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Ultimate Flora FloraBaby

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Ultimate Flora FloraBaby
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Advanced Probiotic Formula for Infants & Toddlers

  • Clinically studied formula
  • 4 billion live cultures per serving
  • 5 beneficial probiotic strains‡
  • Promotes digestive & immune health‡

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How Infants and Toddlers Benefit from Probiotics‡
Infants receive their first beneficial bacteria during the birthing process. Supplying additional probiotic bacteria throughout the early years can help support optimum digestive and immune function.‡

Ultimate Flora™ FloraBABY provides health-promoting probiotics specifically chosen for their prevalence in the digestive tracts of infants and toddlers, including the key B. infantis strain, an important strain of beneficial bacteria in infants.‡ Each serving of FloraBABY contains 4 billion live probiotic cultures of 5 beneficial Bifido and Lacto strains.‡

  • Mixes easily with cool or room-temperature infant formula, juice, milk, or other liquid
  • Pleasant tasting powder
  • Gluten-free

This product may contain mild traces of milk and soy proteins from fermentation ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great probiotic  |  (Posted on 9/8/14)

    Review by michelle

    Out of 5

    Started giving this to my 3 yr old and 9 month old and they dont notice a thing...my son just started school already came home with runny nose but was gone in 3 days when usually he will have one for at least a week!

  • Grateful  |  (Posted on 6/20/13)

    Review by M

    Out of 5

    I am grateful to have found your wonderful product, FloraBaby, for my grandaughter. She was born prematurely and struggling with digestive issues, gas and a herniated navel. After only a few days I could observe a notable difference. Less fussiness, better sleep for baby and me and a continuous reduction of the hernia. Her belly button is totally normal. What a great product!

  • The Probiotics Work  |  (Posted on 1/5/12)

    Review by Kelly

    Out of 5

    The Probiotics Work!! My 6 yr old and 3 year old were constantly getting sick. Back to back they would be sick. Last year I tried other immune support like elderberry, yet it didn't work. This year, it is October and they are still healthy. I contribute it all to the FloraBaby and FloraBear probiotics. I gave them a daily dose as a supplement since they started school in September. Everyone else in school was getting sick, but not my children. When my son shows the first sign like a sore throat, I would double his daily dose and give extra vitamins. Within 2 days, he is absolutely symptom free. This product is amazing!! My daughter loves to chew her FloraBear, she loves the taste. My son prefers the FloraBaby mixed into his yogurt. He knows that if he doesn't take his probiotics he will be really sick like years before. I saw such a big difference in my children that my husband and I are also taking the Ultimate Flora probiotics. That product is also amazing and works really well too. I cannot thank you Renew Life enough for helping me maintain a healthy family.

  • Miracle Immune Boost  |  (Posted on 11/3/11)

    Review by Amy

    Out of 5

    My 21 month old son had been coming home sick from daycare every single week since he was 17 months old. Literally every week there was either some type of head cold or diarrhea going on. It was very frustrating. But my acupuncturist recommended giving him a probiotic to help boost his immunity. I went to Whole Foods and purchased this one and I am thrilled! Ever since I started giving it to him he has not had one cold, sniffle or loose bowel movement. It's been over a month now and I am convinced that I have only this product to thank for it and thankful I am!

  • awesome product  |  (Posted on 9/27/11)

    Review by just another mommy

    Out of 5

    I would recommend this product for children, even if not taking antibiotics, because nowadays with pollution and all the stuff we have in our food, it's safe to say that our intestinal flora suffers a great deal. This product helped my daughter to heal and later prevent thrush while taking antibiotics. While on antibiotics I would give her double dose, one in the morning and one at night. It actually began to be a little ritual in the morning, she loved opening her mouth for the little scoop of probiotic. She is 2,5 years old now, I've been giving it to her since around 10 months, and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon. I also like that it has several types of bacteria, not just one type.

  • AMAZING  |  (Posted on 9/10/11)

    Review by kelsey

    Out of 5

    i have been giving this to my daughter since she was 8 months, my doctor told me it would help with some diarrhea problems she was having. It cleared it up in two days, and that was after a month of diarrhea. I still give it to her everyday and she just turned two. I have a friend of mine who's son had dairy allergy and she has to watch what she eats. she is on a total dairy free diet now. i told her about this product but because it has traces of dairy she cannot give it to him. I wish renew life would make one dairy free for people with this problem. But i also notice my daughter hardly ever gets sick and when she does its a two day cold and its gone. I think its stronger than anything a baby is going to get through breast milk. my daughter was breast fed for one month, and has had three colds is two years. where other kids that surround her who are all breast fed are always sick with something and for weeks. I give it up to this product! mothers who already have kids never want to take advise from me about this and its their loss and i feel bad for their children.

  • Excellent  |  (Posted on 6/3/11)

    Review by Mamma

    Out of 5

    My 1 month old baby had terrible colic.After 3 days of use he was like a new child ! He is a breast baby and took flora baby with no problem in room temp water via a syringe ! I would recommend to anyone, well worth the money !!!

  • Great for Thrush!  |  (Posted on 2/18/11)

    Review by Rebok75

    Out of 5

    My newborn had thrush by the time she was two weeks old. It lasted for weeks, despite trying two types of medicine. My mother-in-law sent me Flora Baby (I live overseas). It took about two weeks, but it did the trick. Finally, at 3 months, her mouth cleared up. So easy to use! No gunky medicine that induces a crying fit for 15 minutes after each dose. My 2 year old has lots of problems with constipation--thinking about trying it for her too.

  • Use it!  |  (Posted on 12/30/10)

    Review by smith432

    Out of 5

    Started using Flora Baby the first time my little one was on an antibiotic. Since antibiotics kill off not only infective bacteria but good healthy bacteria, I wanted to replace those healthy bacteria to decrease the chance of diaper rash and/or yeast infection. Works great and will continue to use it.

  • Like Magic  |  (Posted on 6/19/10)

    Review by Leo'sMom

    Out of 5

    My always healthy 2 year old got a sudden case of diarrhea that just wouldn't go away. I put him on the BRAT diet as recommended by his pediatrician, but after almost 2 weeks he wasn't having normal BMs and he was starting to lose weight. I decided to try probiotics just based on my limited knowledge of health and nutrition. The first product I tried was called Bio-K. It's an excellent product and I was familiar with it. Unfortunately, it didn't help my son. So I made another trip to my local health food store to see what else I could find. And I found FloraBaby. I bought and saw a fast improvement in my son's BMs!! I have used Renew Life products in the past, but had not heard of this particular product. I love it!

  • lifesaver  |  (Posted on 4/11/10)

    Review by momof4

    Out of 5

    My third child, Anne, was born with a number of health problems, all of which, the doctors had no real answers for. She had thrush and colic, she screamed all of the time except when she did manage to sleep a bit. She began with a repetative hand rolling motion when she was about 5 months. By the time she reached 15 to 18 months she was not delayed at all, but didn't communicate well and didn't listen AT ALL. Totally nonstop and wild toddler,It was as if she didn't hear me when I corrected her- She also had night terrors that scared me, as I could not rouse her or comfort her- she didn't even know I was there- even when she was staring me in the face. Two rolled around and she started potty training- she ALWAYS had diarrhea. She did not drink alot of juice and Her diet was the same as my other kids- I was always conscious of thier eating habits- I was bewildered- again, no help,the doctors solution was- "Slow down on the juice". Even after I told her Anne didn't drink hardly any juice at all. I knew the diarrhea was bad news and the sign of a bigger problem- I just didn't know what was wrong. EVERY time she went to the bathroom for six months she had diarrhea. Went to the health food store and they told me about flora baby- I tried it and in less than a week, Anne's system was better and she began having normal BMs- which she had never had. It was amazing. As for the other things- I made some decisions to postpone all remaining vaccines unil she got older and took wheat out of her diet. Kept her on the probiotics and slowly she began to emerge- healthy and happy. Probiotics help with a whole host of physical problems- All of my children take them now- and I only wish I had found out about them years earlier.

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