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Detox Strategy DVD

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Detox Strategy DVD
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Vibrant Health in 5 Easy Steps!

  • Explore the truth about toxins & how they affect the body
  • Learn 5 simple steps to reduce toxins & jumpstart your system
  • Prepare nourishing meals that promote detoxification
  • Get natural, easy-to-implement solutions for reducing toxins

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Regardless of where and how you live, every day you are bombarded with harmful chemicals and pollutants that can alter the way your body works and affect natural functions. Now you can get the PBS broadcast of Brenda Watson’s Detox Strategy to find out how to reduce your exposure to toxins and enjoy vibrant health with the 5-step RENEW program:

  • REDUCE your exposure to harmful toxins in your home, office and environment.
  • ELIMINATE accumulated toxins with a combination of herbal cleansing, a high-fiber diet, colon hydrotherapy, saunas & steam baths, and dry skin brushing.‡
  • NOURISH the body with healthy organic foods and replenish your cells with high-quality natural supplements.‡
  • ENERGIZE the body with physical exercise as well as stress-reducing relaxation techniques.
  • WELLNESS involves putting together the first four steps and developing a personal detoxification plan that fits your lifestyle.

Brenda Watson’s Detox Strategy provides the tools necessary to help lessen our exposure to hazardous toxins, eliminate those toxins from our daily lives, and nourish and energize our bodies to achieve a state of optimum well-being.

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