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Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 150 Billion (formerly Mega Potent)

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Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 150 Billion (formerly Mega Potent)
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The Most Cultures and Strains in a Single Capsule

  • 150 live cultures per capsule
  • 40 probiotic strains
  • Provides potent digestive relief‡
  • Restores digestive balance‡
  • Promotes regularity‡
  • Supports immune health‡
  • Delayed-release capsules
  • Gluten free

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Does your digestive system need a recharge? Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 150 Billion contains our highest number of cultures and strains in one capsule for ultimate probiotic support.‡ Each once-daily capsule includes 150 live probiotic cultures from a proprietary blend of 40 pure, raw strains that occur naturally in the human body.

Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 150 Billion includes clinically studied and naturally occurring probiotic strains to help replenish the good bacteria in your intestinal tract, which may be depleted due to age, poor diet, stress and other factors.‡

Ultimate Flora probiotics are made with only natural ingredients. They do not contain any soy, gluten or GMOs.

Why Take Probiotics?

As we age the number of healthy bacteria in our intestines begins to decline, which may lead to occasional digestive issues such as gas, bloating, and constipation. Everyday factors such as stress, illness, travel and medication use can upset a healthy digestive balance. Having a good balance of bacteria is important to our immune and overall health.‡

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in your intestines that work to keep your digestive system and your health in balance, and taking a daily probiotic supplement has been shown to help restore a balanced digestive system and promote healthy digestion and immune function.‡

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Customer Reviews

  • was surprised  |  (Posted on 9/3/15)

    Review by AntDX316

    Out of 5

    Was surprised that picking up the product at the Vitamin Shoppe that the product was housed in a fridge!!

    I already know 40 strains and 150 billion is insane but the fridge discovery makes me more amazed and the authenticity of this being real.
    I'm more of science first and screw marketing and this seems to have it all.

    Luckily it didn't cost $100+ like the network marketing patented products that you can only get if you are a member or you spend way more.

  • The best probiotic in the market  |  (Posted on 5/9/15)

    Review by Adriana

    Out of 5

    Have tried all of them. None work like this product. Amazing results!!! It is a little pricey but worthy!

  • Pricey but worth it  |  (Posted on 1/19/15)

    Review by Johnson

    Out of 5

    Tried this and it does work great, better than most of the lower culture count flora products here. I recommend this if you want extreme potency, because the lower culture count doesn't work sometimes if you have big problems.

  • incredible improvement  |  (Posted on 10/27/14)

    Review by mary

    Out of 5

    My whole system feels better when I take this

  • I have tried them all!  |  (Posted on 10/21/14)

    Review by Cathy

    Out of 5

    This is by far the most incredible supplement that I take. I feel awesome. It makes all systems work the way God intended. It even clears the mind! Everyone in my family is getting it for Christmas in their stockings!

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