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Ultimate Irritable Bowel Solution

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Ultimate Irritable Bowel Solution
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This advanced intestinal support kit contains:

  • Intestinal Bowel Support
  • OilSMART
  • FloraMORE
  • FiberSMART

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Irritable bowel affects more than 2 million people every year in the U.S. and is second only to the common cold as a cause of missed work days. This advanced intestinal support kit contains Intestinal Bowel Support, a comprehensive 2-part program to help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel and promote optimal intestinal health; OilSMART to nourish healthy colon cells and ease elimination; FloraMORE to promote a balanced intestinal environment; and FiberSMART for advanced colon health support.‡ It also includes Brenda Watson’s Gut Solutions Book to help you learn more about the natural solutions that can help keep your digestive tract in tip-top shape!

The Ultimate Irritable Bowel Solution Includes:

Intestinal Bowel Support (2-part program, 1 KIT)
Effective 2-part formula helps to strengthen and tone the bowel, support a healthy intestinal lining, and relieve occasional gas, bloating and cramping‡

FiberSMART (12-oz powder)
100% organic flax fiber with added probiotics, FOS and L-glutamine for advanced colon support‡ Promotes regularity and helps strengthen and tone the bowel‡

OilSMART (180 caps)
Ultra-concentrated Omega-3•6•9 formula from flax, borage and fish oils helps nourish healthy colon cells and soothe and lubricate the bowel to ease elimination‡

FloraMORE (120 caps)
Powerful daily maintenance probiotic promotes a balanced intestinal environment, with added ingredients to support overall digestive and immune health‡ 

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