra sleep the week of your cleanse to fully rest the body as it detoxes.
  • Eat smaller, whole food meals and avoid excess salt as this can cause water retention.
  • Choose to cleanse during a relaxed week with few or no anticipated stressors.
  • Stick to a single cleanse rather than doubling up with a juice fast or other drastic dietary decision, especially if you are new to cleansing.
  • Exercise moderately—no extreme sports.
  • Get 15-20 minutes of direct sun exposure each day to increase your vitamin D3 levels and further support your immune system as you cleanse.