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Liver Detox

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Liver Detox
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Natural Liver Detoxification Support‡

  • 2-part, 30-day program‡
  • Contains Western herbs, antioxidants and Ayurvedic herbs to support normal liver function‡
  • Supports liver health and detoxification‡
  • Assists with toxin elimination‡

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A Properly Functioning Liver is Vital for Good Health
The liver is your largest internal organ, and it performs many functions including detoxification of the body. It works by both filtering toxins directly and by altering toxins so that they can be removed at other stages of detoxification. The liver filters toxins from one quart of blood every minute. After the liver processes toxic materials and other wastes, they are sent to the kidneys and colon for elimination.

Liver Detox is formulated with herbs, nutraceuticals, and other natural ingredients to simultaneously support, protect, stimulate, and assist with the body's natural detoxification of the liver, as well as help protect the cells of the liver.ǂ Both the Morning Formula (Part 1) and the Evening Formula (Part 2) contain minerals, herbs, and amino acids that promote healthy liver function.‡

Liver Detox includes:

  • Hepatoprotective (liver-protecting) ingredients‡
  • Bowel elimination support‡
  • Cholagogues (ingredients that help stimulate the bile flow from the liver)‡
  • Antioxidants‡

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Customer Reviews

  • Feeling Great   |  (Posted on 6/14/12)

    Review by Sue

    Out of 5

    I was so uncomfortable in my body before using a round of Liver Detox. My muffin roll above the waist and below the bust made it painful to breathe especially when sitting. After research on the internet I realized it was my liver causing the pain, so I began the search for something to help cleanse it. I was lead to this product and found it at my local Walgreen's drug store. After taking it for 30 days I feel so much better! I even lost a few pounds and continue to do so using the Critical Liver Support. I didn't have any side effects. I'm prone to diarrhea and have not had any since taking the Liver Detox and Critical Liver Support. This product was a miracle for me. Thank you Brenda for providing it!

  • Herxheimer Reactions  |  (Posted on 6/6/12)

    Review by flygirl799

    Out of 5

    The reason you feel bad before you feel better is due to a Herxheimer Reaction. The body is trying to DETOX the bad out of your liver and if you are very toxic you will have bad symptoms as your body detoxes! It doesn't mean you should stop the detox as much as it means you need it. There are more products you can take that will help with the detox and relieve some of the bad "side effects." Like drink hot detox tea, Alka Seltzer Gold, must be the Gold one. Drink lemon juice in water. Take Capryl, Turmeric, Astaxanthan or other Antioxidants to help your body rid itself of the heavy chemicals clogging up your liver, kidney, fat cells, etc. Do a full body cleanse but make sure you get plenty of electrolytes that do not contain sugar. No gatoraid. Get a little bottle of Electrolytes you can drop in your water, tea or juice.

  • Great  |  (Posted on 4/18/12)

    Review by Denise

    Out of 5

    I took Liver Detox in February and I noticed my menstrual cycle is functioning better. I also am having better bowel elimination.

  • This is great!  |  (Posted on 3/21/12)

    Review by Happy lady

    Out of 5

    I could not believe how wonderful I feel. I'm in my second week and I already feel the difference. Few months ago my enzymes were shockingly out of proportion and I had a terrible time dealing with acid reflux. My doctor prescribes antacids but I knew that was a temporary solution. He knew the live enzymes did not seem right, but he still never mentioned anything about it. After a little research and meeting the medical expert at my local organic store I decided to go with liver detox. I am thankful for my decision as I have not had acid reflux this week. I also feel fresh and energetic. My only symptom at the beginning was having more bowel movements, but after that it has been great.

    I'm thinking I will do another month or two of liver detox. Or maybe a full body cleanse. This product is superb.

  • Still testing the product  |  (Posted on 1/30/12)

    Review by angelsister

    Out of 5

    I started taking this due to eye and skin jaundice. The first week I was okay, but once I started the double capsules I became bloated and had severe diarrhea, I also developed hemorhoid for the first time in twenty years.

    On another note, the toxins released from my body were amazing, every color but blue and purple. I am hoping my severe side effects are from all the toxins. I have also developed insomnia, but plan to forge ahead with the program.

    I think I was so polluted it will take me a few weeks to stabilize.

  • Superb product!  |  (Posted on 11/13/11)

    Review by Sherri

    Out of 5

    I have recently been diagnosed with liver cancer. I immediately started taking the liver detox. The first week, my symptoms were horrible! After a week, I took the 2nd week off. Then I finished the product. What a huge difference! By the third week, all the adverse symptoms were gone. That is the best product around. I read some of the other comments on here. People need to realize that if your liver has a lot of toxins in it, you're not going to feel so hot at first. You may even need to take a week off in between. These adverse symptoms are actually a sign that it is working. I highly recommend this product!

  • Feel great!  |  (Posted on 10/7/11)

    Review by Delphia

    Out of 5

    I have finished the Liver Detox and feel great! Have been losing one pound per week since starting the program and that is good, as I have been trying to bring my weight down for some time. Thanks again. I am so glad to have learned of your H.O.P.E.!

  • very concerned!  |  (Posted on 9/6/11)

    Review by colleen

    Out of 5

    the first day was fine, the second I lost my appetite my stomach hurt, the 3rd day, still nausious, bloated, diarreha, and feeling achey. I stopped but the 4th day I could barely move. Felt like I was coming down with the flu. The 6th day I was good. Not sure if so many toxins released caused these bad side effects or not for me.

  • Awfull :(((  |  (Posted on 8/19/11)

    Review by Melodie

    Out of 5

    I am living a healthy active lifestyle, since using this product, i got bloating, digestion problems, flatulence, disscomfort and overally it was awfull i have 10 days to go but im gonna stop taking it because it seems like others are going through the same thing too. :(

  • Really works  |  (Posted on 7/9/11)

    Review by Westy

    Out of 5

    I got some very concerning new about my liver tests. My doctor wanted to recheck me in 8 weeks. That is when I starte using the product. I just got my restesting results and they came back normal! There is no question in my mind this product works. I will most assuredly continue to use.

  • Amazing Results!  |  (Posted on 4/24/11)

    Review by Amae

    Out of 5

    I have been getting sick almost twice a month for the past ten years. I just turned 40 and I knew I needed to detox my liver to recover my immune system, but I didn't think this product would do as MUCH as it did! Within a week to two weeks my health completely bounced back. I am no longer on the "verge" of getting sick all the time. I have substantially more energy and have noticed considerable differences in well being.

    I intend to do the Heavy Metal Cleanse next and maybe afterwards a Colon cleanse. I'm really excited to continue with as many of these cleanses as it takes to recover my health completely, along with my healthy diet of course.

    Highly Recommend!

  • Got my knees back  |  (Posted on 5/29/10)

    Review by Diviness

    Out of 5

    I started off with your gentle cleanse, did that - then did the full detox cleanse, and am now doing the liver detox. I am ordering my 2nd round of the liver detox. It is very effective, and it very mild. I believe it is mild because I used your other products as a phase-in process. With the liver detox my energy has improved tremendously, my body is moving better, my knees have stopped hurting, and so I can walk with ease again. I'm doing a 2nd round to move through the change of spring into summer. Also, I'd like to say that with using the liver detox along with cod liver oil capsules, I have stopped taking all other supplements. These are the ONLY supplements I take and I feel great every day. Thank you for your excellent products. I will be a customer for years to come.

  • Feel Better!  |  (Posted on 5/10/10)

    Review by Laura

    Out of 5

    Winters in Fairbanks can be cold and come December the days are dark. As I get older, more time is spent inside. This winter was worse. I only got outside to plow (exercise) once and the dark really got to me. More time on the computer and eating comfort foods. Then my side started hurting bad. It caused so much pain I couldn't even sleep. I started drinking lots of water and made myself move more but it wasn't getting much better.

    I went to see Mary at my local health food store in Fairbanks. I told her what was happening and she suggested I try Renew Life Liver Detox. By the third day I was feeling better. By the second week all the pain was gone. I have completed the 30 day Liver Detox program and feel great. When I don't feel good, my attitude is bad. That even turned better !

    I recommend Renew Life Liver Detox to anyone looking to give their liver a ReNew-ed Life.

  • I feel so much better after cleansing with Renew Life products.  |  (Posted on 5/10/10)

    Review by Renee

    Out of 5

    I've been using Renew Life products for about 8 years now, and each time I feel great after my cleanse. This time was a really big test. I had some very bad allergies. Well, about one month after antibiotics, I felt like my body went through the ringer. My body ached, my hormones were way out of whack and I was feeling depressed, also gaining about 12 pounds of water weight. I went on the CleanseSmart first, but only half the dose and took it for 2 months, then I went on a colon cleanse (different product), then Liver Detox which I took for 2 months. What a difference!!!! My allergies are almost gone and I haven't been on my Claritin or anything else. Today I just started Total Kidney Cleanse, then I will do Liver Detox again. I also used to work for The Vitamin Shoppe and always suggested your products because I know they work!

  • Thank You  |  (Posted on 5/7/10)

    Review by Ruth

    Out of 5

    I used your Liver Detox and found it to be the only supplement I have EVER taken that I saw visible results and felt them as well. As a Naturopathic Doctor I am always looking for intestinal health products that work. I am looking forward to trying some of your other supplements. Thanks.

  • Thank You  |  (Posted on 5/6/10)

    Review by Earl

    Out of 5

    A few months ago I had lab work done at my doctor's office as a routine check up. He called me the next day with some really bad news. He said my liver enzymes were so elevated that he was sure that if I didn't quit drinking beer right away that I was sure to get liver disease. I went to my local health food store and told them the situation and they recommended Liver Detox from Renew Life. I took it as directed for one month and had the lab work repeated. He called me back this time and told me he had never seen my numbers look this good in the ten years that he was my doctor. Everything was in the normal range. He was astounded that I used an herbal product and got these results!! Than you so much for making this available. I will use it again periodically from now on.
    PS I didn't stop drinking and still got these results.

  • Feel like a brand new person  |  (Posted on 2/10/10)

    Review by Nichol

    Out of 5

    I must writ to say how grateful I am for your miraculous product. I am a recovering addict and alcoholic, so I desperately needed to detoxify. After only two weeks on Liver Detox, I felt like a brand new person! So much of my life has been restored to me; I am physically, mentally, and emotionally a different person. It is crucial that those in recovery know of your product. Thank you!

  • Liver Enzymes Dropped  |  (Posted on 2/9/10)

    Review by Keith

    Out of 5

    I recently did your Live Detox due to liver anomalies, high enzymes and upper quadrant discomfort that baffled doctors for some time. I did two cleanses, with a month between and after the second cleanse I had the test for liver enzymes done and my enzymes dropped to normal readings from almost triple the numbers 2 months earlier. My hats off to you, I watched my diet, began an exercise program and took your cleanse.

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