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Truly Natural Cleanses

It’s no secret to most of us that we are exposed to toxins every day. We only have to step outside our doors to inhale exhaust fumes and industrial emissions. Purified water has become a way of life for so many, and more people are seeking clean ingredients for their households and organic ingredients for their meals.

Nature has supplied herbs and nutrients to help us fight back against the many toxins in our modern world. Together with a healthy diet and lifestyle, herbal cleansing can help you take back control of your health and achieve lasting vitality.‡

ReNew Life internal cleanses are made with only detoxifying herbs, botanicals, and natural compounds that actively support your body’s cleansing functions. From plant to your cabinet, you will never find anything artificial in our cleanses. Why put in more toxins when you are trying to get them out?

First Cleanse

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The First-Time Cleanse

First Cleanse is ideal for anyone new to cleansing as a gentle and complete introductory cleansing program. This 15-day system is made with all organic whole herbs that work together to help detoxify the channels of elimination and support healthy digestion.‡ First Cleanse is less concentrated than our deeper advanced cleanses and recommended for those with sensitive digestion.

  • Easy & mild 2-part, 15-day program
  • Over 30 cleansing herbal extracts‡
  • Targets the 7 channels of elimination‡
Total Body Cleanse

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The Organic Cleanse, with Fiber

Total Body Cleanse is made with only 100% organic ingredients for pure cleansing support. This cleanse is divided into three effective steps, taken daily for two weeks. Step 1: a gentle total body cleanse made with 16 detoxifying herbs‡. Step 2: A triple-fiber flush that helps to “scrub” and capture toxins with oat bran, flax, and acacia fibers‡. Step 3: Colon support organic herbs to aid in regular elimination and complete your cleanse.‡

  • Gentle, organic 3-part, 2-week program
  • 100% organic herbs, and triple-fiber flush
  • Targets the 7 channels of elimination‡
Flush and Be Fit

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The Cleanse for Busy Women

Flush and Be Fit is the perfect cleansing program for the stressed and tired woman on the go.‡ This 2-week cleanse is packed with supportive herbs like rhodiola and ashwagandha that promote a balanced stress response, thermogenic ingredients that support healthy metabolism and energy, plus cranberry and hibiscus to promote urinary health and digestive enzymes to reduce belly bloat.‡ Added probiotics support a woman’s vaginal flora balance.‡

  • Revitalizing 3-part, 2-week cleanse
  • Comprehensive blend with herbs, enzymes, and probiotics
  • Morning Detoxify, Afternoon Energize, Evening Eliminate protocol‡
Do I need to Cleanse?

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The Deep Cleanse

CleanseSmart is an award-winning best seller that contains concentrated herbal extracts and minerals designed to be taken over a 30-day period for deep, rejuvenating cleansing.‡ CleanseSmart ’s total body cleanse also offers extra support to the liver, the #1 detoxifying organ, and to the colon to promote regular bowel movements.‡ As toxins are flushed, you will feel more energized, less bloated, and recharged.‡

  • Deep-cleansing 2-part, 30-day program
  • Supports total detoxification and bowel health‡
  • Targets the 7 channels of elimination‡
Total Body Rapid Cleanse

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The Quick Cleanse

Total Body Rapid Cleanse is great for the cleanser on the go. This fast, 7-day cleanse offers the deep support of select herbal extracts for total body cleansing, additional vitamins and antioxidants, plus 8 grams of essential fiber to help you meet a recommended 35 grams of daily fiber. This cleanse also includes an effective colon cleanse with herbs and hydrating magnesium to relieve occasional constipation and flush toxins from the body.‡

  • Fast, total body 3-part, 7-day cleanse
  • Concentrated herbal/fiber/colon support blend‡
  • Targets the 7 channels of elimination‡