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Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion

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Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion
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7-day Max Support Probiotic Supplement for Critical Care Needs‡

  • 7-day program
  • Synergistic digestive & immune support‡
  • Great for travelers‡
  • 200 billion live cultures; 2,000mg FOS
  • Comprehensive, high-potency relief‡

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  • 7-day program
  • 200 billion active cultures; 2,000mg FOS
  • Great for travelers and before & after cleansing‡

Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion™ is a 7-day, maximum potency probiotic and prebiotic program to help promote healthy digestive and immune function.ǂ The comprehensive, high-potency formula targets the entire digestive tract to provide relief for occasional constipation and digestive upsets.ǂ

Powerful Digestive and Immune Support
Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion provides high-potency support for:

  • Improved Digestion Multi-strain blend helps improve digestion and relieve occasional constipation.‡
  • Healthy Detoxification 200 billion live cultures replenish a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria‡
  • Immune Function Probiotics help support the body’s immune function by promoting healthy flora balance‡
  • Travelers' Support Grab-and-go packets help support travelers’ tummy and immune health away from home.‡

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Customer Reviews

  • Super powerful   |  (Posted on 3/8/15)

    Review by Jayme

    Out of 5

    I took this product because of chronic constipation issues. This is the MOST effective probiotic I have ever used. Despite my past BM history, this helped move things along in a very comfortable way. No cramping or bloating just a strong urge to use the bathroom. I recommended it to my sister-in-law. She loved it, too.

  • Essential Post-Antibiotic Regimen  |  (Posted on 10/13/14)

    Review by StraightShooter

    Out of 5

    For me, Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion probiotic is essential following antibiotic therapy. Most recently, I received IV antibiotics for one week to treat a serious case of pneumonia, resulting in severe diarrhea due to the treatment. With the 7-day Super Critical probiotic regimen, I was showing improvement by day 2 and had formed bowel movements by day 4. After the 7-Day regimen, I continued with my Critical Colon 80 Billion probiotic that I take daily as prescribed by my gastroenterologist for Crohn's Disease.
    I prefer Renew Life probiotics because they do not contain additives that aggravate my Crohn's Disease symptoms.

  • Best ultimate flora of the entire selection  |  (Posted on 10/13/14)

    Review by Johnson

    Out of 5

    I tried almost all of the ultimate flora products from here and this 200 billion one is by far the best one. It's a bit expensive but works wonders in my digestion and colon. I have normal bowels after eating this in the morning before breakfast and throughout the day I have smooth functions.
    FYI, This version comes in packets, not capsules/gels.

  • Fantastic Post Antibiotic Regimen  |  (Posted on 10/12/14)

    Review by StraightShooter

    Out of 5

    Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion is a critical part of my medical care when forced to receive antibiotic treatment. Most recently, I was hospitalized for pneumonia and subjected to IV antibiotics for one week, resulting in severe diarrhea. Upon discharge I began the 7-day Super Critical 200 Billion regimen, began improving by day 2 and regained formed bowel movements by day 4. This product is truly essential to restoring my digestive health.

    I also take the Ultimate Flora Critical Colon 80 Billion every day and find that it helps maintain better digestive flora. Because I have Crohn's Disease, my gastroenterologist actually prescribes probiotics for me. I especially like Renew Life's products because they do not contain additives that would aggravate my Crohn's Disease symptoms.

    Seeing how I benefited from probiotics, my mother now takes Renew Life's Senior Formula every day. She had been having constipation problems and the Senior Formula has helped her.

    We love Renew Life's probiotics and don't go a day without them.

  • Love it!  |  (Posted on 6/21/14)

    Review by Danielle

    Out of 5

    I take this probiotic in conjunction with RenewLife's CandiGONE cleanse system. These 2 combined with a 100% yeast-free diet (I have a diagnosed yeast allergy) makes me feel like a million bucks. I no longer have chronic cough or headaches, have so much more energy, have lost over 10 lbs, no more bloat, and overall I feel great! RenewLife has quality products, I just ordered another box of these and the CandiGONE so I can go for round two!

  • Life Saver  |  (Posted on 3/27/13)

    Review by MaryEllen

    Out of 5

    Our Mother suffered from C-Diff for two years. The doctor gave her the usual anitbiotics to kill that "bad" bacteria, but it always came back. When the doctor gave her the last round of antibiotics to kill off all bacteria in her system. I purchased the Ultimate Flora 200 Billion, 7 day program, and sprinkled it on her applesauce. My reasoning was that we would bombard her system with the good bacteria, before the "bad" bacteria could build up in her system. It worked! We are on this site today, because our mother is taking antibiotics for a sinus infection. We are taking no chances and ordering Ultimate Flora in addition to the probiotics for seniors.

  • Works great!  |  (Posted on 3/5/13)

    Review by Jenna

    Out of 5

    I have been battling with reoccurring candida/yeast issues for the past couple years, on and off. I had been going to a Chiropractor who had me on different supplements, which got rid of the problem for awhile. All of a sudden it came back pretty badly, had a horrible yeast infection. I had been eating coconut oil already and taking cloves and turmeric...even black walnut but the problem wasn't getting better. Looked up probiotics online and found that Renew Life makes this 200 billion pack so I decided to try it. I took 2 boxes of it and I feel a lot better (no more yeast infection!) and no more bloating. I even ate some gluten that I'm intolerant to and I didn't get the horrible stomach pains/cramping afterwards. My skin seemed to improve some too (I have psoriasis)..and I felt more energized and overall, in a better mood compared to normal. I highly recommend this product for anyone battling candida. Knocked mine out of the park within a week or so. Make sure to follow up with a good daily probiotic also though to prevent it from coming back!

  • This has helped me with my UC  |  (Posted on 2/20/13)

    Review by don'tgiveup

    Out of 5

    The high bifido in this probiotics helps my colon so much! I eliminate well in the morning and I don't find myself running back and forth to the bathroom. It has stopped my bleeding as well! I'm so happy with it. It is expensive if you were going to take it every day, I do agree and I just may have to do that if it keeps my UC in check. I will have to post in a month and let you know how I'm doing.

  • Excellent  |  (Posted on 1/18/13)

    Review by Bee

    Out of 5

    Been on this product four days, I know it is just what I needed. I had halitosis everyday, did no know what to do. I purchased some liquid cholorphyll, and ypur biotics, I am better, although expensive nust find a way.

  • It worked!  |  (Posted on 1/14/13)

    Review by Jane

    Out of 5

    I took this product because I had a basic yeast infection. I am breastfeeding and did not feel comfortable taking other medications. I took it everyday for 2 weeks. I no longer have symptoms. I will go to the doctor to verify that it is indeed gone.

  • On second day,it's working!  |  (Posted on 1/7/13)

    Review by Relived

    Out of 5

    I have been taking this product for two days now and after the first day I felt a difference. I have had chronic stress and all that brings. I also have had a severe whole body yeast take over and it took a year ++ to knock it back within normal ranges. Now again I have been very stressed and not sleeping, memory loss, hormonal imbalance, much digestive upset. So I am happily taking super critical for continued results....

  • Miraculous  |  (Posted on 9/28/12)

    Review by Dr. G

    Out of 5

    My husband had a severe case of C diff and relapsed after a two week regimen of antibiotics to cure it. After the 2nd round of antibiotics, I put him on the Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion. He is doing well with no relapse and we are very thankful for this excellent product. I bought a pack of this same thing for myself for the health benefits. We have more on order for him, as the store ran out. I got some of the 80 billion to take next.

  • Speechless  |  (Posted on 9/24/12)

    Review by TinaD

    Out of 5

    My son had been having stomach problems on and off for years. Always thought he was lactose intolerant, and then, of course I just figured he really hated school and the stress was affecting him (and giving him an excuse not to go). I had him to the doctor several times, being told it was a virus, etc. This last time his TSH was high and they want to test him again in a month. In the meantime, someone had mentioned probiotics to me so I asked his doctor and he said he takes them and to try it and see what happens. I bought the Super Critical 200 billion. The very first packet produced results. Everything my son ate gave him pain 5 minutes after ingesting it. He could feel it going through his intestines and he would get horrendous pain, doubling him over. With the first packet he noticed that there was no pain when he ate. He is on his second day of the colon maintenance and his diarrhea has gone away (had it for months, lost approx 40 lbs over 8 months), he feels great, has a ton of energy and a renewed attitude on life (he was MISERABLE). I would recommend this product to anyone with any kind of digestion issue or other issues where fatigue and just general icky feeling are present. I honestly did not think it would work...but I cannot tell you the complete change in my son in the last week.

    Great product.....he wants to stay on the maintenance for life now!

  • The best thing I have ever taken  |  (Posted on 7/11/12)

    Review by Barbara

    Out of 5

    I recently moved to Reno and started having bad allergies. At the same time, a 20 year old growth on my ear starting really bothering me. It started oozing and gave me impetigo.
    They cut it off and gave me antibiotic creme which made the infection go all over my face
    and in my ear canals. It was horrible! I stopped listening to the doctor and went to the health store. The clerk there told me about your product. I bought it and a half an hour
    after I took it the itching started to subside and I could see the impetigo started to recede.
    I started taking Super Critical 200 billion on 6/7/12 and I still take it every day along with
    oil of oregano. Not only did my impetigo clear up, but my skin has really become beautiful.
    People have actually come up to me to tell me how beautiful my skin is. It's like the fountain of youth to me. I LOVE ULTIMATE FLORA SUPER CRITICAL 200 BILLION! That is what works best for me.

  • SAVED MY LIFE   |  (Posted on 6/15/12)

    Review by restorationgirl

    Out of 5

    Chronic Fatigue:14 yrs, postprandial HYPOtension w/ any food. Every time I ate I fell into deep sleep for many hours. Exhausted 24 hrs day. Sleeping 14+ hrs a day. If I didn't lay down I'd fall down. Mind & body felt like I was on sleeping pills all day every day. Regular M.D's couldn't find anything wrong. I thought it might be food intolerance. I went on an elimination diet where I only ate steak, peas & green beans & felt better. Every time I tried to eat anything different my symptoms came back 100 x's worse. My intollerance to all foods was off the chart I knew I couldn't survive by eating just 3 foods. I couldn't eat anything without going into a deep sleep. Alternative M.D's: spent over $7,000 & all symptoms came back once I stopped protocol with them.

    I was extremely active in my 20's, riding my bike to work a lot, swimming on lunch break, working 70 hrs/wk, constantly on the move. I got CF & for the last 2 yrs I'm completely unable to mentally think & physically too exhausted to get a job. I'm dependent on my elderly dad. I'm in my mid 40's & felt like I was 200 years old. Life was becoming unbearable.

    I wasn't absorbing nutrients. My vit C level were so low the Doc said I was near scurvy. I couldn't tolerate citrus at all. Please don't suggest vitamins. I spent 10 yrs in the health food industry working in a health food store & for a vitamin company. I have studied extensively all about supplements, herbs & took quality products until several years into the CF. For the last 4 yrs ALL supplements put me into a deep sleep so I couldn't take anything. I was nutritionally severely deficient, unable to eat & I weighed 110 pounds on a 5' 5" frame. I ordered DynamicGreens Wheatgrass from Ontario & got out my Omega 8300 Juicer again. Last time I juiced I still felt awful. Now I juiced all sorts of fruits to add to the wheatgrass & noticed I didn't have to sleep quite as much.

    After 2 wks of that I woke up enough to drive to the health food store & bought Ultimate Flora Super Critical Care 200 Billion and started eating it with natural vanilla yogurt. I noticed a big difference within 3 days. The first day I took the UFSCC 200 Billion I got some cramping & lots of gas. I had diarrhea afterwards. The 2nd day I took UFSCC 200 Billion & same symptoms but much less cramping. 3rd day still some gas & loose stool but improving. No big deal - just kept juicing, wheatgrass, drink plenty of Evamor Water. By the 4th day no symptoms & energy rapidly improving.

    The gas & cramping in my opinion was: the probiotics acting like the clean up crew * my body had to readjust to what should be a normal healthy state in the digestive system. My 76 yr old dad took this product the same way & he had no problem whatsoever. For the person who believes this didn't work & your stomach acid eats it up my question is then why do people eat pineapple and the enzymes that are beneficial for inflammation to get eaten up? What about all the vitamins & minerals in food? If stomach acid ate up everthing we ate without a protective capsule on it we'd all be dead in a mater of years after being born! In my opinion your whole body needs probiotics & as it travels down the digestive tract it is benefiting every area. For me sticking with the product for these couple of days made all the difference in the world. I broke through the threshold & now I can take it without symptoms. To me this is a sign that my body is coming back into a healthy state. I am going to buy another container & then go down to a different Renew Life product with a lower dose to see if it holds.

    Don't know why people are giving 1 star reviews that say 'tastes awful.' DUH! What do you think a supplement powder should taste like: chocolate pie? Mix it with natural yogurt & you'll be fine. Please don't give a product a bad review just because you can't read the label on the internet or the box/bottle. That's just unfair.

    For me the key was the wheat grass from DynamicGreens & juicing & then adding in the UFSCC 200 Billion. I absorbed easily the nutrients first & then when I added this super 200 billion probiotic blend my body had the foundation for it to work. Keep in mind my case is probably the only one you'll ever hear of that severe. I ran out of the 200 Bil so I didn't take any today but just to give you an idea: Today I woke up at 9 am, was more alert & able to start getting things done. Did 3 loads of laundry, juiced & cleaned up, vacuumed, folded & put away laundry, made my bed, helped dad find important papers for a meeting, watered outdoor flowers, showered, went to grocery store, did a load of dishes, dried them, helped dad make dinner, put dishes in dishwasher.... and it's only 8:30 pm and I still have energy. This is a miracle for me. Thank you Renew Life! I'm telling all my friends on FB!

  • Comfort  |  (Posted on 3/20/12)

    Review by James D

    Out of 5

    I am a 26 year old male with Ulcerative Colitis. I use the 200 billion formula when I start to feel a flare coming on and it usually either stops or slows down the flare for me. I recommend this product to my friends who eat poorly and probably have a huge imbalance of bacteria in their gut. Thanks for the product! Keep it up!

  • Have taken Zovox for MRSA 4 times in 2 1/2 years  |  (Posted on 1/31/12)

    Review by Katedm1

    Out of 5

    Dr. Watson,
    I thought I was going to die. Seven years ago my husband had surgery. He got MRSA. He took Zovox*, very strong antibiotic. For the last four years we both have had break outs, red bumps that hurt and itched. All over our bodies. We both ended up taking Zovox four times. The last time was for twice a day for forty day's. I was unable to finish it. I ran a fever, slept anywhere from 15 to 20 hours a day. Again, we thought it was MRSA. After seeing Doctor after Doctor. We were told "It is a skin bateria", given two topical creams. Advised to take bleach bathes. During that time I took the Diflucan pill's. I had no normal symptoms of a yeast infection. I asked to go to a local Health chain. After talking to the guy he recommended the 7-day Ultimate Flora Super Critical, 200 Billion live cultures. I took it with half a coffee cup of sweet tea. No taste at all. Within 30 minutes, I went to the bathroom. Not common for me at all, huge problem with constipation. I am not sleeping near as long. The only problem I have had is they keep selling out. They can't keep it in stock. So, I am now taking two of the 80 billion a day. I found your site from the box. I can now order it from here. It is expensive. However, we paid $1500.00 per person for the antibiotic, we did not need.That is with RX insurance. Thank you for giving me my life back. Well, I am getting there. I am still weak but, getting stronger. I know it is your product. I will take it now forever.

  • Quick Results  |  (Posted on 1/19/12)

    Review by A Faster's Response

    Out of 5

    I recently finished a 21 day juice fast after doing enemas on a daily basis. Once I started eating again (raw fruits and vegetables) I was constipated for 4 days. It wasn't until I decided to get some probiotics to replenish the ones that were gone, that I was able to have normal bowel movements. I bought 200 Billion Super Critical formula and within 1/2 hour of taking it I was headed to the bathroom. I feel A LOT better and am so excited that something worked!! Definitely going to have this on hand for the next fasts. :)

  • Fantastic Product  |  (Posted on 1/9/12)

    Review by Nurse-A

    Out of 5

    I don't have the typical tummy troubles that many on here do, but I use the 200B probiotics often (once a month, roughly) because of the nature of my job. I am a critical care nurse and subject to a lot of viruses/diseases/lifestyles that increase my odds of getting sick. So you could say I tend to use ReNew Life's products a on prophylactic basis more than post-illness basis. I think this, plus the Critical Colon 80B are some of the best products offered on the market! At the risk of sounding defensive, those who are giving this product such a low rating appear to either not be taking the product properly (as directed) or over-emphasizing a moot point. The product doesn't "taste good" -- for Pete's sake its good BACTERIA! Mix it in with a little yogurt to lessen the weird "flavor" but more importantly educate yourself as to what you are consuming. I wouldn't ingest kale and be upset because it didn't taste like filet mignon! Great product, can't recommend it enough...keep up the good work ReNew Life and Dr. Watson!!!

  • Good Stuff  |  (Posted on 11/29/11)

    Review by Shaun C

    Out of 5

    I have had Divirticulitis for the the last 2 years and sever Diariaha for the last 6 months. On my 3rd day taking the product my Diariaha has stopped and my gas and bloating has reduced by 50-60 percent.

  • didn't work for me  |  (Posted on 11/20/11)

    Review by evangelistabjj

    Out of 5

    I've had constipation and irritable bowel syndrome for years. After reading about probiotics in an article online I bought a 10billion cultures pack at CVS to very good results, so I decided to buy Ultimate Flora Super Critical. It had no sensible effect unfortunately, in fact the 10billion pack was more effective. I suspect it's because Super Critical either lacks Bifidobacterium lactis which was present in the CVS one, or because since it's powder the bacteria were destroyed on my stomach before they could reach the colon. I'm trying 50billion Critical Care which is delivered in capsules next, will post results later.

  • Good and Bad  |  (Posted on 11/8/11)

    Review by Kat

    Out of 5

    I had really high expectations for this product. Fortunately, there were good aspects, It did it's job technically. I digested things quickly, and went to the bathroom way more than normal. I had a general clean light feeling in the mornings. But it had some serious side effects for me. About an hour and a half after ingesting this I had painful bloating along with powerful cramps. On the third day I had a mental breakdown from emotional stress that I think was caused by this. This was just too powerful for my body. I guess it was unnecessary for me and I'll just stick to a lower dose. More isn't always better!! That's what I've learned from this.

  • hm...  |  (Posted on 9/13/11)

    Review by v

    Out of 5

    just started taking this yesterday. haven't noticed any difference yet but its only been 1 day!! it definately has a strange taste but i mix it work orange juice and it wasn't taste too bad! hope it works as good as everyone says it does!

  • Wow! My best immediate friend!   |  (Posted on 8/29/11)

    Review by M.Santa

    Out of 5

    When local traveling, going overseas, taking antibiotics, knowing my immune system is down, and much added stress-- I take this 200 critical care 7 day pack and feel like a champ! Absolutely and highly recommend to anyone suffering or going through anything I mentioned above. I do travel a lot so, I eat on the road and/or am always in different environments- shaking the hands of many people (and not being able to wash my hands right away) what ever the case-when I'm in doubt, I take this probiotic and know that a full recovery is just a few days away! A must have!

  • This actually works  |  (Posted on 6/12/11)

    Review by Cipic

    Out of 5

    If you follow the 7 day instructions (I put it in a small glass of water with meals); you will notice the difference within 3 days. For me it was even quicker. Much gas is released allowing immediate reduction in pain with every release and supplement dose within hours. People having lower back pain or digestive discomfort will notice the reduction in pressure and stiffness due to this gas discharge. And to think, doctors don't even recommend this. They are lost in their Rx's and surgery. Thanks for a quality product. Too bad it is so costly to take for much longer than a week or 2. I will be trying the 50 billion one next.

  • Ignore the naysayers Dr. Watson  |  (Posted on 3/10/11)

    Review by Dr. Dorothy

    Out of 5

    In general... I rate all of Dr. Watson's products 5 stars... she is one of the best persons to happen to America's problems since the U. S. Constitution.

  • Thank you ReNew Life!  |  (Posted on 2/16/11)

    Review by Jackie

    Out of 5

    My daughter has been sick for 2 yrs, Ulcerative Colitis! I purchased on PBS in Dec., but haven't yet recieved the products. I went on site, and read about her type of illness. I was so happy after reading, she's been on 200billion, gold formula fish oil, and intestinew for only 1 week, alreadey....her strengh and energy are returning, she feels better than she has felt in 2 yrs!!!! The Dr.s were talking about Remicade, thank God, we postponed the decision!!! Thankyou Brenda, for giving my daughter back her life, as her mom, I felt so helpless, for the first time in her life, I couldn't make her better!!! Love from one happy MOM!!!!!

  • WOW!  |  (Posted on 2/5/11)

    Review by Liz, RN

    Out of 5

    I have been chronically ill with IBS and constipation my whole life and have tried just about everything there is to relieve my misery.Today is the second day I have taken it and after not having a normal bowel movement in over two weeks I moved my bowels in just two hours after the first dose AND it just keeps getting better! I am recommending it to everyone. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

  • Can't believe it  |  (Posted on 1/28/11)

    Review by Alex

    Out of 5

    I've had stomach problems for over a year, that I think started with a trip to Mexico. I was always nauseous, burping, had a weak appetite, regurgitating food, etc. I went for countless tests, took antacids, nothing helped until I tried this stuff. It's only been 3 days, but my symptoms have disappeared (knock on wood). I feel SO much better than I have throughout the last year...appetite, energy, stomach aches are gone...I would recommend it to anyone.

  • The best probiotic for serious illness  |  (Posted on 1/19/11)

    Review by Diane

    Out of 5

    During a bad bout with the stomach flu in December, I switched from my usual 50 billion strain to this 200 billion strain. I regained my energy and started to feel better in two days. Whenever I get sick, I switch to this formula to shorten my illness and ease the symptoms. Thus far, it has worked every time. It is also a miracle worker for Colitis flares! Love this product! It is worth every penny!

  • Immediate difference with 200 Billion, not others  |  (Posted on 1/15/11)

    Review by kissedsmiley

    Out of 5

    When I first tried Super Critical 200 Billion flora, I was very sick with long term chronic systemic low-level infections. The very first taste of this and my body smiled, it was a palpable feeling of goodness entering my system. No other probiotic had ever done that.

    Nowadays, I am not nearly as sick, and this product doesn't have that kind of a bang for me. This product is for extreme issues and if you are really pretty healthy already you don't necessarily need this if you can't afford it.

    If I had infinite money I'd take it for life, but since I don't I take other flora right now, but I'm so happy this product exists! Thank you Renew Life!

  • 80 billion  |  (Posted on 12/15/10)

    Review by aj

    Out of 5

    I have been on/off antibotics for the entire year. I had developed acne and was just plain tired. I started on the 80 billion critical care and my acne has disappeared along with the tiny pimples on my hinny. I have more energy and just feel better. I will continue with a one a day for ever. My parents are both in their 80 and we are starting on them so hopefully this will help their health as well. I will update you on their progress.

  • So glad I found this product!  |  (Posted on 12/10/10)

    Review by Debbie

    Out of 5

    My son has Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair. After a 5 month course of antibiotics he got chronic diareah. The doctors thought is was C diff even though the test results were negative he went on a course of flagel and still had diareah the doctors wanted to wait to see if it resolved itself before adding more antibiotics. I started him on Critical Care 200 and by the end of the 4th day he had normal bm's after a month of really bad diareah. I will now start him on the critical care 50 billion as a theraputic suppliment. Cause ya can't combat the bad stuff if you don't have the good stuff. I'm so glad I found this product. That month was hell.

  • The best probiotic for antibiotic use!  |  (Posted on 10/19/10)

    Review by De

    Out of 5

    I suffer from Colitis and am on a powerful, yeast- causing medication. I also recently became ill and had to use an antibiotic. Antibiotics always cause many problems for me such as Yeast Infections and dry, itchy skin. I started using this Super Critical probiotic the same day I started the antibiotic (taking them over 4 hours apart). For the first time in my life, I did not experience any antiobiotic symptoms at all!! I felt great! This is the best probiotic I have found on the market! Highly recommend!

  • Amazing!  |  (Posted on 10/6/10)

    Review by Kris K.

    Out of 5

    I have an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's Syndrome which not only causes problems with my mouth and teeth due to dryness but recently caused thrush. Wow...painful and uncomfortable. I took Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200Billion and was completely amazed. By day 3 the thrush was much better and by day 5 it was totally gone. Thank you Renew Life for giving us products that really work.

  • Seems to work  |  (Posted on 7/12/10)

    Review by Jason

    Out of 5

    Took it every day on a trip in West Africa. Out of 12, only 3, including me, did not get diarrhea! Could have been luck, my own immunity or this product because we all ate and drank the same food and drinks. Since i have had bad travel problems before I think its likely it was the probiotic.

  • tastes awful  |  (Posted on 7/11/10)

    Review by Jami

    Out of 5

    This stuff is disgusting, and certainly NOT "taste free." I haven't seen any improvement in myself whatsoever. If you want a probiotic that works great, try the 80 Billion Critical Colon.

  • Peace of mind  |  (Posted on 4/27/10)

    Review by Karen I

    Out of 5

    I had to go into hospital for a minor surgery and I have been terrified of getting an infection like MRSA or C-Diff. This was the most powerful probiotic that I could find online and I dosed up before, during and after my two day stay. No infection - and what a relief. Maybe i would have been fine anyway, but I had more peace of mind because I was taking this product.

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