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Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic

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Probiotics for Kids
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A Great-tasting, Powerful Daily Probiotic for Kids Age 2+

  • 3 billion live cultures per tablet
  • 6 kid-friendly probiotic strains
  • Promotes digestive balance‡
  • Supports immune health‡
  • Delicious berry-licious chewable tablets
  • Sugar-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free, Gluten-free

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Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic is a great-tasting, safe and gentle way to help replenish the balance of “good” bacteria in the intestines to support a growing child’s immune system.‡ Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic contains 3 billion live cultures per tablet, 6 kid-friendly probiotic strains, is sugar-free, and naturally sweetened with tooth-friendly xylitol.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are the trillions of beneficial bacteria that naturally live in the intestines. Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic contains two important types of kid-friendly bacteria, Lactobacilli (probiotics that are most prevalent in the small intestine) and Bifidobacteria (probiotics that are the most prevalent in the large intestine or colon.) 

Why Give Kids Probiotics?

Every day your child is exposed to challenges while in school, at play, or from the environment. These invaders challenge their immune and digestive systems. Beneficial bacteria can be depleted by high sugar or low-fiber diets, and by certain medications.‡ Probiotics, or “good bacteria,” can promote a healthy balance of flora to support digestion.‡ Probiotics are also considered a safe and gentle way to help support the immune system.‡

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Customer Reviews

  • Xylitol as a sweetener?   |  (Posted on 3/5/15)

    Review by Nonni

    I have always recommended, and my grandchildren have always used, FloraBear, which is sweetened with organic cane sugar and they LOVE it. Now I see you have FloraBear on clearance and that you have this new Ultimate Flora for Kids probiotic that is sweetened with xylitol. That is an artificial alcohol sweetener that causes diarrhea and stomach discomfort in most everyone I know. I sure hope you are not getting rid of FloraBear, as we will not buy anything that contains xylitol!

  • A must-have!  |  (Posted on 2/21/15)

    Review by C.P.

    I started giving this to my 4 year old, as he is in preschool and has had a constant cough and drainage. We're almost done with the first bottle and he's improving! We will definitely be ordering again!

  • Great for kids!  |  (Posted on 2/14/15)

    Review by Fifi

    My kids love this product! The taste and ease of taking is a win win for all! Thank you renew life!

  • works for my boys  |  (Posted on 1/15/15)

    Review by suzanette

    My boys have been taking now daily since may 2014. All stomach issues and pains have been cleared up. Its a great product. Wish I could buy in bulk so I wasn't always trying to remember to reorder. No complaints about the taste. They take one daily after dinner.

  • works for my boys  |  (Posted on 1/15/15)

    Review by suzanette

    My 6 year old was having a lot of stomach issues. After ruling out anything medically wrong I started both my boys on these. Since May we have had zero stomach aches. My boys ask for their probiotics every night now. I wish they were available in bulk so I wouldn't have to keep remembering to order before we run out.

  • Great product#  |  (Posted on 1/14/15)

    Review by Jacora

    My daughter is recovering from leukemia. This was all I needed to build her immune system . I didn't get her the flu shot this year and she did well. Thanks renewlife.

  • gonna try it  |  (Posted on 10/29/14)

    Review by happymom

    My daughter has had a yeast infection for over a month And a half now. Someone recommended this product to us for her. Praying it works!

  • My son loves this one!  |  (Posted on 10/8/14)

    Review by Heather

    I have had a difficult time finding the right probiotic for my son that he enjoys and doesn't give me a hard time chewing. This product he has no difficulty and no ugly faces or resisance. That speaks volumes to me. Thank you Renew Life..

  • Too Good  |  (Posted on 9/30/14)

    Review by Regular

    This is a great product. My kids love it. That's the problem. My kids LOVE them. They need a child safety cap. My kids got into them when I was at work, and they were with another adult family member. I had to call Poison Control. Fortunately, there weren't many left in the bottle, but still. It was very worrisome for me.

  • Best Product  |  (Posted on 6/25/14)

    Review by Marcus

    What we can expect more than this, i loved it.....
    Perfectly working for my Kids...

  • Great, but only 30 per bottle?  |  (Posted on 5/11/14)

    Review by CeCe

    Love this product and will continue purchasing for my kids. But I really wish that I could purchase in larger quantity. I am very conscious about packaging and waste, and am disappointed that I have to purchase this 1/4 full bottle, inside a box, every two weeks because I've got two kids. Please consider a bulk packaging option.

  • This product helps my son's behavior  |  (Posted on 12/20/13)

    Review by Momof2

    I found an article about L.Plantarum a while back and how it helps with behavior and gut issues for special needs kids. I found that the Kids Ultimate Flora contains that particular probiotic so I gave them a try. I have had my son on these probiotics off and on for the last 1 1/2 years. I say off and on because occasionally I would wonder if it was the placebo affect or if it was just from him maturing that he had improved, but then I would let him go a week or two without the probiotics and I could tell a big difference. So, one thing I've noticed a big difference in was his meltdowns are less intense on the probiotics, he is more able to adjust when changing from one task to another, and he has less OCD tendencies. He was getting really particular about how many times he had to rinse his mouth and the sips had to be just right and he would have a meltdown over it. After just a day on these probiotics he didn't have a meltdown when we brushed his teeth! It was pretty incredible! I also find that these probiotics help with his bowel movements. He had suffered from chronic constipation for years and the doctor's solution was for him to be on miralax indefinitely. But with these probiotics and some polydextrose fiber chewables he is doing great.

  • Works very well  |  (Posted on 10/13/12)

    Review by Adri

    My daughter used to have constipation but after these probiotics she goes to the bathroom twice a day.

  • Perfect  |  (Posted on 8/7/12)

    Review by SSHIPP

    This seems to be just the right dose for us and my kiddos love the taste! They ask for more!!

  • Great product!!  |  (Posted on 7/10/12)

    Review by mjrod

    Finally a probiotic that is the right strength and taste good!!!!! My daughter is VERY happy :)

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Quantity of Chewable Tablets 30
Weight (oz) 6.4000

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