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Rapid Yeast Relief



7-Day Dual-Action Vaginal Yeast Program

  • Potent Enzymes & 20 Billion Probiotic Cultures
  • Helps Balance Vaginal & Urinary Tract Flora‡
  • Helps Break Down Harmful Yeast Cell Walls‡

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7-Day Dual-Action Vaginal Yeast Program

  • Potent Enzymes & 20 Billion Probiotic Cultures
  • Helps Balance Vaginal & Urinary Tract Flora‡
  • Helps Break Down Harmful Yeast Cell Walls‡
  • Promotes Overall Urinary Tract Health‡
  • Helps Regulate Vaginal pH Levels‡
  • Supports Natural Defenses‡
  • Enteric-GUARD™ Targeted Delivery
  • No fillers or binders

Help Renew Your Feminine Balance

Women experience yeast and urinary tract issues more often than men, in part due to frequent disruptions in vaginal flora. When natural defenses are weakened due to poor diet, too much sugar, stress, illness, or medication use, harmful microorganisms such as Candida may thrive and contribute to health concerns. When this happens, normally harmless vaginal flora can grow out of control and disrupt the pH balance. Rapid Yeast Relief is formulated exclusively for women to maintain a healthy vaginal flora balance and help with urogenital tract health.‡

Powerful Dual-Action Support

Rapid Yeast Relief is a unique dual-action formula to promote optimal vaginal and urinary tract health.‡ 

Part 1: Contains potent enzymes clinically proven to:

  • Help the body break down Candida cell walls‡ 
  • Reduce development of protective biofilms by harmful microflora‡
  • Aid in disruption of bonds Candida can use to adhere to vaginal wall‡

Part 2: Contains 20 billion active probiotic cultures known to:

  • Replenish good bacteria in the urogenital tract‡
  • Promote a healthy vaginal flora balance‡
  • Support overall urinary tract health‡
  • Help regulate vaginal pH‡
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can see the change!

I'm very happy I've found something that works, but also alarmed at the fact that it's been put on clearance :( Please don't eliminate this product!

Reviewed by Liz on 11/14/15


I use the women's care, renews life, probiotic line for a few years. I decided to try their 7 day treatment. I only lasted 2.5 days...the abdominal pain was unbeatable. I never have problems with things bothering my tummy. I think it maybe too much on ones system at once.
I will just keep to my normal Ultimate Flora Women's Care

Reviewed by renewlifelover on 3/5/15

Thank you

Thank you for the great kit "Vital Woman 7 Day Rapid Yeast Relief". It really works and I feel so much better too! I am 57, overweight and I am out of energy and crave sweets. Being hungry most of the time. I work full time and my health his vitally important to me.

Reviewed by Dorothy on 12/15/14


This stuff is very helpful. It didnt cure my thrush completely but the probiotics seem to control my infection "down there" very well. I wish they would offer the probiotics by itself.

Reviewed by mia on 11/16/14


My local health food store recommended this product to me to cure my vaginal yeast infection. I followed the instructions on the label and watched my diet and still no relief after 7 days. Also taking so many pills through out the day gave me terrible heart burn and upset stomach. This product did not work for me but, maybe will work for others..

Reviewed by MAL on 8/14/14

Part 1 gave me stomach ache after the fourth day

I have tried other products from Renew Life and I am very satisfied but this one I could not finish because I got stomach ache after taking the Part 1 pills. I stopped the pills and the pain stopped.

Reviewed by MING on 2/28/14

It worked!

I have had problems for the past 20 years with vaginal yeast. I took prescription meds, watched my yeast intake, went to specialists, you name I tried it. Even betadine and vinegar douches did not work. Skeptical, I tried this program and I am happy to say it worked. I have been vaginal yeast free for 6 months.

Reviewed by Tammy on 8/9/13

post antibiotic relief

Got a yeast infection after having to take antibiotics (as a last resort) for a sinus infection that wouldn't go away. Tried the usually recommended over the counter three day Monistat which didn't work, so researched on line for alternative and then went to the health food store. They recommended Rapid Yeast Relief and sure enough it worked. It took a few days of taking it before I saw any relief but by the end of the week I was much better and afterward I have had no more signs of the yeast infection. Thanks, Brenda, for finding something that is safe yet effective!

Reviewed by Nancy on 8/3/13

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