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Ultimate Flora Women’s Care 25 Billion

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Ultimate Flora Women’s Care 25 Billion
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Daily Women's Care Probiotic Supplement to Support Vaginal & Urinary Tract Health‡

  • Helps balance yeast‡
  • Promotes vaginal heath‡
  • Supports urinary tract‡
  • Helps replenish healthy vaginal flora levels‡
  • Delayed Release

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Ultimate Flora Women’s Care 25 Billion probiotic is an effective once daily probiotic supplement formulated exclusively for a woman’s needs. Women sometimes experience yeast and urinary tract issues because of an unhealthy balance of yeast and bacteria in the urogenital tract (which includes the vagina and urinary system). The high amounts of Lactobacilli in Ultimate Flora Women’s Care 25 Billion probiotic work to help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast and support optimal vaginal and urinary tract health.‡ Our unique delayed release capsule helps resist stomach acid.

Ultimate Flora probiotics are made with only natural ingredients. They do not contain any dairy, soy, gluten or GMOs.

The Importance of Lactobacilli for Women

Lactobacilli are the most prevalent good bacteria in a healthy vagina and urinary tract, and they produce beneficial compounds to help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast. The 22.5 billion Lactobacilli in Ultimate Flora Women’s Care 25 Billion help maintain a healthy balance of vaginal and urinary tract flora and keep a woman’s body in balance.‡

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Customer Reviews

  • GREAT!  |  (Posted on 6/8/15)

    Review by cwinter

    Out of 5

    I starting doing hours of research online and I came across this and let me say WOW I finally found something!! I literally started crying! No seriously, I started crying - lol - I have my life back!! It took about 5 days for it to start working for me and I put it in the fridge! LADIES GO GET THIS NOW! I promise you will not regret it!

  • Excellent  |  (Posted on 5/28/15)

    Review by Denise

    Out of 5

    I first found this product in my local grocery store and started taking them. Nothing worked until I found this product. By the second week I noticed I had more energy, felt less bloated, and so, I went back to my store to pick up another bottle. They ran out. I ordered another bottle online and am on auto delivery now. I feel great!!

  • Worked for me  |  (Posted on 3/16/15)

    Review by Emily

    Out of 5

    I wanted to avoid the antibiotics during labor, so for my 5th pregnancy I took these probiotics. I was amazed. I've told others about this supplement and since have ordered your other probiotics. Thanks!

  • Excellent Product  |  (Posted on 2/9/15)

    Review by TPink

    Out of 5

    I was doing my research on who had the best probiotics for Women and I ran across this website. I must say that I am glad I did. I have been taking this product for 2 weeks now, and I notice a big difference with my vaginal health. I will be taking these for the rest of my life.

  • health benefits  |  (Posted on 1/18/15)

    Review by Emily

    Out of 5

    9 years ago I had internal surgery that caused scar tissue to form. That scar tissue ended up causing a partial bowel obstruction which I almost had to have fixed with another surgery. However, my doctor told me that the surgery to clear up the scar tissue would cause more scar tissue. So, I researched methods to help my situation and one was probiotics. I have tried many over the years and have had to have yogurt on a regular basis. If I skip my probiotics or yogurt, I feel the effects later. I was taking 3 probiotic pills each day to get what my body needed. Now, with this product, I only need to take 1 pill each day and I get the same health benefits.

  • It's ok  |  (Posted on 1/12/15)

    Review by AlyB

    Out of 5

    I've been taking it for 10 days now and have only felt a slight difference. It doesn't give me gas so that's a big plus! Maybe I need to go back to the 80 billion. Great product for the price.

  • great product  |  (Posted on 12/5/14)

    Review by LeahC

    Out of 5

    Works great for bv and yeast infections!

  • Great for urinary, gut and vaginal health!  |  (Posted on 11/12/14)

    Review by Gigi

    Out of 5

    I highly recommend these products. I struggle with keeping things balanced with my bladder, gut and vagina. These have made a real difference. I highly recommend for anyone suffering with gut issues or vaginal bacteria and/or yeast.

  • Great Product  |  (Posted on 1/3/14)

    Review by JLeigh

    Out of 5

    Works great for me!

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