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ReNew Life Customer Testimonials

"Praise report! I recommend your products to everyone I know. My husband uses the HeartBurn Stop, DigestMore and now Ultimate Flora. Several of his friends use the HEARTBURN STOP and are amazed (we live in southern California - lots of stress!). I use your FiberSmart and ULTIMATE FLORA PROBIOTICS and most recently the DIET START CLEANSE. I have taken 3 successive boxes of your DietStart Cleanse and am loving it. The Svetol really helps to block the carbs. I have done several other cleanses including your CANDIGONE at least twice. Several of my friends use FIBER SMART and some of your cleanses. Really, I think you have top quality products."Christy Jo S. from California

Cleansing & Detoxification

“I began taking SMOKERS' CLEANSE and almost right away I had to reduce my consumption of nicotine because my system was flushing out toxins from smoking and the nicotine buzz came much quicker. After a month of only smoking up to maybe 5-7 cigarettes a day, I finally made a vow to not buy any more cigarettes and that I was letting go of the nicotine monster that had control of my subconscious. Thank you for creating this herbal complex as the nerve relaxation and the lung cleanse is a wonderful duo for the assistance of all whom are committed and ready to quit smoking.”Jody, North Carolina

“I took the SMOKERS' CLEANSE and feel it helped me and I only did it for one month to help my will power. I am 64 years old and have smoked for at least 40 years! It is worth a try for anyone who wants to quit and that is the main thing. I would tell anyone to give this product a try!”Carol from Florida

“I used the TOTAL BODY RAPID CLEANSE and LOVED it. By the 7th day, I felt refreshed and my skin was glowing. I raved about this product and recommended it to all my friends. Two of them have already gone out and bought their own. I started my second cleanse yesterday—if I get the same results, I'll be a true believer!”Shannon from California

“I recently did your LIVER DETOX due to high enzymes and upper quadrant discomfort that had baffled doctors for some time. I did 2 cleanses with a month in between and after the second cleanse, my enzymes dropped to normal readings. My hats off to you!”Keith from New York

Dietary Fiber Supplements & High Fiber Foods

"ORGANIC TRIPLE FIBER has played an incredible role in the steady and continuing rise of my good health. Regular elimination has helped with my overall health and has helped me greatly with constipation. This product has been a true Godsend. Thank you!”Jim from Florida

“I just wanted to let you know that ORGANIC TRIPLE FIBER powder was the only product that helped me with occasional diarrhea. I’m so happy with the product!”Dolores from Florida

Probiotics Support & Probiotic Supplements

“I would like to thank you! I had horrible food allergies and I was down to eating next to nothing everyday because of them. I started the ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE 50 Billion and after a while, I found that my system was able to tolerate many types of foods again. Thanks again for my health!”Adam from California

“I wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product, ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE 50 Billion. It’s worked wonders for my intestinal health.”Anne from North Carolina

Digestive Enzymes & Enzyme Support Products

“I just tried your GASSTOP and this is the first time my digestion has felt comfortable in 20 years! Wow, wow, wow!"Joyce from Illinois

"I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I love your products. I’ve seen an actual difference in my health. Thank you!”Anne from New York

“My husband was experiencing bloating, gas and upset stomach. I finally got him to try DIGESTMORE ULTRA with each meal and he is doing much better. DigestMore Ultra has helped with the bloated feeling he was getting after his meals and it also stopped the gas he was experiencing at bedtime. Great product!”Jill from Connecticut

Essential Omega-3 Oils & Fish Oil Supplements

“I did your complete set of cleanses, some of them twice if recommended. I also took your FishSmart Ultra and OilSmart, ate the foods recommended, and over the course of one year, I lost 100 pounds. I love your information call centre, and your products. I have had lots of people ask how I lost the weight and I have told approximately 15 people about your products. Thank you.”Laura B., USA

Natural Digestive Care Solutions

“I recently went to a health food store to find something to help balance my liver enzymes and the owner of the store recommended CRITICAL LIVER SUPPORT. A short while later, I just had to go back and thank this health food store owner for the recommendation! I love the product and my doctor told me to keep doing what I’m doing because there is no way I could have balanced my liver enzymes with food alone. Thank you for your great product!”Carol from Texas

“I am writing today to tell you what a wonderful product your INTESTINAL BOWEL SOOTHER is. So far, it is the only product I have used that’s helped soothe my bowels and maintain their health. Thank you for making it. The folks at my local health food store, Deep Roots Market, recommended it to me and I am so glad they did.”Sherry from Connecticut

Digestive Care Chewable Supplements for Kids

"My 3 year-old Abby suffered with red rings around her eyes and itching around her ankles. I've been giving her FLORA BEAR for nearly a year, and it has completely eliminated her excema and breathing issues. All her symptoms are gone. I am so happy with her progress and wish there to tell other parents about your wonderful product. Thank you for Flora Bear!"Suzanne R. from Largo FL