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Total Body Cleanse

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Total Body Cleanse
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Complete, Gentle 14-Day Internal Cleanse‡
Made with Organic Herbs

  • 3-part, 2-week total-body cleanse and detox program‡
  • Contains 100% organic herbs and triple fiber blend
  • Supports the body’s normal cleansing and detoxification functions‡
  • Ideal for those with normal, daily elimination

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Total Body Cleanse is a wholesome, gentle cleanse made with 100% organic herbs and fiber.‡ It is non-cramping, psyllium-free and contains no senna or cascara sagrada, or artificial ingredients. The ingredients in Total Body Cleanse support the channels of elimination.‡ They are the organs and organ systems designed to ­filter and eliminate toxins from the body.

Part 1: Detoxify with Total Body Herbal Cleanse.‡ Potent organic herbs assist with the body’s natural detoxifi­cation processes and provide comprehensive support for the liver, lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, and blood.‡

Part 2: Capture with Total Body Fiber Blend.‡ Organic oat, flax, and acacia fi­ber help bind with toxins in the digestive tract and assist with their removal from the body.‡

Part 3: Eliminate with Total Body Colon Cleanse.‡ Organic rhubarb helps promote the needed elimination from the colon.‡ Organic slippery elm, fennel, and marshmallow help to soothe and comfort the bowel.‡

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Customer Reviews

  • Best Cleanse  |  (Posted on 3/19/15)

    Review by Harvison

    Out of 5

    This is the best cleanse... I have more energy and don't feel sick at all. Thank you so much!

  • Amazing REsults  |  (Posted on 12/18/14)

    Review by okasaan

    Out of 5

    This is my first Whole Body Cleanse with this brand and I have been amazed. At first I wasn't sure I was having any results but once I finished the cleanse I noticed I had lost some weight (not my purpose for doing it), head clearer, definitely more energy and less cravings. I already eat mostly healthy and organic when I can, and not to much meat. I also cut out most gluten, and cut way down on sugar. This week alone I have looked right at my usual weakness-donuts-and passed on them easily along with alot of candy, cookies, and cake-it's December! I lost about 9 pounds and I am holding at a very healthy 125pounds for my small 5'3 frame. I love that it's Organic! Thank you!

  • awesome product  |  (Posted on 11/25/14)

    Review by taytay

    Out of 5

    Love it

  • Works as long as you follow directions   |  (Posted on 11/20/14)

    Review by No no

    Out of 5

    The first time I used this I tried to cut in half and it did not work / if you follow the directions it works

  • Great Product  |  (Posted on 11/16/14)

    Review by Alexandria

    Out of 5

    This is my third time using this product. I notice it started working the first day. While on this product I cut out all unhealthy foods. I think it makes the product work better. Overall I will continue to use this product!!!!!!

  • Response to "Not gonna sugar-coat this"  |  (Posted on 10/15/14)

    Review by Ragness

    Out of 5

    Dear "Not gonna sugar-coat this": What you must understand is that with this product, you are detoxifying your entire body. It's not that this product is no good, on the contrary: THIS PRODUCT IS TOO GOOD, AND YOU ARE TOO SICK. I welcome you to look up the symptoms of a toxic liver and lymph system. Each will tell you that severe headaches and migraine-like symptoms are but a drop in the veritable ocean of the symptoms that are all part of the problem. In cleansing these and other organs, you are aggravating what has become, for lack of a better term, a negative norm. In other words, your organs are accustomed to being toxic. Like a drug addict or alcoholic, they think they are happy as they are and would thank you to mind your own business.

    You and I know better, however. We both know that a body is NOT happy in a toxic state, no matter what it tries to tell you in the form of headaches and migraines. That is what detoxification is all about. The toxication of your lymph system causes severe problems throughout your body. When the lymph system, which, when healthy, cleanses the entire body, becomes clogged, it backs up other systems, not allowing them to be cleaned, and so they, too, become toxic.

    No one said that the detoxification process was going to be pain free; on the contrary, it can be very painful. I have gone through detoxification several times; having Lyme disease, I must because the die off of the Lyme bacteria causes severe liver and lymph toxication. Perhaps you should try doing a really good colon cleanse first and then more than one full body cleanse. Please note, however, that I am not a professional. If you are experiencing that much discomfort knowing you need to detox and cannot do it without severe pain, I'd recommend you see a naturopath. I am convinced you need to do multiple cleanses, because trust me: THAT MUCH PAIN DOES NOT MEAN THIS PRODUCT IS BAD, IT MEANS YOUR BODY IS EXCEEDINGLY TOXIC AND THIS PRODUCT VERY STRONG AND EFFECTIVE. If you do as I suggest and still experience a great deal of pain, stop what you're doing and see a naturopath.

  • LOVE!  |  (Posted on 9/2/14)

    Review by Ashton

    Out of 5

    This to me is by far the best cleanse on the market, I have tried different brands and even different cleanses from this brand and this is the most effective one. It is gentle and effective and does the job perfectly. It is a longer time period for a cleanse but is very much worth the dedication and commitment. It never made me feel sick or nauseous or have an upset stomach. The cleanse was deep but it wasn't aggressive. I typically try to do this cleanse twice a year, usually after the holidays (Easter time and Christmas time) to help in cleaning out any holiday waste from all the holiday celebrating. This is my go to #1 cleanse, I never even look at other brands any more because this is best and worth the money to me.

  • great cleanse  |  (Posted on 8/26/14)

    Review by carlitos

    Out of 5

    it's great, your belly and guts can feel it since the first day! no side effects that I can tell, but it does clean your bowls! love it! of course, focus in a healthy lifestyle, otherwise it would be a waste of money

  • Must try  |  (Posted on 7/2/14)

    Review by Candygirl

    Out of 5

    Great listed weight skin clear more consciousness clarity feel alive not tired tank you lord for giving me insight to this product divine revelation. AMEN

  • Caused headaches/didn't much work  |  (Posted on 6/9/14)

    Review by Not Gonna Sugar Coat This...

    Out of 5

    Straight up, the product made me sick and dizzy. I got very intense headaches almost migraine like symptoms. Pressure and very intense body reactions. Drank ample water and changed diet. This product was not pleasing to me and reading online, it was horrible for a lot of others. Most likely if you got results from this, it was a mere placebo effect.

  • Love that its organic BUT....  |  (Posted on 6/7/14)

    Review by Rock Chick

    Out of 5

    ...this product did not work for me. I say this because I have not noticed any changes with anything. It's like I never even took the product. I did not get any of the benefits or positive changes that others reviewing this product spoke of. The amount of times I went #2 in the 14 days was no different than before I took the product. My skin did not get healthier it actually got worse (right side and chin are badly broken out now). I did not feel more alert and the product did not help me sleep better. I have not lost any weight I have either stayed the same or gained slightly. This shouldn't be cuz I been on a diet and exercising when my health allows me to. Nobody has commented about any positive changes to me either. My hair is more dry now too. So it's hard to say this product was effective and did as the box said it would. I feel like since I did not notice any positive changes what so ever and nothing to say hey this worked I feel that it was a waste of my almost $40 dollars I spent on it, waste of 2 weeks and having to put up with all the tons of pills I had to take. I do love that it is organic though and just because this product didn't work for me doesn't mean it cant for others. So while I cant fully recommend it I would say do your research maybe ask your doctor if they think this will work for u etc before you buy this product or any one of its kind.

  • Life Changer  |  (Posted on 3/12/14)

    Review by RuRu

    Out of 5

    This was my first time completing a cleanse and I have to say it was an amazing experience. I followed the cleanse as well as the eating suggestions and as a result I had much more energy, felt SO much better, and had more mental clarity. Before the cleanse my eyes were constantly red all the time, by around day 5 they were back white! Also, in the 2 weeks that I was on the cleanse I lost 14 lbs. This was exciting because it has been hard for me to lose weight. I stopped all sugar, bread, corn, and red meat. I did however continue to eat salt (can't let go of everything ya know) Also, I'm a week and a half post cleanse and I am down a total of 18 lbs since I started. I am now jogging and all of the aches and pains I use to have are gone (knees, joints etc). It is definitely worth it. Why spend over a hundred dollars on a cleanse when you can get great results with this one at a fraction of the cost. I'm so glad to have my life back. Next... Liver Detox. Starting Monday!

  • Awesome  |  (Posted on 3/11/14)

    Review by Heather

    Out of 5

    I do a cleanse once a year and I always feel a million times better after I complete one. It is amazing how much extra toxin our body can hold but the total body cleanse gets things mocing the way that they are supposed to.

  • Cleanse Better  |  (Posted on 11/26/13)

    Review by darius

    Out of 5

    This cleansing system is great and gets the job done but I find myself feeling negatively towards the way its consumed. The pills are a nagging way to have to feel better. I tried other cleansing products and didn't have to take pills and felt better because it give nutrients as well as detoxifies. here is where I got it from. http://isalean.info

  • Great While it Lasted  |  (Posted on 11/22/13)

    Review by Sarah

    Out of 5

    I would have given this product 5 stars if I had reviewed it while I was using it. But now I'm about 4 days off of it, and every single symptom I had hoped to heal, and which *seemed* to have gone away during the cleanse has now come back in force. I've seen this mentioned in other reviews of this product, I wonder what it means?

  • Very Happy with all the products I've tried  |  (Posted on 10/8/13)

    Review by Raised Healthy

    Out of 5

    I use this cleanser or the Smart Cleanse twice a year and I get great results. If you do not drink at least 64 oz. of water a day you are doing yourself a disservice to cleansing and everyday overall living. I recommend cutting out white sugar during the cleansing and stay away from it going forward. It will cause some side affects when you stop eating white sugar however it will help your body in many ways.

    Not sure if it is a mental state that I know I am detoxing my body and I feel better, but I would think not. It put your body and mind in a better state.

    Drink filtered or purified water 64 oz. everyday while your cleansing and everyday for the rest of your life. You body loves it!

    Renewlife, please keep it filler free, and organic it is the only way to live!

    Keep living healthy!


  • I am very happy!  |  (Posted on 8/21/13)

    Review by Zariffe

    Out of 5

    First time using a cleanse kit and I'm very happy I tried this brand! I was introduced to this by a great representative that gave a better explanation and class at my local health food store. I was preparing to cleanse because my body needed it and I was getting ready for my first 5K. I've combined cleansing with running/jogging and plenty of water and healthy eating. I did my 5K in 39 minutes and will continue to use and recommend this product. I am very happy!

  • Very Good  |  (Posted on 8/9/13)

    Review by Dianna

    Out of 5

    I used the 14 days cleanse and it had a very good outcome for me. It was a slow, steady process but it was not uncomfortable at all. I lost a total of 4 pounds which helped me continue to lose weight even after I was done with the 14 day cleanse.

    I recommended this product to my friend who also use it and got positive results.

  • Fantastic Product   |  (Posted on 6/28/13)

    Review by Heather

    Out of 5

    This is the second product I have used from this company. I did the candida cleanse first. Worked wonders! I loved it so much and felt so much better that I wanted to do another cleanse. So I chose the Total Body Cleanse. Today is my last day on it and I am doing amazing! I also started the couch to 5k program along with using the cleansing products. I have increased energy, healthy amount of bowel movements daily, and feel as though after all these years the "fog" has been lifted. I am also being gradually taken off my anti depressants and I honestly think that doing the cleansing along with it has helped with the side effects. My husband says he has noticed a major change in me since using these products. I have lost weight, not bloated, don't feel sluggish and am not coming home from work every night and parking in front of the t.v. till bed. I am up doing things and running around the house, going to the gym. I highly reccomend this product and can't wait to try the next one!

  • Great product  |  (Posted on 4/25/13)

    Review by Shannon

    Out of 5

    I had a constant flank pain in my LRQ, with copious amounts of belching and flatulence, embarrassing I might add. Was at my whitts end when I purchased this product. Within 3 days I was regular again and 1 week after finishing the cleanse, it has not returned.

  • A Miracle Worker  |  (Posted on 4/22/13)

    Review by Jane Smith

    Out of 5

    I cannot use my real name because I am in the only law suit I have ever been in. I have suffered excruciating pain from GyneCare TVT mesh I got when having a final hysterectomy. I was one of the lucky ones and went to a specialty hospital (Duke urogynos) and got all of my TVT Mesh removed. Several of Renew Life Products have helped me. The Probiotics critical care helped me when I was on so many antibiotics for UTI's. Total Body Cleanse saved my quality of life. After mesh removal I still suffered horrendous lower pelvic pain that went into my thighs and back. (Nerve,muscular,tissue damage) I studied the chemical this TVT Mesh has in it and wondered if the chemical was causing my pain. As a last ditch effort I used the total body cleanse and my pain is gone. I kid you not. It is a miracle for me! I did have a lot of bowel movements and slight odd headache but nothing that was a big deal. I think it is the body cleansing.

    By literally the exact seventh day I was shockingly pain free! I would like others to suggest other products to support this product. I only hope others suffering with this will read this and be pain free as well.

  • Great stuff! Not for people with no experience.  |  (Posted on 4/9/13)

    Review by Ash

    Out of 5

    I see so many reviews on here complaining of headaches and muscle aches. It's because you're dehydrated folks. Read up on dehydration. If you're detoxing, you need to drink even MORE water than normal. Fact. I can guarantee with 99% certainty that your body just needs more water. Having a few cups here and there on a detox will NOT help. Drink more!

    I went ahead and called the hotline (WHICH IS FREE! USE IT!) and asked any details of how to make my cleanse efficient. She gave me great info and I've been following it pretty well.

    I feel great. This isn't my first cleanse, but it's my first through Renew Life. I'm on day 2 and feel good. Already down 3 lbs. Only wanted 1 cup of coffee for the day (which I usually want 4 or 5!!). Feel like I have great energy already!

    So far so good! Will update periodically.

  • Don't know what to think...yet.  |  (Posted on 2/12/13)

    Review by Yesh

    Out of 5

    I have been on this product for 6 days. So far I feel worse then better. I also have developed frequent( every couple hrs or more) soft to loose BM's over the past 3 days. The insert states that I one should stop if diarreaha develops. Starting to wonder if this product is not for me. Disappointed but am going to continue to hold out for a couple more days to see if symptoms improve since I am wondering if the ill feelings I am experiencing is due to toxins leaving my body. #still skeptic#

  • Half way Mark  |  (Posted on 2/4/13)

    Review by Jess

    Out of 5

    I began this cleanse in a state of frustration. I am a a cancer survivor and still have many issues post treatment. Recently I have experienced itchy skin and a minor rash. I am allergic to many things and haven't knowingly been exposed to anything. So I began the cleanse to clean out my system. I am feeling extra tired during this cleanse. Sleeping approximately 12 hours on my days off. I did experience one day of minor nausea. I am now on day 6 and am experiencing some abdominal cramping. BM's are very frequent and fairly sudden. I can tell by the color that I am ridding a lot of toxins. Whoa! I haven't experienced an eye opening feeling yet but will return after completiong of the program for my final review.

  • Amazing product and results   |  (Posted on 1/19/13)

    Review by Stacyface

    Out of 5

    I decided to do a cleanse after I went on a binge over the holidays and just was feeling bloated and run down. This is my first cleanse and I absolutely loved it. The first couple days I had the common headaches and loose bowel movements, but I was not gassy and the headaches were tolerable. The days following were a breeze. I just finished a couple days ago and I lost a total of 8 lbs, have clear skin, more energy, and many of my cravings have subsided. do think that my amazing results are due to the fact that I cut out alcohol, gluten, dairy, and soy while doing the cleanse as well as exercising 5 days a week in addition to the cleanse. When I did cheat once, I had some side effects as I did on the first couple days.

    I recommend this product to anyone needing a reboot or kick start to a healthy lifestyle because it completely pulled me out of my funk!

  • Not sure  |  (Posted on 1/11/13)

    Review by L

    Out of 5

    I am on day 9 & have seen little to no results. Not a fan.

  • Thank you  |  (Posted on 1/11/13)

    Review by Julie

    Out of 5

    The Total Body Cleanse was the first cleanse I have ever done. I felt amazing after the second day. Giving up caffeine was a little difficult (headaches, yikes!) but herbal teas I have found i love now. I ate a very clean diet - salmon, chicken, a lot of fruit, vegetables and nuts. I had endless energy, my skin glowed, slept better and found a place of zen I never knew I had in me!! The pills worked. Of course one needs to drink a lot of water all throughout the day. Can't wait to do the next step in cleansing. Thank you!

  • Best New Year Cleanse  |  (Posted on 12/26/12)

    Review by Toni

    Out of 5

    I have used this cleanse for the past few years, once for the new year along with my Daniel fast and once during the summer. I love that is uses all organic herbs and it's very user friendly and I feel so much better afterwards. Start the new year off right, your health is worth it!

  • On Day 5  |  (Posted on 12/7/12)

    Review by Jennz

    Out of 5

    I am on day 5 with This Product & my 1st time using it or any other cleanse.. feeling a little nauseated in morning,careful with bending down & picking up stuff,hurts stomach..I'm real sensitive to everything... My Stomach & sides of have gotten leaner & more energy then usual with is nice,but did notice a Tempermant change as well, irritable,kind of feeling... Hope it makes a differnce in my Liver, I have elavated liver enzimes & recently did a Ultra Sound it came back all normal & alll other Testings... Hope this will help doing a Complete Body Cleanse & went Gluten Free,lean diet & exercise at least 15 mins a day... What is Best after doing this 14 day Cleanse/Detox? want to keep Healthy....

  • Energetic  |  (Posted on 6/19/12)

    Review by Tunisia

    Out of 5

    I was pleased at the results of the Total Body Cleanse. After the cleanse I have been very motivated and energetic enough to start my workout routine.

  • So far, so good  |  (Posted on 5/12/12)

    Review by Trish111

    Out of 5

    I posted my review but it didn't upload so I'm posting it again. Here's my findings so far...
    Day one-no change, day two-headache (sinus like), day three-bowels are moving gently and my tummy feels less swollen, day four-I feel my mood is lifted, more energy, day five-definitely more energy, more bm's, day six-got compliments on my skin and just feeling happy. Today is day seven and I feel great. Half way through. I'll post my conclusions when I'm done in a week. :)

  • Had higher expectations   |  (Posted on 4/23/12)

    Review by Trisherz

    Out of 5

    Ok so today is my last day on this cleanse. It was not my first cleanse. To be honest I don't really know if I felt that big of a change that I read in the reviews. I used to use a GNC 7 day total body detox and I definitely felt that make some changes in me. With this cleanse (renew life ) I never had crampming nor did I have to ever make a run-for-it to the bathroom. My side affect actually was my mood, and my roommates could tell as well. I became very moody very quickly, not like me at all. Overall idk if it really did any thing really, guess you have to try it for yourself.

  • Day 4 - and feeling fantastic  |  (Posted on 4/17/12)

    Review by Chels

    Out of 5

    I started this cleanse during the peak of an intense sinus infection. That's what detoxifying is all about, right? So this cleanse not only helped me heal from my infection faster, it has also helped me regain my energy and sense of wellbeing. While I did get a little bit of a headache on day 1, I think it was due to coughing and blowing my nose, not the herbs. As far as diet goes, I hardly changed a thing, but I am a very healthy eater. (Healthy eating is very important when detoxing!) I try eat at least 50% organic - no matter what. You don't want to add more pesticides to your blood while trying to clear them out at the same time. I drink a lot of water (64 oz) and a lot of Bolthouse Farms fruit drinks- chalk full of easily digested vitamins and minerals. II also use a juicer (not blender, juicer) to make a pint of fresh fruit/vegetable juice per day (the nutrients absorb better). I'm avoiding all processed foods as best as I can. I've lost 5.5 pounds of toxins so far. This is definitely a great cleanse. Please try it for yourself!

  • Day 3 and loving it!  |  (Posted on 4/6/12)

    Review by Kristin

    Out of 5

    So far so goo on day three. The morning of day two I woke up feeling severely dehydrated despite drinking plenty of water the night before. I nearly doubled my regular water consumption today and tried to keep a primarily liquid diet. My body feels great. I think I might Juice for most of my meals for the rest of this cleanse. It's amazing how quickly they act. About an hour after my morning pills I feel a body high and almost get a little shakey but it passes quickly. So far this has been really great. I look forward to Day 14 and feeling brand new. I wish I would have weighed myself beforehand since so many posts are reporting a weight loos. woo hoo!

  • so far so good  |  (Posted on 4/2/12)

    Review by missA

    Out of 5

    2nd day and no major complaints.. Defffffff got some bm's goin on! No joke there! I felt a chnge durinf day one, whether it was mental or physical it was there. Reading abour headaches nd stuff ona day two... Believe it is a lack of water. Much water is needed daily esp whem detoxing its likw a filtration... No headaches here nd i drink a ton of water! Quit smoking and i feel great. Anxious to see the end results! Will update later. Sorry for typos, touchscreen ugh

  • Please  |  (Posted on 3/24/12)

    Review by J in NM

    Out of 5

    I am about half way though it and feel i'm getting something out of it. The first few days I felt a bit odd (light headed, a little fatigued) which would make sense if toxins were getting released. A week in I weighed in ~4lbs down from last week. I've been eating healthy, clean food and exercising (5x last week) as well and haven't had issues w/energy. Can't say if the weight loss is a result or the healthy eating, exercise or detox but I guess all are contributing. The detox has been gentle and productive. I'd do it again.

  • I felt healthier!  |  (Posted on 2/15/12)

    Review by Erin

    Out of 5

    This was my first cleanse so I was not sure what to expect. I took all of the supplements as directed and at about the second day I noticed my stomach looking flatter. I was drinking a lot of water daily and by the end of the 2 weeks I felt healthier and lighter than I have in a long time! I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to get healthy and stay healthy! Thanks Renew Life.

  • Horrible leg pains first few days  |  (Posted on 2/15/12)

    Review by PJ

    Out of 5

    I am on day of the cleanse and feeling great and have lost weight. On days 2,3 and 4 however I had HORRIBLE leg and lower back pain. I couldn't sleep or even sit and had to take acetaminophen which I didn't want to have to do on a cleanse. The pain subsided by day 5.
    I feel fantastic and have no appetite at all... A great side effect.

  • Never again  |  (Posted on 2/7/12)

    Review by Roxy

    Out of 5

    I got this cleanse with the expectation of a few side effects. However, after day 3, I couldn't stand up without feeling like the room was spinning, and I couldn't lay down without immediately falling asleep. Without the cleanse, I would have thought my symptoms were the result of the flu, but the timing was too coincidental. I have now been off of the cleanse for 2 days and I am feeling almost back to normal.
    I do want to add that I ate a healthy diet while on the cleanse (I'm a vegetarian), and I drank plenty of water. I would never put my body through this again.

  • headaches  |  (Posted on 2/2/12)

    Review by day 6

    Out of 5

    I have had bm's every morning while on this detox.. yet I have had many aches and pains the last two days. I am satisfied with the bm's but the headaches are no fun at all.. I have had to take medicine to control the pain.. which I am not happy with. Hopefully this goes away soon. I usually am a healthy eater, but from being on this cleanse I have noticed I have a loss of appetite.

  • I definitely recommend it!  |  (Posted on 1/28/12)

    Review by NancyLea

    Out of 5

    I just finished this cleanse, and I definitely think this is a great product! It is very gentle; I had one day of slight headache/nausea at night (day two), but otherwise, things went well. I think the key is to drink plenty of water with the pills and throughout the day, and make sure you eat as healthy as possible. Now I'm going to do the Renew Life Liver Cleanse, then the 15 day Reboot Your Life cleansing diet, then the Renew Life Heavy Metal and ParaCleanses. I highly recommend this cleanse!

  • Recommend  |  (Posted on 11/24/11)

    Review by Rosie

    Out of 5

    I just finished this cleanse today and I feel fantastic.

    Days 2-4 were my hardest. I felt moody, fatigued, and achey. After that I started feeling great. I would wake up in the morning and take the first dose with water. I put off drinking coffee for about half an hour. Then, a funny thing happened: I noticed that I didn't want or need any coffee! (I am 30 and have been drinking coffee on a daily basis since the age of 13.) I am amazed at the energy that I have. I still will drink about 1/4-1/2 of a cup in the morning because I am nervous about getting caffeine withdrawals, but this is way down from my 2 cups in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

    Other benefits I experienced: increased focus and concentration, decreased anxiety, decreased hours of sleep needed, decreased constipation.

    Downside: cramping after the morning dose. Sometimes moderate, sometimes more severe. Over in approx 1-2 hours. Bowel movement EVERY time I sat down on the toilet, which is better than constipation, but somewhat annoying in public restrooms.

    Overall, a great product. Next, I start the liver cleanse!

  • Awesome  |  (Posted on 11/11/11)

    Review by Lady

    Out of 5

    I've been using ReNew Life Products for some time now, and frequently cleanse heavy twice a year. I grew up on a Macrobiotic diet and don't normally eat terribly, but here and there I'll some good chocolate ( I work at a chocolate shop!) or some Coconut Milk Ice Cream, which all still have sugar, I do have tea or coffee every morning and have sugar in the raw in that, and a little milk....so nonetheless, HEAVY cleanse twice a year....and THIS does what it is supposed to! I cannot understand the negativity in some things I read! If you've never done a cleanse I would NOT recommend this but FIRST CLEANSE! It's MILD this is heavy, and really digs.....I can only encourage some to stick it out and stick to a healthy diet, if you do, you would notice that there is in fact consistency...a cleanse also isn't just so you can lose weight, it is good for that but the soul purpose is to cleanse your system. I have TERRIBLE skin and have battled acne for YEARS, upon trying my first cleanse years ago, I no longer have skin issues, and I do notice that when my skin starts to get a little bad, I know it's time for a mild cleanse or even a light cleanse ....it does more than you would think, but then again a healthy diet is highly recommend in the material they give. And I found if you read their Community and Learning Center (http://www.renewlife.com/learning-center/digestive-conditions/overview) you discover a lot....I have a great health store that I go to who knew of these product and guided me from soft and mild to heavy ....this product works like it should and then some. I really am pleased, (esp having acacia fiber in there....acacia is special...) thanks...I hope some of you stick it out and your body is able to adjust.

  • Beginning 1st Cleanse  |  (Posted on 8/26/11)

    Review by Lovelyndawest

    Out of 5

    Ok I just ordered the 14 day total body cleanse.
    My expectations are: It will give me more energy. I already have good stools, But I feel plugged up I do eat a lot of fast foods, refined sugars, fried foods, and man I love ice cream and cake. So now that I am motivated to change my diet. I hope this will push me into the right direction of eating better. I am now starting to shop at New Seasons, Trader Joes and Zupans for better quality of foods and eating more veggies and fruits. Of course I just started that today. LOL... So I hope to get the product soon so I can start. SO Excited!
    Any health nuts out there with a load of advice please pass it on.
    I am really looking for good books to read about what foods to avoid and foods to eat.

  • feelGREAT  |  (Posted on 8/26/11)

    Review by yourbrother_ando

    Out of 5

    my experience was great and it helped me consider a better healthier diet regime... i minimize red meat (almost none at all), eased-up on sweets + sugar. eliminated both kinds of smoking and my favorite, caffeine.

    there are plenty of alternatives and i believe life is best appreciated when practicing with moderation and balance. furthermore, it's always good to give your body a rest and flush out the toxins (physically, mentally + spiritually). it helps maintain clear consciousness and allows awareness to set-in new thoughts for a better you.

    here is something i'd like to share; while i was doing this cleanse and nursing a broken collar bone, in my readings, i came across a note that said: 'if you don't take care of your body, where will you live?'

    i found that to be really inspirational and i hope it sparks insight during your cleanse as well.

    for my first cleanse, i'm glad i did it and my body loved it!

    peace + blessings

  • really disappointed  |  (Posted on 8/7/11)

    Review by gail

    Out of 5

    I just finished the cleanse last night and am so glad it's over. The second week was the worst with excessive bloating and gas starting in the afternoon and lasting throughout the night, nearly unbearable the last day. Bowel movement was always diarrhea , usually came about suddenly; a lot of undigested food. The good thing I guess was that I passed a lot of mucus (I assume detox) otherwise can't say I notice any other benefits like with energy, alertness etc. Not sure how to tell of benefits with detox of the liver, lungs, kidney, skin, etc.

    I had used Renew Life ParaGone (very enduring cleanse) on three different occasions and feel I had a better "cleansing" experience and didn't seem as harsh. Side note: I actaully lost 10 lbs on the ParaGone, with Total Body Cleanse I don't believe I've lost anything. :(

    I would have liked more guidance on what foods to avoid (well, processed food and refined carbs is a no brainer) like how the ParaGone cleanse suggested. I feel that helped a lot.

    Not sure I'll use it again; I thought I would notice more change without all the pain.

  • So far, so good!  |  (Posted on 8/2/11)

    Review by Magz

    Out of 5

    On day 3 now and I noticed a difference in my bowel movements right away (on day1). My stomach felt a little bubbly and I had a sudden urge to use the bathroom. The feeling has subsided a bit but still having strong bm's. I also felt a little crummy on 2nd day: low energy, bloating, etc., but feel great today! I can tell that this cleanse will exceed my expectations. I woke up very energized already and feel lighter. I wasn't expecting, nor was I trying it to lose weight but after reading the above reviews, I'm excited to know that that's another awesome benefit of the cleanse!

  • Day 2 and not noticing much.  |  (Posted on 7/27/11)

    Review by Jen80

    Out of 5

    I've been doing cleanses twice per year for a few years now but this is the first time trying this brand and so far it's been an unpleasant experience.

    My stomach feels bloated and when you get the urge for a bm, it comes on fast and strong. I've had 5 bm so far but they're not very productive, mostly just gas and a little loose. :(

    The other brand I've always used (also a 14-day) gave me large, soft and nice bm by day 2 and I didn't feel nearly as bloated or as if I needed to hang around a toilet.

    I'll finish the two weeks and post again but for now this isn't good.

  • Waiting...  |  (Posted on 7/12/11)

    Review by mammainsc

    Out of 5

    I've finished Day 2 and have yet to feel any positive changes. In fact, I gained 2 lbs. in 24 hours and my abdomen is bloated and looks like I'm 6 months pregnant! Ugh. I haven't seen any changes in the bathroom and am just really disappointed. I'm gonna continue for the rest of the 14 days with my fingers crossed that it kicks in eventually, eliminating toxins and hopefully a few pounds.

  • Surprised!  |  (Posted on 7/1/11)

    Review by Glorygirl

    Out of 5

    This is my first cleanse. I really did not know what to expect. On the first day, nothing happened, but on the second day, I probably made about 5 trips to the bathroom. Eliminated a lot of mucus which I know causes inflammation in the body. I am on day 4 and reduced the dosage since I have a very busy lifestyle. I can truly see a flatter stomach, clearer eyes, I'm not as hungry, feel lighter and overall good. I will definitely continue using this product. I feel so much better. BTW, I've lost 3 lbs already.

  • going on 9th day  |  (Posted on 5/29/11)

    Review by Mike

    Out of 5

    For the first 4 days after taking step one I usually had to take 4 dumps before noon. It was cleaning me out. Around the 5-8 day, I seemed to be more regular without the need to poo so much in the morning just going one time. The on the 8th day I started getting horrible headaches. I'm trying to stick it out, but it's tough. They say the headaches are part of the healing process. Anyone else feel this?

  • Best for Me  |  (Posted on 5/16/11)

    Review by graci8

    Out of 5

    I've tried their other cleanses and this one by far worked the best for me. It kept me regular and I've never felt cleaner. I'm not sure if I actually lost any weight but I definitely felt lighter.

  • My stomach is soooo happy - and I'm slimmer, too!  |  (Posted on 4/26/11)

    Review by I feel great!

    Out of 5

    After months of bloating, weight gain, indigestion, face break-outs and fatigue -- in spite of eating a 90% organic and healthy diet, along with daily exercise -- my stomach problems are gone. I had gotten to the point where I couldn't eat anything without getting horrible stomach aches, heartburn, bloating, and indigestion. And I eat healthy foods such as organic fruits and vegetables, organic brown rice and quinoia, filtered water, good quality vitamins/minerals, probiotics and fish oils. So it wasn't my diet. It was my stomach. I think I might have picked up some kind of bacterial infection or something that threw my system out of whack and it just couldn't heal itself. Clearly my vitamins were not being absorbed because my fingernails started cracking, my hair started to fall out, my skin looked terrible, my eyes were bloodshot, and my stomach swelled up every day so much that it looked like I was pregnant! I spent hours in the health food stores reading labels. Then I went home and read the research on the various herbs and concoctions offered. I chose ReNew 14 Day organic cleanse because it's not too harsh, the ingredients are organic, and I have read about Brenda Watson and read her books. They make sense but don't make promises that they will solve all your health problems immediately.

    This cleanse was a good choice. The first day, I took half doses because my system is sensitive. I felt fine, so I started the full doses. The first two days, I felt terrible. Heahaches, more stomach bloating, but now farts and belches -- but the second day my bowels finally started to respond. By the 4th day, I could feel the difference. Very little bloating and no more stomach rumblings. It's been one week now and I am delighted. My stomach is flat, my bowels are moving, my skin and eyes are clear, my vitamins seem to be getting absorbed and my stomach is very happy. I have not eaten one piece of candy or refined sugar during this week, which I'm sure helped. Not that I eat much junk, but I decided to give my stomach a chance to really heal. Now I have no cravings for junk food or sweets! I am eating plenty of food but I have lost 6 pounds and am back to my normal, slim and trim weight.

    Thanks, Brenda! I am telling all my friends and co-workers about this wonderful product. I plan to do it every 6-12 months just to keep my system working well.

  • excellant  |  (Posted on 4/20/11)

    Review by jack

    Out of 5

    I can't beleive what I a reading here.

    I am glad I used this product before I read these commits.

    I did this clense becouse, its been awhile since I last clensed, I did not expect anything,
    at that time I was very depressed and worried alote ( panic attacks ) And also I had trouble
    concentrating, when I started the clense a few days latter, these problems were gone,
    and I have more motavation and energy. I am so happy, I feel very good now!
    this product was very worth it! health is the most important thing you have.

  • Gentle and effective  |  (Posted on 3/24/11)

    Review by Fancy

    Out of 5

    I love this product. Very gentle on the body and I felt great after. Great first experience.

  • Great product !  |  (Posted on 3/23/11)

    Review by Lisa D

    Out of 5

    I usually do this once a year , springtime . After a winter of heavier foods and less mobility but before swimsuit season , shorts and tanning . I usually lose about 4-5 pounds ( ain't that something) just gunk , flattens my abs and I swear it makes my skin softer, my skintone more even , and I feel energized. I feel better , tan better and I love all the toxins I build up over the winter are , um , out the back door! ..lol.
    Definitely the one to try! .. the 7 day is a bit too intense for me. High recommend this one, it does not interfere with your everyday life. Try it you won't be sorry!

  • Wonderful product  |  (Posted on 3/22/11)

    Review by Darlene

    Out of 5

    I don't really understand how a cleanse actually works. What I do know is about 3 days into it I feel great!!. I've been using your cleanses for several years now. I began after I had to be on a 4 month course of intravenous antibiotics. It was a turning point for me. Thank you.

  • Fantastic results  |  (Posted on 3/19/11)

    Review by Tiara

    Out of 5

    2 weeks - lost 9 pounds. Love it.

  • Constipation  |  (Posted on 3/15/11)

    Review by Venusmuppet

    Out of 5

    Had I know they give you 3 packs, 2 pills each for constipation I would have not done this. I got so constipated but was so determined to follow through I put on 4LBS all in my gut, I finally gave in and took 2 of the 3 packs 4th day in and 9th day in. What is the point if if they know it backs you up? I looked at the box, but nothing was said about that? Maybe I missed it, but I don't think so.

  • Easy to use!   |  (Posted on 2/17/11)

    Review by Dawn

    Out of 5

    This is a great cleanse to do to help reduce toxins, regulate digestion and get your elimination on track. I've used other Renew lIfe products in the past and have been very happy with the outcome. This was super easy to use daily along with eating very healthy and the results can be seen immediately. My stomach felt flatter and digestion improved and was going to the bathroom more frequently. I bought this not for the weight loss factor, but just to help regulate my complete body. You are what you eat! This is a great first step for those just starting out with cleansing. I highly suggest some of the other products. I've found the Oilsmart formula and Fibertsmart to be equally terrific products. I also like the Fitsmart Shake in chocolate....

  • Not the results I was looking for  |  (Posted on 2/14/11)

    Review by Jonny

    Out of 5

    Minor changes, honestly might just be placebo effect. Was hoping for more drastic changes....On day 12

  • Disappointed  |  (Posted on 2/5/11)

    Review by Bug

    Out of 5

    This is my first cleanse and I was hoping to see much better results. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years and eat a pretty healthy diet...no fast food, fried foods, or junk foods. Other than loose stool after I do eat something, there have been very little results.

  • Some far, so good !  |  (Posted on 1/19/11)

    Review by Mr Smith

    Out of 5

    My !st cleanse......... This is my seventh day and I feel better. I feel a little more clear headed. It is a gentle cleanse and I have had no problems. The fiber capsules are ( large ) a bit hard to swallow. 6 a day ( plus the others ) . But, so far, so good.

  • ok so far  |  (Posted on 1/18/11)

    Review by lou

    Out of 5

    I'm on day three now and haven't had much change or feel any differnt except having loose stool 2 to 3 times a day. I'm thinking next time I do a cleanse i'm going to choose something differnt.

  • Just started- in day 2  |  (Posted on 1/14/11)

    Review by Newbee to cleanse

    Out of 5

    Well so far so good. This is my first time of cleansing. The first day (yesterday) I felt VERY gassy and stomach was a little sqeasy....so I drank chamamile and ginger tea, and then I was fine.
    Today has been a breeze. My urine is smelling very strong already, and other elimination is doing fine.....but I do drink alot of water during the day. I also find that if I eat a tablespoon of chia seeds with my whole wheat cereal in the morning then I dont have elimination issues.
    Not sure what else to expect, but so far all is ok. Will post a new rating at the end of 14 days!

  • It is good  |  (Posted on 12/23/10)

    Review by dg19713

    Out of 5

    About the first few days of using this product I did not notice any thing but after that there was a big difference to include a terrible odor when I went to the bathroom. This god awful odor lasted about a week and then went away. After completing this product I noticed a slow down in my system which made me start to feel bad. The next time I try this product I think I am going to look for a cleanse that is longer than 2 wks. Overall, for me this product was not bad.

  • awsome  |  (Posted on 12/20/10)

    Review by tytyty

    Out of 5

    it was amazing i feel so zen =.=

  • great  |  (Posted on 10/19/10)

    Review by luna

    Out of 5

    This product it's fantastic. I feel great and It help me a lot.... Just drink a lot of water and you'll be fine.

  • so far so GREAT!!  |  (Posted on 9/27/10)

    Review by Jillie

    Out of 5

    Only on the 3rd day and i am having regular bm's like 2-4 a day. Also felt it was pulling toxins out of my body day1 i had legs, calf and feet/toe cramps and that is typical for me while doing a detox. Also was belching a lot (like food eaten 3 days prior)scary to think that foods gases were still in my body-YUCK!
    Energy levels coming back and i feel really good-lets see what day 14 brings but as for today LOVE IT!

  • my 2nd day  |  (Posted on 9/24/10)

    Review by bella

    Out of 5

    okay,,,,,,my second day bowel movement so far great.

  • IT WORKS  |  (Posted on 6/15/10)

    Review by whomovedmycheesevideo.com

    Out of 5

    I went to the bathroom on average 2-4 times per day. i drank lots of water , actually more water than I usually drink, which is almost none. On average, I drank about a gallon of water per day. i didn't eat any fast foods or processed foods, no beef and no soft drinks. I only drank water and fruit juice. i give this product a thumbs up. I have 2 more days to go and I am satisfied!

  • Good Overall  |  (Posted on 5/10/10)

    Review by Rose

    Out of 5

    Stomach was "queasy" with initial dose on day one. Had quick recovery as body adjusted. Full bowel elimination 2 times daily. Suppressed appetite and felt full and healthy. I had more energy. Over all, I lost four pounds and have a smaller abdomen.

  • I feel great  |  (Posted on 5/7/10)

    Review by Karen

    Out of 5

    I completed my cleanse and boy did it help my well-being. I was experiencing symptoms prior to the cleanse that doctors just would not diagnose with anything medical. I took a trip to my regular health food store and purchased this cleanse and noticed results in one day! I feel great and will continue twice a year. Thank you!

  • Thank You  |  (Posted on 5/6/10)

    Review by Cecelia

    Out of 5

    I have done a lot of cleaning for the body, but I must say that Organic Total Body Cleanse gave me excellent results concerning my health. It is effective and gentle at the same time. By the fourth day I began to feel and look better than I ever have in a long time. Thank you!

  • Turnaround  |  (Posted on 5/6/10)

    Review by Cole

    Out of 5

    The results I had were amazing from this product and I felt impressed to inform you of such. Up to the point I bought your product I had always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, whole grains, lots of water and small meals a day were not foreign to me. Just one month ago however I had immense pressure in my bowels and every time I ate food it was painful bloating. After a night of throwing up I had enough. The doctor cited stomach flu yet I still didn't feel whole. Your product was recommended and I am feeling so much better. My mood and digestion have made a complete turnaround.

  • Great product  |  (Posted on 4/14/10)

    Review by Anna-Banana

    Out of 5

    It's a 5th time a use this product. I do it religiously every 6 month and always feel great. All my body feels younger. All the build-up in my colon is gone. No more painful and inconvenient gases in my intestine. Skin looks much better. Overall energy and lightness. I don't use it to loose weight, but I do loose some every time. I understand this product is not intended to loose body fat, nut it feels great to know, that all the pounds that are gone are actually toxins, colon build-up and unhealthy mucous. Thanx for a great product.

  • Great  |  (Posted on 4/10/10)

    Review by RawFoods

    Out of 5

    I guess it would've been more beneficial to fast during at least part of this Cleanse, but I still felt the effects and it was very efficient. My whole body felt different, and I will go back and go through and look at the various systems and cleanse the toxins that have been accumulated during the course of life.

  • Great stuff  |  (Posted on 4/5/10)

    Review by Piz

    Out of 5

    Worked well with minimum discomfort.

  • awesome organic product  |  (Posted on 4/2/10)

    Review by Cindy B

    Out of 5

    I used the Organic Total Body Cleanse after finding out I had a soy and dairy intolerance. I felt 200% better. Toxins had been building up in my system (unknown to me) for years! It was truly a live saver. Thank you for such an awesome organic product!!

  • Life Changing  |  (Posted on 2/9/10)

    Review by Portia

    Out of 5

    This cleanse was life changing for me. My skin and eyes look fabulous. My digestion and elimination are working more efficiantly. I lost 9 pounds. I am now more focused on eating healthy.

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