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Probiotic Care for Healthy Bowels

Right now you have billions and billions of bacteria living inside your digestive tract. Some of them are considered good, and some are bad. But you need them both in order for your digestive system to operate properly.

When your gut doesn’t have the proper balance of bacteria, you may begin to show symptoms that something is wrong. These can range from a simple case of gas to diarrhea, cramps, bloating or constipation. While these might not sound like severe problems, they are uncomfortable and can lead to more problems down the road.

By adding probiotic supplements to your daily routine, you could help give your digestive tract the extra support you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that those suffering from a bacteria imbalance have greatly benefitted from probiotic supplements.

Here are just a few ways probiotics work to promote healthier bowels and promote overall well being.

  • Helps Absorb Nutrients
    Probiotics allow your body to better absorb the nutrients it needs for overall health. This includes vitamins and essential fatty acids that would otherwise pass through your digestive system without giving your body the benefits.
  • Boosts Immunity
    It’s believed that 80% of your immune system is located in your gut. As your number one defense against disease, having the right balance of bacteria gives your body the best chance at keeping you healthy and protected from pathogens, germs and harmful toxins.
  • Aides Digestion
    Probiotics help your body break down food and keep things moving along in your digestive system. These same probiotics also work to keep you regular, allowing you to enjoy consistent trips to the bathroom to keep you feeling good inside.
  • Protects from Disease
    A healthy gut has a wide range of bacteria that work together to act as the first line of defense against potential pathogens, viruses, parasites and other microbes that might cause you harm.

We all want to live healthy, happy lives. And while we might not realize it, that often starts with having a well balanced digestive tract. If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms discussed earlier in this article, perhaps it’s time to see your doctor and ask about probiotic supplements.