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Ultimate Flora Senior Formula 30 Billion

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Ultimate Flora Senior Formula 30 Billion
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High-Potency Daily Maintenance Probiotic for Ages 50+

  • Helps with Age-related Decline in Healthy Bifidobacteria‡
  • Promotes immune health‡
  • Strengthens Natural Immune Defenses‡
  • Delayed release
  • Dairy and gluten free
  • Now In NEW Fresh-Assure Blue Glass Bottles

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Advanced Daily Probiotic for Seniors Supports Digestive & Immune Health‡

  • 30 billion active bacteria per capsule
  • 18 billion Bifidobacteria
  • 12 billion Lactobacilli and Lactococcus cultures
  • Enteric-coated vegetable capsules
  • Relieves digestive discomfort
  • Maintains digestive balance
  • Dairy and gluten free
  • Delayed release
  • Potency guaranteed until expiration

Clinical research has shown that people over 50 have a decline in the number of Bifidobacteria residing in the large intestine. Ultimate Flora Senior Formula is a daily maintenance probiotic formulated specifically for people over 50. What makes Ultimate Flora Senior Formula different from other probiotics is its high Bifidobacteria count. Bifidobacteria are the most prevalent good bacteria in your large intestine, and they begin to decline around age 50‡.

When using probiotics, it’s important to choose a probiotic supplement that supports both sections of the intestinal tract. Ultimate Flora probiotics are delivered in delayed release vegetable capsules designed to resist harsh stomach acid.

Because nearly three-quarters of the body’s immune system is located in the digestive tract, maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria is essential to your overall health. The two most prevalent probiotics are Lactobacilli, which make up the majority of the probiotics living in your small intestine, and Bifidobacteria, the most prevalent probiotics residing in your large intestine.

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Customer Reviews

  • A great product !  |  (Posted on 1/26/15)

    Review by A

    Out of 5

    Well i'm in my thirties but i always take this one after any antibiotic course and it really calms my stomach and rebalances my gut.

  • Great Item! Everyone should take every day.  |  (Posted on 1/7/15)

    Review by Hervey

    Out of 5

    I saw this on Public TV about 4 years ago. I bought to try and have been using for the last 4 Years and have not had a sick day since I started taking.

  • Fight fungus fast!  |  (Posted on 12/16/14)

    Review by Lisa

    Out of 5

    I have suffered with a itchy foot for several years. I have tried absolutely everything I could think of. After using the senior probiotics, 2-3 times a day, the foot is healing and the itching is gone. I am amazed. After going without sugar and other reactive foods, now I am able to eat more things and the real test was that I ate a cinnamon roll last night, and my foot still feels great! I feel like I have my life back!

  • Helps with Regularity  |  (Posted on 11/26/14)

    Review by PATRICIA

    Out of 5

    At 77, I was having trouble with regularity, particularly constipation. I began taking Ultimate Flora Senior Formula every day and experienced significant improvement. I have continued with the product for over a year and wouldn't go a day without it.

  • IBS/D  |  (Posted on 11/5/14)

    Review by camy63

    Out of 5

    i was using another probiotic but ended up taking two a day which i had to buy it twice a month and cant afford that so one day i saw the senior in a store on sale so i thought heck that low of a cost ill try it sure enough it worked i went thru a week of cramps bad but after that i only had to take one a day but now the store ended selling it so i went online and found it and ordered it, this is the only probiotic that helps my IBS/D.

  • Thank you  |  (Posted on 8/4/14)

    Review by David

    Out of 5

    I am a 77 year young male who is in excellent health, exercise junkie, and take no prescription drugs whatsoever, (because I want to live a long and healthy life).

    Approx two years ago, however, I developed a case of diarrhea which I could not control, so I went to a holistic doctor based upon a recommendation from a friend. The holistic doctor, actually, made the situation much worse to the point where I returned to my primary care doctor, as I had no energy whatsoever and had trouble breathing. My primary was really upset as she stated that my body was basically ready to shut down. I received an "IV" and was sent home. I almost "never" watch TV, as I consider television to be our Great Modern Plague destroying everyone's brain functions, but I was very tired and turned it on to PBS.....and Brenda Watson was in the middle of her presentation regarding the Senior Formula...."something" told me that it was exactly what I needed. I ordered same immediately and have been taking it ever since, AND HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE SIMILAR PROBLEM SINCE. My wife has also started taking it. Thank you Brenda !

  • True Believer  |  (Posted on 1/9/14)

    Review by M

    Out of 5

    Dad's 90, and had been suffering with irregularity issues of various kinds for quite a while. He tried a few things at the suggestion of different doctors but nothing helped. He's also on a number of medications that might contribute to these problems, but they are not medications he can avoid, as some are for preventing stroke and COPD. Dad was pretty sure the flora wouldn't work, but after a month of using the Ultimate Flora 30 Billion he is a True Believer! (He takes one daily, about a half hour or more before lunch. This separates it from his other meds, which he takes in the morning and the evening.) This protocol has returned him to more colon health than he's had in years. After he had been taking the flora for about a month, he skipped a day by mistake and said that he noticed a difference, so he is staying right on top of it now! (I suspect that after a few months his intestinal flora will build back up to the point where missing one day won't make a difference, but it is clearly still in the process of building up!) And becoming more regular has really contributed a lot to the enhancement of his life, especially in being secure about going out to restaurants, church and other places, and not worrying about having sudden bathroom issues. And I'm glad he's so much happier now!

  • Best Probiotic So Far  |  (Posted on 12/29/13)

    Review by Paul W.

    Out of 5

    I completed a 5-day colon cleanse before starting these (senior formula), and I can say that I am digesting food much better and my diverticulosis is much better. I've tried taking two at a time, but that seems a bit much, because my excrement may be too loose at those times, so I cut back to one capsule. A lot less gas, bloating, and I believe it is helping with assimilation of nutrients.

  • GREAT product!!!  |  (Posted on 11/4/13)

    Review by Casey.

    Out of 5

    It works for me.!

  • Restored after rounds of Antibiotics  |  (Posted on 6/6/13)

    Review by jaspercnr

    Out of 5

    I took several rounds of different antibiotics for a medical condition that turned out not to be bacterial at all. My previously normal digestion and bowel movements for my whole life got messed up by the ABs. I did lots of research and decided on Ultimate Flora Probiotics and it took two months but I was back to my normal healthy self ever since and periodically take refresher rounds of Ultimate Flora to maintain healthy colon. I had no side effects at all except occasional extra gas if taken near bed time. I also supplemented probiotics with Greek Yogurt and Kefir to round out the probiotics to get my gut back to normal.

  • Got an unexpected surprise!  |  (Posted on 4/22/13)

    Review by Cheryl

    Out of 5

    My husband had a terrible string of illnesses over the holidays this year, including a sinus infection (antibiotic treatement), a diverticulitis attack, a horrible migraine and finally the kids brought the stomach flu. I suggested that since he had had to be on a lot of antibiotics it might be a good idea to take a high-quality probiotic for awhile to repopulate him with good bugs. He did, and as long as it was there so did I. We started with the Renew Intense kind, then switched to the Senior formula. Along with normal-acting GI activity we both noticed our blood pressures came down. Seemed a fluke. Doctor said it was no relation. But, just to be sure I looked up research on probiotics and blood pressure and found a fairly recent study done by John Hopkins and Yale tying the two together. Works for us!

  • totally awesome!  |  (Posted on 3/25/13)

    Review by Happy

    Out of 5

    For years I have had intestinal issues. I even had a colon-resection surgery two years ago. Recently I started having issues again. Had another Diverticulitis infection when I thought I was all done with those!! So more rounds of antibiotics!! My digestion was so out of whack. Hubby kept asking me if I wanted to try a probiotic and I kept saying, "no, not till after my colonoscopy". Well, one day as we were passing a pharmacy and I was doubled over in pain he convinced me to just try one. So, in we went and studied the labels. No researching of the products, no recommendations from anyone, we just read the labels. I finally decided on your Ultimate Flora for seniors, mainly because I wanted to get back out in the car. Within a few hours I was feeling better! By the next day I was very close to being back on track!! That was about 6 weeks ago. I stopped taking them a week before and a week after my colonoscopy, (would not have had to do this as I have since found out) but am back on them again. It certainly is helping to restore my good bacteria after the antibiotics and my stomach pain is almost gone!!! Will continue using these as they are definitely helping me! So glad we stopped that day and even happier that I chose this product!!!

  • Sheer misery  |  (Posted on 3/16/13)

    Review by Poppy

    Out of 5

    Stomach cramps, gas and loose stools is what I experienced taking this! My husband tried it and experienced the same things! Waste of money! Not what it is cracked up to be. Think before you buy!

  • Excellent product!  |  (Posted on 1/15/13)

    Review by Judi

    Out of 5

    For as long as I can remember, I've had digestive tract issues.When I was a child. I was given antibiotics quite often because of sore throats and bronchitis well into my 20's. I was so tired of the bloating and gas everytime I'd eat, and the inability to have bowel movements. I also had reflux that was quite noticeable most of the time. Taking fiber made everything worse and increased the already troublesome symptoms, and various meds had no impact on the reflux. I read an article on probiotics and it made total sense. Ultimate Flora had top user ratings so I ordered the Senior Formula. Within one week, my digestion was completely normal. No more stomach upset, bloating, or gas, and my reflux symptoms were gone, also. I could count on 2 normal trips to the bathroom every day at almost the same time on the clock. My energy seemed to noticeably improve, also. You can't believe what a relief it is, and how much more enjoyable life is, when you know that you can eat meals and not have stomach upset, bloating, or reflux. I never thought I'd have this health issue fixed and the Ultimate Flora Senior formula worked even better than I hoped. I'll never use a different brand because this one works perfectly for me. Thanks so much for a great product and for giving me the ability to enjoy eating again.!

  • Start Off Low  |  (Posted on 1/2/13)

    Review by Karen

    Out of 5

    I'm giving this 5 star because I believe it works, BUT, I would suggest that if your not currently taking a probiotic or have never taken one that is delayed release straight to the digestive organs, start with a lower dosage, I went thru hell this past week, I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy! Stomach pains that had me balled up with naseau, couldnt eat, etc,etc, It really was sheer hell! I'm not going back to probiotics for a few weeks and without a doubt am using a LOW DOSAGE! It would have helped if some kind of warning was on the botlle or on this website or in you public tv show, Anything would have helped! I gave it a 5 star because the problem is with the information about the product, So I felt i shouldnt downgrade it

  • I'm so happy to have found this product  |  (Posted on 10/15/12)

    Review by Lorrie

    Out of 5

    I suffered from constipation longer than I could recall. After a nasty stomach bacteria, a doctor said to take a probiotic. I got one at the drugstore, but it did nothing for me. Then I happened to see Brenda Watson on PBS, looked her up online, and ordered this probiotic for seniors. I can't believe the change it has made in my life. I heartedly recommend it to everyone. It really does everything it is described as doing!

  • Great product!  |  (Posted on 9/19/12)

    Review by Linda

    Out of 5

    In the early part of 2012, I started having digestive problems, which at times happens when I'm under a lot of stuff (good and bad). Anyway, my normal solution was to eat light and take Imodium. After several days, I'll normally be back to normal. Well, it was going on two weeks with no improvement so I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. He did blood work to rule out things and even tried two rounds of medication...still no improvement. With concern, he scheduled me for a colonoscopy. I made a visit to his office a week before my procedure and he suggested taking a probiotic on the off chance that it could help. My results were amazing... In just two days I saw much improvement and before my colonoscopy, I was back to normal. My results of my procedudre showed a healthy colon and I have been on Renew Life Probiotic ever since and am doing great. I now take it every day and have now become a lifelong user. I don't know if it will work as fast and as well for others, but it made me a believer and has become a part of my daily routine. Thanks for such a great product!

  • Wonderful product  |  (Posted on 8/24/12)

    Review by Alex

    Out of 5

    I had suffered with diarrhea and loose bowel movement for 4-1/2 years, continuing to loose weight until I was down to 114 lbs. I had noticed this product in a local Vitamin Shoppe and upon noting it ingredients and heavy load of bifido cultures, I bought it.

    I took it and 24 hours later my situation was completely turned around, after taking only 1 capsule.

    Previous to this, nothing had helped me. From prescriptions to all kinds of nutritional aids, powders, herbs, you name it. When I see any doctors, I tell them I finally found the solution t my problems. They then go scurrying to their pads , computer or what ever to research your product. Because they were not able to help me with all their expertise, not withstanding.

    I am now recommending this product to every one I know because I know many people especially seniors, who experience digestive problems. All those other products I had used in the past were a waste of time and my hard earned money.

  • Incredible Product!  |  (Posted on 8/2/12)

    Review by Very Satisfied Customer

    Out of 5

    I have been using this product now for about 6 months and am so amazed at the results I have had from it. My skin looks good, no stomach or bowel problems anymore. I believe it took care of the leaky gut syndrome as well. I did stray and try another product for a month BUT I'M BACK AND WON'T STRAY TO ANY OTHER PRODUCT AGAIN. Wonderful product!

  • Excellent probiotic  |  (Posted on 4/24/12)

    Review by Gail

    Out of 5

    I have been using this product for the last several months. Besides the usual constipation, bloating and gas, I suffered from tonsil stones for most of my adult life. After taking this product, my digestive system has improved 100% and the tonsil stones are now completely gone. Also, it seems to have regulated my weight! Excellent product! I plan to continue using it for many, many years to come.

  • This product is great!  |  (Posted on 3/15/12)

    Review by Happy Consumer

    Out of 5

    I have been taking Ultimate Flora Senior Formula for two months and already my stomach feels great. There is no more bloating and my bowel movements have improved. I haven't had an attack of acid reflux and have not had to take my prescription meds since. This product is great and I am continuing to take it. I am considering a cleanse in the near future.

  • EXCELLENT PRODUCTS!!!!  |  (Posted on 10/9/11)

    Review by Becky

    Out of 5

    Ultimate Flora is the TOTAL product. My skin has cleared up. My gums are in the best health ever. My digestive problems are gone. Every person needs to take a probiotic and Brenda Watson's are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The BEST probiotic  |  (Posted on 9/8/11)

    Review by Beck

    Out of 5

    I am so pleased with the Renew Life products that I have been using. I began with the Cleanse Smart cleanse, which worked wonders for me. While I was doing the cleanse, I also was taking one Digest More capsule right before each meal. I have tried so many different digestive enzymes and nothing helped my problems with burping and stomach issues. This stuff is awesome. I am taking one Ultimate Flora Senior 30 billion probiotic every day between meals. I tried so many different reputable probiotics with no results until I started using this one ~ it's the BEST. I also struggled with Acid Reflux and was on PPI drugs for a couple of years. I am happy to say that I no longer need these PPI drugs, as these Renew Life products have helped me with that as well. The combination of these three products have truly changed my life. I no longer have to worry about any of these problems when I am around people. I am thankful for Brenda Watson's Renew Life products.

  • Relief  |  (Posted on 8/30/11)

    Review by Ray

    Out of 5

    Finally my digestive system is flowing correctly. AMAZING!!

  • Wow!  |  (Posted on 5/8/11)

    Review by Sunshine

    Out of 5

    I was skeptical, but not anymore. I started having normal, twice-a-day bowel movements in just two days. My energy level has really perked up.

  • This is a great product for me  |  (Posted on 5/7/11)

    Review by Mike

    Out of 5

    I had been using Metamucil and Psylium powder for quite awhile,like months and months.I usually took them once a day after my last meal.At first they worked but then after awhile their were days when i wasn't regular,skipping 1 or 2 days.I was hospitalized for COPD for 2 weeks and during that time i wasn't taking anything.I started going to the bathroom regularly after 2 or 3 days and when i was released and went home, i no longer used anything to help me stay regular.I watched Brenda on PBS and decided to give it a try,what did i have to lose at this point.Now after 2 months i have freed myself of Metamucil,Psyllium,etc. and i'm regular once more,having at least 2 bowel movements daily.Thank you Brenda.

  • Digestive problems solved  |  (Posted on 3/31/11)

    Review by Michlle

    Out of 5

    Great product! I have been taking for only a week and my digestive problems have gone away. For the first time in a year, I have gone a week without stomach problems. I can actually leave my house when I want. Thank you Brenda!

  • Good stuff   |  (Posted on 3/25/11)

    Review by Betty

    Out of 5

    Someone recommended I take this. Seemed to make me more regular. Beats yogurt which I don't even really like anyway.

  • No more constipation!  |  (Posted on 3/24/11)

    Review by Al

    Out of 5

    Finally, a bowel movement! Months and months of constipation drove me nuts.

  • Thank you for Ultimate Flora 30 Billion  |  (Posted on 3/22/11)

    Review by Lorraine

    Out of 5

    I want to thank you for your product Ultimate Flora 30 Billion. I had an intestinal upset that just seemed to go on and on. I work in an OR and my cases are long. Two doses of the Ultimate Flora 30 billion calmed my intestinal upset. Once again, thank you for your product.

  • Thanks For Make A Product For Us Old Folks!  |  (Posted on 3/22/11)

    Review by Jo

    Out of 5

    I saw Brenda on PBS about a month ago and since I had been suffering from constipation for much of my adult life, I figured what the heck?! I bought this product at my local Whole Foods and am so glad that I did. I'm more regular now than I have ever been.

  • It WORKS!  |  (Posted on 2/16/11)

    Review by Meg

    Out of 5

    Excellent probiotic! This is the second brand I have tried. First one was 1 billion and I thought that would be enough. It helped but not significantly. This one works great for me. Got rid of constipation and bloating and I've only been taking it for about 1 month.

  • Not For Me  |  (Posted on 2/8/11)

    Review by Dee

    Out of 5

    I was taking a probiotic and decided after seeing Brenda Watson on TV that maybe more of a good thing was good. But, in my case, not so much! It actually caused all my IBS symptons to start up. So, I'm going back to a lower dose. Sorry for the bad review but consumers need to know that it doesn't work for all of us. Good Luck!

  • Finally, something that works!  |  (Posted on 1/12/11)

    Review by Anna

    Out of 5

    Saw Brenda Watson's special on the public channel and decided to give it a try and have not regretted it since. Was not feeling my optimum at the time I started, but now I've got all kinds of energy and am ready to re-order.

  • This one works for me  |  (Posted on 11/29/10)

    Review by Edie

    Out of 5

    First time i have tried a probiotic. I saw brenda watson on TV and it made sense so i tried this Senior product (I am 70ish!). My messy stomach has been under control for a week - that hasn't happened in a long time.

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