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Advanced Microorganism Detoxification Program

  • 2-part program
  • Great for travelers‡
  • Promotes balance of intestinal microbes‡
  • Promotes a healthy digestive system‡

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A Balanced Digestive Environment Is Essential to Overall Health
ParaGONE is an advanced internal cleansing formula made with herbs and other natural compounds to provide targeted support and assist the body with the detoxification of intestinal microbes as well as promote a healthy digestive system.‡

Intestinal Microbial Balancing Ingredients include: Black walnut, caprylic acid, clove, garlic, grapefruit, orange, pau d’arco, pippali, pumpkin, quassia, rosemary, thyme, undecylenic acid, wormwood‡

Intestinal Soothing Ingredients include: Bismuth citrate, cape aloe, marshmallow‡

ParaGone is gluten-free with no binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic!  |  (Posted on 12/1/14)

    Review by Nancy

    Out of 5

    I've been doing some kind of cleansing since 1988 (monthly colonics, plus a parasite cleanse once a year just before my birthday). I used ParaGone for the first time in August, 2013 with great results! So much so that my scales showed a drop of 8 pounds! Amazing! After that, I repeated it three more times up to July, 2014. On my 5th cleanse now (Nov.-Dec. 2014)
    with much less output. Starting Liver Detox in another week. Thank you so much for this product!!

  • It works great when taken as directed!   |  (Posted on 10/19/14)

    Review by leah

    Out of 5

    I found that using the drops with a chaser of a tomato based juice like V8 or whatever really alleviates the strong taste of the drops. i just put the drops under my tongue for a minute then swish a mouthful of tomato juice around my mouth and swallow. after 4 doses of the pills & drops i was feeling big time die-off effects and had to stay home and relax, and i made taking really good care of myself top priority. I am so happy i did this cleanse, it was so worth it to be able to have my health and well being restored.

  • GREAT PRODUCT!!!  |  (Posted on 10/15/14)

    Review by Jason

    Out of 5

    After my son was infected with pinworms and knowing how easlity contagious they are I purchase Paragone for Kids and Parasite CLeanse System for us adults. We have all immediately noticed a difference. We take this product along with Parazyme, FiberSmart, & Ultimate Flora Probiotic. It has helped us all and we are grateful. SYMPTOM & PARASITE FREE!

  • Great product   |  (Posted on 9/29/14)

    Review by Lucius

    Out of 5

    I love this product. I had problems with energy and sluggish colon and when I did this the colon cleared up

  • ParaCleanse Works  |  (Posted on 9/9/14)

    Review by Happy

    Out of 5

    Last spring I had a bout of hPylori which required me to go on some intensive antibiotics for 2 weeks. After the antibiotics were done, I started having severe acne. I'm 40. I shouldn't be having these issues. I returned to the doc who put me on another round of antibiotics for the infected areas. About 2 weeks later my OBGYN called after a pap and said I had an infection that needed to be treated. ANOTHER round of antibiotics. In the middle of these, I broke out with THE WORST yeast infection I have ever had. I literally had yeast coming out from everywhere. I know, gross. My mouth was so bad I couldn't talk or eat for three days. After a round of anti-fungals to get rid of the mouth yeast, I returned to the doc for my follow-up from the hPylori which started all of this. He then tells me I had Tinea Versicolor-white spots all over my skin. What the HE** is Tinea Versicolor? I was sick, felt awful, failing at my job because my head was cloudy and I could barely get up in the a.m. I decided to sit down and do some reading. I realized after reading what happened with the yeast and the tinea versicolor I was probably infected with yeast from all of the antibiotics. I did LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of more reading. The very first thing I did was stop eating sugar and carbs. Cold turkey. Nothing could be worse then how I felt at that moment. It was difficult but everytime I had cravings I went back out to the internet and read other people's stories to remind myself it does get better. Once I got through that, I started the Candida Cleanse. I did the first round which sent me to bed for 3 days because of the "die-off" After I finished my first round of Candida Cleans,e I learned that yeast is generally accompanied by other parasites. I have had horses and animals my whole life and "worm" them on a regular basis but have never wormed myself. I got the ParaCleanse and after three days, I know this sounds really gross, I relieved myself of a LOT of parasites. There was also a lot of green present and the best I can tell is I have liver flukes (that is what they looked like) that were clogging up my bile ducts and their die off opened up the bile duct allowing it to finally flow. I lost 10 pounds that week from my liver finally being able to process foods properly and eliminate toxins. This whole process I have lost over 50 pounds, my head is finally clear and I no longer have "things" coming out of my body. I think I have the candida under control and feel great. I have read that liver flukes are very difficult to get rid of so I am going to start another round next week after giving my body a 30 day rest. Cross your fingers. Remember western medicine is only about 200 years old. Eastern medicine, healing with herbs, is centuries if not milleniums old. I believe there are lots of things available in nature to heal and help us and am glad RenewLife embraces that thought.

  • Horrible taste  |  (Posted on 8/20/14)

    Review by PG

    Out of 5

    I read all the reviews and I wonder if Renew Life pays people to post reviews. The product was recommended to me, so I believe it's good, but not one of the posted reviews mentions that absolutely unbearably horrible taste of the ParaGone2 liquid drops. The dietary information should be on the box and on the first page with the directons. I missed them until I read these reviews; I did not know that I was not supposed to have sugar. I will cut it out now and see if I get more results.

  • It works  |  (Posted on 8/16/14)

    Review by Helene

    Out of 5

    I've had problems with severe bloating, insomnia, joint pains, blurry vision, stubborn weight gain, depression, anxiety and fatigue for over a year. My doctors just doesnt care and tells me to "exercise more". I'm living a very active and healthy life. I came across research about parasites and candida overgrowth a few months back and did some research before I decided to go on a cleanse. I've gone full in cold turkey with the diet, and have been on the cleanse for two weeks. I definitely felt some die-off effects about a week in, but feel a lot better now and am definitely seeing results. I am really pleased with this product so far.

  • May or may not have worked  |  (Posted on 8/12/14)

    Review by Nicole

    Out of 5

    I am right at 13 days on paragone and plan to do the second round after a week rest. To be honest, I am not sure if this supplement has worked so far or not. However, this doesn't reflect the quality of the supplement. I have done a lot of international traveling and thought it would be a good idea to do a cleanse because my digestive system has not been the same sense but was not 100% sure if i have parasites or an overgrowth of opportunistic flora. When I began taking this cleanse I had soft stools-diareaha for the first 10 days. I then began taking a 50 billion probiotic and think normal stools are a result of the probiotic. I am also taking a different parasite cleanse suggested by my naturopath, paragone, and fibersmart so it is hard to tell what supplement is doing what. I am satisfied though in taking the natural route and paragone seems to have many herbs and be well rounded to make your GI tract a hostile environment for parasites so even though i don't necessarily feel different, i am confident that paragone will kill any unwanted parasites.

    Also, the liquid paragone 2 drops have a pretty bad after taste. If i am not mistaken it says to take the drops with a small amount of water. I suggest having a 2nd glass of water ready to gulp and swish it around in your mouth after downing the bitter paragone drops.

  • Amazing  |  (Posted on 7/19/14)

    Review by Lauren

    Out of 5

    I couldn't believe how well this product worked. I've always been very bloated (I'm average build, but after breakfast and through the rest of the day, I look six months pregnant) and I recently gained a steady amount of stubborn weight.

    This product is amazing. Within three days, it was obvious the product was working. I worked my way up to the full dose, but had to cut back due to diarrhea (not normal, and the instructions say to cut down). Cutting back fixed that issue, and the cleanse still works. If anything, it's been a great reboot to get me to cut sugar and eat more whole foods. I made the mistake of eating sugar once during the first two weeks and blew up like a balloon.

    I took FiberSmart and Critical Care Probiotics in conjunction with this.

  • Paragone,oilsmart, and, fibersmart are great  |  (Posted on 5/12/14)

    Review by peach

    Out of 5

    I think this product is awesome. I had been in a real bad wreck and my doctors had me on a lot of depression and nerve medicine. Physically, I was fine but I was like a zombie. I gained up to 204 lbs. I wouldn't even hardly talk. My mom suggested me going to the health food store because she was worried I was going to die from all the medicines that they had prescribed. The lady at the health food store didn't even recognize me at first. I have a cat so she recommended me starting on the paragone cleanse along with the fibersmart, oilsmart and a really good vitamin from the health food store, I used Source of Life for the vitamin. It took awhile and it didn't work overnight and I also tried the advanced cleanse but mostly I stuck with the paragone. I lost 64 lbs and people couldn't believe how well it worked for me. It does help you not crave sugar or want to pig out. You got to give it a chance to work and do it like it says or it won't work. The fibersmart helps bind to the toxins and the oils and fibers work together to help you go to the bathroom plus when I'm doing my cleanses and the oils and fibers it helps with my cholestorl because it has the 3-6-9 oils in it, Every product I've used that Brenda Watson has. Has really worked well for me and I will continue to use them.

  • Give it a chance...you may be surprised.  |  (Posted on 4/3/14)

    Review by Stella13

    Out of 5

    I first used this product last year, when I first realizing the problems associated with an American lifestyle. I was sluggish, tired and gaining weight. At first with this product, I was even more tired. I believe that is your body's effort to assist in the healing process.

    Several days in my stool changed. I could not believe what I saw. The "things' were clearly worms (and if you don't believe that I am glad whatever it was is out). My energy sored, my head cleared. I believe that our toxic load in the US is extremely high - resulting in things that live in our system to go out of balance.

    My mother told me growing up, her mother lined her and her siblings up and gave them a shot of castor oil at the turn of every season. Castor oil cleans out the system - we don't do those things anymore. It probably kept our system in balance with other organisms living within us.

    I do believe the same can be achieved through a very organic, clean eating regimen. I am trying to do both, clean eating and herbs. I think that the I need something strong to help rid these parasites or pathogens that have become resistant.

    I am doing my second course this year, because I know that it works. Some of these herbs are stronger in tincture - that is what paragone has. Also, I did my first coffee enema the other day. I wouldn't overdo it, but it had amazing results to my overall well being and functioning. I wouldn't want to throw my electrolytes out of whack, so I proceed with caution.

    But I say, give Paragone a chance. You just might be surprised...pleasantly.

  • I recommend Paragone  |  (Posted on 2/14/14)

    Review by mica

    Out of 5

    I first took Paragone after watching the Joni show on TBN in which the topic was that of parasites. That episode was promoting a different product which was out of budget for me. The woman held up a jar of parasites which she said came from her and that was enough for me to at least begin to research the idea of doing a cleanse. Thus I began the regimen of Paragone. That was over 4 years ago.

    I experienced alot of the same as others - slimy bowel moments, things that appeared to be worms or pieces of worms however, I would not investigate too closely. Physically my energy level drastically improved by my second week. The craving that I occassionally had for sugar disappated. I had, prior to that suffered a bout of Colitis which required hospitalization as I could not stop passing blood - I remember the doctors asking me if I had been to any third world countries and I told them that I had only traveled to Mexico and it was months prior. They did not seem to believe that particular trip was the cause, but I remember having had a horrible case of Montezuma's Revenge while in Mexico. The doctors could never determine the cause behind the Colitis.

    Needless to say, I am finally taking a second dose of Paragone years later because I am not feeling my best. I continue to get a reoccuring infection and the antibiotics I get prescribed are not remedying the problem. I began to have gastrointestonal issues after travel to - where else but Mexico, again. I remember how well Paragone worked for me before and am hoping for the same results. I will post and update on the results.

  • works  |  (Posted on 1/20/14)

    Review by chicka

    Out of 5

    I've used this product several times, and I will say it works very well based on the fact that the first time, I had the weirdest shit (ha ha) come out of me. No, but seriously, there were very strange things, that were probably parasites. There were a lot of different shapes of them and i can't tell you what they were. Unfortunately the doctor couldn't tell me either, but I am pretty sure they were parasites.

    I've done several other rounds of this and haven't had the same results, which tells me it really got a lot of stuff out the first time. I would recommend this product.

  • Couldn't Hurt  |  (Posted on 1/12/14)

    Review by TyRAN*

    Out of 5

    Was unsure if I wanted to use this product, but I was noticing white specks in my, uh, "BM", as everyone's calling it here, and I was concerned they might be worm eggs.
    I started ParaGone on X-mas Eve of 2013. First cleanse ever, and I'm under 130 lbs so I started at half dose like the directions suggested, for one week and then since I was experiencing almost no die-off symptoms (smidgeon of a headache after a dose, that's all), I upped to full dose and stuck with until I finished the package like 3 weeks later.
    I also changed my diet for the cleanse as suggested in the directions and it kept my skin pretty clear.
    From before I even started the cleanse, up until after I finished, there was NO change in the white specks. Maybe they've always been there, I don't know; you have to look close to see them. They are smaller than "rice grains"... They must not be parasite eggs after all. They might just be Candida yeast bits. But either way they remained just the same whether I was cleansing for parasites or controlling what I eat (the ParaGone suggested diet IS a good way to control Candida), so, I dunno.
    Either way I'm sure this cleanse killed something bad in me that I couldn't see. The natural herbs and stuff sure couldn't hurt. I feel no different than when I started, but I never felt sick to begin with. I don't feel like I wasted my time with this product and I wouldn't hesitate to try another Renew Life cleanse in the future.

  • JUST STARTED SO FAR -ALL GOOD!!  |  (Posted on 12/29/13)

    Review by RTWnda4660

    Out of 5

    So I purchased this product after doing a bit of research on parasitic cleansing... I suspect that I might have parasites after seeing what looked like white rice in my stools and a change in my stomach/intestinal health. I started having bloated stomach, pain after eating due to gas and blocked bowels from constipation etc.etc..a few times, I saw what looked like fragments of worms.. but couldn't be sure...I've been taking this product now for about 3 days straight. Before that, I had started the product but only took it one day and then skipped a couple of days. When I did that, I developed a very bloated hard belly, and so I figured something was going on and decided to continue taking the product at that point. All I can say thus far is I woke up today, (the third consecutive day), and realized my head was clearer....no more foggy mind...I felt a sense of balance...As far as my bowels are concerned, I was still a bit bloated but not as bad... especially after eating, and a bit constipated today but my bowels are moving...I haven't seen anything interesting yet and I'm thinking that's because I have sooo much that needs to come out before I see anything significant and, I believe it takes a few days for the die off.. Other than a bloated belly, I am not experiencing any bad side affects at all... I will update my progress in a few days.. I can't wait to see what happens but as of today, I'm pleased thus far...

  • grateful!! :)  |  (Posted on 11/16/13)

    Review by Avalanche

    Out of 5

    I spent 5 months in Central America. In addition to traveling there, I spent much time working on a farm in Costa Rica and always ate raw fruits and veggies, and was playing in the dirt so much I couldn't get my nails clean. Shortly after arriving in Costa Rica I felt a mass in my abdomen. After a couple of months, I began having digestive issues also. When I finally returned to the states and went to the doctor, with exacerbated digestive issues, they told me nothing was wrong. They could all feel my "mass" but even an MRI didn't show anything suspicious. Finally I took matters into my own hands, because doctors here (everywhere?) are oblivious to parasites as an issue and don't know how to treat them.

    Two days on the cleanse had me feeling hungry due to dietary restrictions (the ones specified and my own--vegetarian and gluten free). I was also passing a lot of unidentifiable things that looked like gallstones, but maybe they were parasite eggs.....? The doctor told me I couldn't pass gallstones without being in excruciating pain, but I don't buy it. I stayed on the cleanse full strength for two weeks, and felt incredible. My skin was clearer than ever, too. Just cutting out sugar always has that effect anyways, but this was even better, because for YEARS I've had loose stools and never thought anything of it. But after this cleanse....? I had almost forgotten what a normal bowel movement was because when I had one, it was a surprise! It cured whatever the issue was in my intestines. I'm about to take another, because the mass is still there but I have a feeling one more round of Para-Gone will do the trick!

  • **************TERRIBLE*******************  |  (Posted on 11/14/13)

    Review by David

    Out of 5

    This product kills your brain cells cause brain fog inability to concentrate extreme bloating constipation & weakness after taking the product extreme constipation slept for 19 hours a day for 9 days then had to quit goto the hospital for expensive tests after stopping the product after almost a month slowly starting to feel a little better only sleep 11 hours a day I went to the top neurosurgeon & gastro doctor in the state both said this is quackery the placebo effect take at own risk & you are wasting your money on pills that are unregulated bunk

  • This Product Works  |  (Posted on 10/21/13)

    Review by Reliable Results

    Out of 5

    I saw results (literally - a 7 inch tapeworm) after taking this this product. I found I had to do 2 full rounds. It's very regimented, though, so know going into it that you need to follow the instructions and the dietary recommendations. I have recommended this product to my gastrointerologist in the event he has patients that wish to pursue alternative remedies versus a prescription (Albenzadole is what he prescribed for me).

  • A Step in the Right Direction  |  (Posted on 10/19/13)

    Review by ACalifornian

    Out of 5

    About a month ago, I did one round of the 35-day cycle (15 days on, 5 days off, 15 days on). By the third day I started to pass things that looked wormy, but who knows. I did pass a lot of protein strings and mucus. At about day 10, I collected some things that looked like worms and had them tested. They came back negative as undigested protein.

    I wasn't 100% with the diet, but pretty close. I went from (before the cleanse) having slushy, urgent BM first thing in the a.m. to formed, darker (normal) BM. The best thing is I no longer have colon pain. I used to feel achy/crampy in the colon after a BM.

    About two years ago, I had a comprehensive stool test which said no parasites, no or minimal yeast, but also no good bacteria. And this was after daily drinking kefir and taking probiotics (though not the expensive ones). For a bunch of years I have had low grade fatigue, brain fog, poor digestion, blood sugar problems, poor memory etc. (it has really sucked). I've tried a bunch of supplements, cutting out gluten, cooking Chinese herbs, acupuncture, a wholistic NP, etc. Things have helped a little.

    An alternative med person read me energetically and said I had parasites and a lot of them. (I think he meant a whole range of things, not specifically worms.) I took his supps for a number of months and felt a little improvement (also went back on low carb, low/no sugar diet--not 100%). A friend told me about ParaGONE and I did the program with the whole protocol.

    I was instructed to stay on the diet for the 5 days off and didn't quite live up to it. And then after the 35 days I went back to eating "like a normal person"--sweets now and then, a little pizza, a beer or glass of wine on a special occasion. My poop isn't as good as when I was on the cleanse. After the cleanse, the alt med guy said parasites were down 90% and fungus/mold 30%.

    i was better on the cleanse, but this time I want to try CandiGONE and see if that makes a difference. Clearly I need to get my digestion balanced in order to feel better. Also, I have had toenail fungus all of my life. Of all the different things I've tried in the last six years, ParaGONE has made the biggest improvement in a short period of time.

  • Wow  |  (Posted on 10/2/13)

    Review by rudydb1

    Out of 5

    I can't believe how well this stuff worked. I was suffering from massive heartburn and have been for years. The reason I entertained the thought of taking this was because my heartburn was out of control and nothing was working. I mentioned it to my cousin and he told me he suffered from the same a few years back so he took this Paragone Parasite cleanser and never had the heartburn again. Well I had to try it and here is what happened. I followed the instructions to the letter. 1.Lots of pooping (like 3-4 times a day (I guess I was full of $hit, lol) 2. Lost my belly 3. Around week 3 was getting bloated and the heartburn returned with a vengeance. I told my cousin about it and he said the parasites were probable fighting back or dying and to keep the treatment going. 4. Finished off the week and unbelievably I have not had heartburn in the last 2 months.....All I can say is WOW!

    It really worked for me and I tell my friends suffering from stomach issues or heartburn to give it a shot. It is a little expensive $35 but I was taking over $100 a month in different pills for my heartburn.

  • Wow it works  |  (Posted on 3/29/13)

    Review by Chris

    Out of 5

    After reading reviews I thought I should include this as part of my cleansing process. I had used First Cleanse just prior and was already getting good results (more energy, more regular BMs). When I started Paragone, I had some headaches the first few days which I anticipated given other reviews. I had cut out some of the stuff from my diet that was recommended (e.g., dairy, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods) and drinking more water. By the second day, I was starting to have 2-3 bowel movements a day. I could see what appeared to be worm segments in my stool, mostly small round, thread-like ones. A few times I saw what looked like long flat pieces (the longest I observed was about 2 inches long - gross!). My stools were darker and smellier than normal, not sure if that was because of the cleanse ingredients or what junk was being removed from my body. I mostly stayed at half dose amount because I only weigh about 120 pounds and was getting regular BMs at that dose. But I did increase to full dose towards end of cleanse because I wanted to make sure everything came out! After completing, I feel my energy level is great and my cravings for junk food, etc are less. So glad I took this after seeing what came out of me. Would highly recommend this product. I plan to use again in future.

  • Marvelous  |  (Posted on 12/13/12)

    Review by Linda

    Out of 5

    Hi! I finished my ParaGone (my first cleanse) a few days ago. It was marvelous. My "bloated" abdomen was gone after 5 days. My "regularity" came back. I have always had trouble with constipation but even now, I'm regular.

  • Best Stuff Ever!  |  (Posted on 10/16/12)

    Review by Steph

    Out of 5

    I started with 15 days of 1/2 strength with 5 days off and did the second 15 days at full strength and the stuff that has come out of my body is DISGUSTING after the second 15 days. My stomach is almost completely flat again and food is not bothering me in the slightest after doing the cleanse. I may do another round of 15 days at 1/2 strength just to make sure I got everything. I feel amazing now and plan to do this cleanse every 6 months to make sure I stay on top of any issues that may develp before my digestive system gets so far out of whack again. This stuff works!!!!

  • Buy this product NOW! You will not regret it!  |  (Posted on 9/24/12)

    Review by greenmomof2

    Out of 5

    After several visits to the doctor I finally found out that I had antibodies in my thyroid... but not enough to do anything about. I was flat told that I would have to wait until the problem got worse to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Frusterated by the lack of help, I browsed the internet and found that parasites are thought to be a leading cause to autoimmune disease (like many other diseases and illnesses that cannot be expalined). I discovered that even though parasites are not really taught to our doctors that reaserch has found almost EVERYONE has parasites and they are slowly killing us. I figured I didn't have anything to lose and that maybe I would cure my problem before it became a forever issue of my life. I was so miserable and sick that I was willing to do ANYTHING so I bought Paragone. On the third day I felt horrible and wondered what I got myself into but I remembered reading that feeling sick is a side effect of killing parasites and that they release toxins into our body when they die. Here I am day 4, and I have to write a review now because I have been finding pinworms and roundworms in my stool along with some other random specks of something else. This product works! I never thought that I would have visible parasites. I figured maybe microscopic ones. To think that I had worms in me for who knows how long and I would never have known it if I were diagnosed with Graves disease. I would have stopped searching and I would have suffered with issues the rest of my life. Thank you Paragone! Thank you so much! Your product is saving my life and I cant wait to continue on and get the rest of these suckers out of me for good so that I can live my life to the fullest again. I will be keeping up with paragone twice a year so that I never have to feel this way again.

  • better  |  (Posted on 9/5/12)

    Review by ray

    Out of 5

    I feel better after using this product

  • Brittany  |  (Posted on 7/21/12)

    Review by Works!!!

    Out of 5

    I am now on my third day of Paragone and have found major relief! I have been having stomach problems for 7 months now, had an endoscopy done and the doctor didn't find anything wrong with me besides inflammation in the stomach. I am 21 years old and felt that I was to young to be having digestive problems. I did an endoscopy which was very expensive and my medical insurance didn't pay a single dime for it! I didn't want to run up another bill so I did some research on digestive disorders and came across Parasites and found that might be the cause of my symptoms. A friend told me about renew life and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try! This was a lot cheaper than a endoscopy. THANK GOD!!!!!!! This has been the best decision I have made!!!! I'm only on my third day of the clease and found that I do have parasites in my BM. Gross I know but I'm glad it was this and not something major!!! Fair warning though if you stick to the diet and the clease you may have sytomptoms such as headaches, back pain, tingling sensation in hands and feet, and many more due to the fact that your body is getting rid of these nasty worm!

  • A True Turnaround  |  (Posted on 6/27/12)

    Review by Music Maven in Nashville

    Out of 5

    Since my gall bladder was removed in 2007 I have suffered from explosive BMs; sometimes I would go as much as 15 times a day! The doctors ruled out Crohn's and Ciliac diseases and told me it was a side effect of the surgery and I would just have to live with it for the rest of my life. I am in my late 50s. I am not too far from retiring, but I was honestly worried that I was going to have an "accident" at work (many times I've 'just barely made it' to the toilet), and would be humiliated. I worried that I would eventually have to go on disability.

    I heard about this product from a radio talk show host, and found it locally. I decided to try it, but didn't have much optimism for anything substantial to change. The duration of the cleanse didn't seem too significant, with me noticing that I was feeling better and the number of quick runs to the bathroom was decreasing. The real changes happened on the last 2 days of taking the product. I began to have real BMs, and they occurred less than 4 times a day. Now, a week after my cleanse I am happy to report THE DIARRHEA IS GONE AND ALL IS NORMAL. I still have a high bile content, but the explosive pressure is gone and now for the first time in 5 years, I am optimistic about the quality of my life. I will be using this product at least 2X a year for the rest of my life.

    Thank you RenewLife, for giving me a better quality of life! I can't recommend this cleanse enough.

  • Definitely a Winner  |  (Posted on 6/7/12)

    Review by Annie.

    Out of 5

    I have to admit, I was one of the skeptics. When I didn't get what I needed from various doctors to help me with my health problems, I turned to a local health food store for help, and the owner recommended this product. I have had Epstein Barr virus for awhile, and thus a low immune system. Other than just going home and "resting" like the doctors recommended, I set out to find ways to detoxify my life. Detoxifying my digestive system was just one of the many things I did to help mystelf. I suffered from many of the maladies the other reviewers discussed: All kinds of food and chemical allergies, brain fog, teeth grinding, fatigue, anxiety, joint pain, and I ate all the time! I had to have fuel every couple hours just to keep going. My weight hung out really low, even though I was eating more than ever! This kit did the trick. After just the first 5-6 days I felt like a great fog had lifted from me and with it came renewed energy. The proof, as they say was in the toilet! Enough said. I'm still working on the Epstein Barr, but I feel doing this cleanse helped me take a BIG step forward. Highly recommend.

  • awesome  |  (Posted on 5/5/12)

    Review by sara

    Out of 5

    this stuff works!

  • Obviously Works  |  (Posted on 3/13/12)

    Review by Gina B

    Out of 5

    I finally decided to do this after showing students a jar with roundworms in it and another with a preserved tapeworm. I was teaching what happens/can happen, but what was I doing about it for myself? Nothing.
    I read a lot of reviews before trying it and really hoped I'd be one of those that only had microscopic ones. Not only did I have ones that weren't microscopic, I saw my first results a couple hours after the first dose.
    Very gross, but I'm more grossed out by the idea of them in me so I plan to keep going. This is the end of my third day on it and I'm rather concerned about what I might see if I already saw lots already, but such is life. I'm just gonna try to put it out of my mind and get this over with and make sure I do it every so often so I never have the same initial experience I'm getting with this first cleanse.
    I wish everyone I come in contact with would take this. The idea of touching anyone who hasn't cleansed themselves of parasites kinda grosses me out now. BLECH!

  • its working for me  |  (Posted on 3/10/12)

    Review by need to find answers

    Out of 5

    I have been having problem with my stomach for a year and 1/2. It started out when I had a heart papulation. I went to the emergancy room they did a ekg, and chest x-ray on me and found nothing wrong. I lost my appite and range of motion(not allowed to bend at waist) had to squat to pick up anything or found I would trigger another heart papulation. I went to the doctor with these little knots in my mid section and alot of bloating (my stomach at times would look 6mth pregnant) and alot of pain! My doctor sent me in for a c-t scan wanted to see if I had cancer or ulsers of the stomach. all the while I was at a loss for appitite. test came back normal hmm. Doctor then thought I could have acid reflux sent me to a gastrologist which he sent me in for a barium swallow found no problem with my esophagus, he heard my symptoms and diagnosed me with gerd. prescribed nexum, prilosec and a few other ppi inhibutors, after a while these were taking too much acid out of my system which i found i had to replace cuz it was causing more problems such as pain under ribs and in the back so had to stop. . Next trip went in for a upper GI mri to find out if any thing was blocking my intestinal passage the results were all clear. Still no relief next test went in for a ultrasound of all the small organs, result all organs were the right size so no problem there. Stlll not sure what was wrong I took a blood test to check if all my levels were right, sure as rain all levels were fine if not really good. I was becoming frantic my way of life was really going down hill. being 34 yrs old mother of 2 and this was suddenly taking over my life!! Last test I was sent on was to check out if my gall bladder might be going out I had a HIDA scan, while I was there getting this machine to take pictures of the working of the gall bladder I struck up a conversation with the tech guy. I was telling him all my testing and what was going on seeing how this is a lengthy test I got to tell him my whole story. He said Ive been in this business along time and I am not a doctor but If this test comes back normal you might have little bugs(parasites) in your stomach and intestines. Hmm really got me thinking could this be true It would definitly be worth a try. Well guess what the test came back normal. But I still had issues Now I am a woman of faith and think that there is divine intervention later that night while I was sulking because I thought there was no cure for me, my partner just happened to stop channel surfing on the 500 club> i know right how ironic but truth be told there was a girl on there with this story that was so similar to mine she could have been me Well she found out that she had these parasites inside of her and they were ruining her life>she went to her doctor and demanded to have a stool test done and it came back she indeed had parasites after taking medications to rid her of them she is now normal and back to ever day life!! Amen!! I am not as fortunate to have healty insurance and would be more comfortable with natural herbs and such... so I took to the internet to help find the path I should take to cure me. That is when I came across this product renew life. I researched and decided to try it out (nothing lost and nothing gained if it didnt work) I started out with the Total Body cleanse which is the first cleanse before the ParaGone. I got results with that cleanse so I was encouraged to continue Now I am on the ParaGone I have had such relief of all my sympoms that my life is finally becoming my own again, I dont think they are all gone so I am doing another months cleanse which it states that (1-3 months) might be required to rid the body. I am so thankful for this product and all the techincal help provided. I am on my way to being totally cleaned that I just want to shout out. Divine intervention putting me on this path and your product helping me rid myself is just a Miracle... Thanks RenewLife

  • Not really sure  |  (Posted on 3/4/12)

    Review by Ninka

    Out of 5

    While on this cleanse I noticed that I stopped having regular bowel movements even though I increased my water intake to just over 100 oz a day and cut-out my caffeine intake. I also increased my fiber intake by using "fiber smart" and eating more green veggies and green apples. I felt very bloated during the whole time.

    I felt pretty good doing this cleanse until day 8 when I started feeling nausea and dizziness especially during the night. I didn't complete the 14 day cleanse because of this.

    After coming off this cleanse my normal bowel movements returned and my husband and I noticed that my face just seems "brighter"...I've always had good complexion and skin but definitely see a difference after this cleanse (not sure if maybe could be the water).

    I'm not really sure if this product did anything for me, but I would probably try it again in a few more months.

  • Quarterly Cleanse  |  (Posted on 2/20/12)

    Review by Naturalbeauty

    Out of 5

    Last year I took Paragone for the first round as suggested. I then did a second 15-day run to help with any eggs the parasites may have layed prior to them departing my body. Not only did Paragone help regulate my bowels...at the time I had severe gas, bloating, inconsistant and watery stooles. After taking paragone all of those symptoms went away. I also combined colon hydrotherapy with my cleanse (Highly recommended). As I prepare for lent over the next 40 days, I am embarking on taking RenewLifes's 30 day cleanse followed by the 15 day parasite cleanse. I will keep you posted on my success. LOVE RENEW LIFE PRODUCTS.

  • It works  |  (Posted on 2/8/12)

    Review by jultul

    Out of 5

    This product works. I promise you, if you have parasites, you will see them when using this product. Thank you for making it, and I will use it at least once a year! I have one week to go and have done the 2weeks on, 5 days off, and 2 weeks on.

    Unreal the results. Again, thank you!

  • too expensive but effective  |  (Posted on 1/28/12)

    Review by n/a

    Out of 5

    it costs more than its worth but is effective if you use as intended, follow the diet, drink lots of water,exercise, do a colon cleanse before and after do liver cleanse...
    then you will feel brand new

  • IT REALLY WORKS  |  (Posted on 1/21/12)

    Review by Amazing Product

    Out of 5

    I am 30 years old. I have been seeing different doctors for the past 8 years. No one could figure out what was wrong with me. I had major stomach issues, allergies, brain fog, diarrhea, teeth grinding, internal itching, constant yeast infections, heart palpitations, sometimes different parts of my body would just start shaking for no reason, late periods with very little blood, numbness in arms & lips, ADHD & more........ I was really hurt when my doctor called me last September & said "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU". I couldn't take the itching anymore I was on a mission to help me since no doctor was able to. I found an article on line about parasite infection. I started Paragone & I started passing parasites out of my urinary tract & in my stool. I even felt one die off in my thigh. My skin was stretching out where it was flipping around. I felt all alone & scared. I found a Internal Medicine doctor who had a holistic nurse in the same office. She reassured me that everything I was feeling was good. I was killing them & to just keep taking the product. I took Paragone for 3 months. I feel great all of the problems I spoke about at first GONE. Now I'm trying a few other ReNew Life cleanses. I will be using ReNew Life products until the day I die.

  • Excellent quality product  |  (Posted on 1/15/12)

    Review by renew customer

    Out of 5

    Never thought I would see results let alone find evidence of parasites within three days. Natural movements, no side effects and after doing the full 30 days (plus 5 days in-between) and was thrilled with how my body responded. I will definitely be using this product annually.

  • excited  |  (Posted on 11/29/11)

    Review by jacky moon

    Out of 5

    i want to try paragone soon because i get this pinworm problem over and over and i had it for almost a year. but my parents are too stupid to let me go to the doctors. but i showed them this on my DSi and they said sure. plus i have no energy for my classes and im bloated so i wanna get rid of that also i tried other meds b4 that dont work but from all the reveiws im ganna try this. my bf also has ringworm so ill show him this. (that and i think he got my pin worm) anyway i cant wait to use this product :D

  • Amazing  |  (Posted on 11/12/11)

    Review by Sissy

    Out of 5

    I had gotten sick in a foreign country, and stayed sick for a month after. I didn't go anywhere and cried all the time, ultimately I thought I was going to die. My doctors never found anything wrong after various tests. I then thought of parasites and found this cleanse online. Literally 3 days later I felt 80 percent better. The diet was very hard but completely worth oit. Don't know where i'd be without Paragone! Trying SmartCleanse very soon. I recommend this product to everyone.

  • Completely Changed My Life  |  (Posted on 10/22/11)

    Review by Kate

    Out of 5

    I had been sick for years, and doctors couldn't diagnose it. I was constantly in pain, I had diarrhea/constipation all the time and I was grinding my teeth like crazy. Finally, a friend suggested that I might have parasites. I picked up some ParaGone, and by day 10 I had passed a foot long worm! It also cleared out a ton of little worm segments.

    It's incredible how different I feel now. I haven't had this many pain-free days in God knows how long. When it happened, I was near tears because I was so happy to actually be comfortable again! THANK YOU, PARAGONE!

  • This product works!  |  (Posted on 10/12/11)

    Review by Joanie

    Out of 5

    I was sceptical at first, but after using ParaGone for 2 weeks, I have less bloating, constipation, and fatigue. I am sleeping better and less anxious. I don't know how to explain it except that ParaGone works. I am on the road daily and have found that taking it three times daily according to the directions (30 min before eating, or 3 hours after eating) has been a bit tricky. I have not been able to follow the diet exactly, nor followed the timing perfectly...but I've still gotten good results! This has encouraged me to be more diligent about following the diet more closely to get even better results. I don't want these critters to ever take over again! Thank you for a safe, reliable product. Also, I appreciate that you have staff available online and by phone to answer questions while going through the cleanse.

  • Great Product!  |  (Posted on 8/25/11)

    Review by Kristen

    Out of 5

    After suffering from multiple food allergies, chronic fatigue, etc. decided to give this a go since I've been out of the country in past years and thought, who knows, maybe I picked up something...I wasn't really EXPECTING it but was hopeful. 3 days in I started experiencing the die off symptoms...for three days I'd leave work and go home and go straight to bed...severe cramping, lethargy, basically feeling like I was hit by a truck. After about 4 days of die off, I woke up the next day and felt absolutely fine, and even better than I felt before I even started Paragone. I then started seeing "evidence" that yes, there was something there, and something had definitely died off! I'm currently on day 16 and still seeing evidence. It's gross, but much grosser to think of these things continuing to live in me! so glad I did this. After this, I plan to do this cleanse once a year, every year. I feel so much better, 16 days in..more energy, thinking clearer, just overall feeling healthier. I can't wait to see how I feel after the full 35 days!

  • Awesome Results, I'm so happy  |  (Posted on 7/23/11)

    Review by Joshua Parker of Dallas, TX

    Out of 5

    I had horrible gas and bloating for years and couldn't figure out why my stomach was no longer flat. When I would fast for a day or two it would be flat again. However, the instant I ate food the bloating was back. It basically was so bad it added about 7 inches to my waist line. I used Paragone and all is well again with my world. Stomach flat as a board even after eating a full meal. The I feel great the energy I missed for so long is back too.

    Awesome. Traditional medical doctors did nothing for me for years on this complaint! Nothing. Pargone is definitely the real deal even for a skeptic like me. I just wish I listened to the natural doctors sooner.

    Joshua Parker

  • Helllp!   |  (Posted on 6/27/11)

    Review by Mel

    Out of 5

    Hello. I have not used this product (yet anyways). I guess I just want to know is.. is it save to use if you do or do not have Paracites? I think I do because my vagina/anal itches a lot specially around night time/bed time. I try not to itch but it becomes so bad that I just must. The anti inching cream doesn't seem to work and maybe everyone once in a great while I will see very small white looking worms. I look up roundworm/pinworm and it just does not fit the description of what is happening to me. I just want to know if it is 100% safe to use this product if you are not sure if you do or not have paracites. I also would like to know.. how often to you have to continue using this product? Do you have to buy it after running out or do you just use this product hopefully once?

    Please help me!! I'm a 23 year old college student who does not have medical insurance so I can't afford to see a dr. Please email me at bratshootshootingstar22@msn.com if you can tell me anymore. Thank you for all the help

  • Just Do It  |  (Posted on 6/17/11)

    Review by Ken

    Out of 5

    After one month, I feel if most people had any idea of what living creatures were alive in their body's, it would scare them to death. I've always eaten hot peppers, thinking the peppers would get rid of anything living within my body and I was so wrong. They are in the body and everyone should cleanse your body. Don't doubt it, just do it. You will truly be very surprised.

  • GREAT-it works  |  (Posted on 6/2/11)

    Review by al

    Out of 5

    It works..... I found paracites for the first 2 weeks... from small to then the larger ones. My hair and skin is like new... so clean... My craving for sugar and fast food is gone... Drinking alot of water. my energy is up... 2 more weeks to go... I did notice the first few weeks after I would take the pills, movement under my skin... this stopper after two weeks and my stool seem clear... I will do the final two weeks an dtake a break.... then a live cleanse...

    I am a real person... email me ajaland101@aol.com

    Ps.... found paracites (pinworms) narrow but a few had been in me for so long they we very fat in the middle... 10=15 times there size... I feel so much better.... al

  • Really works   |  (Posted on 5/29/11)

    Review by Denise M

    Out of 5

    I muscle tested positive for parasites at the chiropractors. I saw ParaGone at he vitamin store and it has been amazing in the results. I had experienced a bloated tummy-looked 3-4 months pregnant, brain fog, joint pain, always had mucous in my stools, early gray hair ( I know alot of the symptoms are also Candida, doing that cleanse next). On day 3 the die off started and happens about every 3 days. I just ride it through as I also still feel good inside even though I have a severe headache, sometimes nausea, sleepy, first time there was dizziness and a metalic taste in my mouth. All I can say is if you are suffering die-off symptoms is to keep going. I also lost the 10 lbs gained this past winter that I could not get rid of by dieting. I did follow the diet guidelines closely and am loving it. For the sugar cravings I mix 1 oz of just cranberry juice (no sugar added) with 7 ozs of water and drink a total of 40 ozs of that a day. It all feels really good. My oldest daughter is doing the first time cleanse.

  • Works Great  |  (Posted on 4/23/11)

    Review by Liza

    Out of 5

    I was having similar symptoms as many of the other reviewers- bloating, gas, fatigue and just not feeling like myself. After 2 months and many trips to the doctor I bought Paragone. about day4 I started noticing a change and by day 8 I was going to the bathroom2 or 3 times. I just finished the first 15 days not realizing I don't have enough of step 1 to do another 15 days like they recommend. Not sure what to do now....I feel great but do I dare stop?
    I also highly recommend mixing step 2 in water because it tastes awful!

  • Worked very well  |  (Posted on 4/7/11)

    Review by Mom to Orphans

    Out of 5

    My family recently adopted our son from Africa. We knew for a fact our son had at least on parasite, Giardia. When we arrived home, we had stool samples taken which confirmed Giardia plus several others. We placed our son on the recommended anti-biotic for 15 days. The next stool sample was positive after completing the meds. I wanted to try a natural supplement since I don't like giving such strong meds to my kids. We placed our son on ParaGon for kids. We only had to do 15 days worth of it and it rid him of all his parasites. The remaining stool samples were negative for all parasites. Our son's tummy is flat, like it should be, and he does not have an intolerance for lactose anymore. On our next adoption, I'm going straight to the ParaGon!

  • I've had good results  |  (Posted on 3/22/11)

    Review by Joanne

    Out of 5

    I've had good results using both ParaGone and CandiGone. Both are excellent products and I have used them for many years. I also use your probiotics and fiber and like them very much. All of Renew Life products work well and I highly recommend them for anyone having digestive issues. Thank you.

  • Not sure yet  |  (Posted on 2/24/11)

    Review by Marlene ny

    Out of 5

    I am on the 13th day of the 15 day paragons cleanse program and although I ve been feeling less bloated,going to the bathroom often...I have felt dizzy the last couple of days...not sure if this is a normal symptom experience of the cleanse,but it's the first time in my almost 40 years of life that I am experiencing this symptom...I will continue with the paragon cleanse 2 more days to go and see if I feel better after this.

  • Still waiting  |  (Posted on 2/16/11)

    Review by Milly

    Out of 5

    I started taking Paragone 5 days ago. I noticed these white worms in my dogs feces last week and immediately gave him a de-wormer for dogs. I then felt that it was time for me to start one myself . I have been having symptoms of bloating belly, mind fog, low energy and sore joints. I am looking forward to having these symtoms disappear if they are connected to a parasite invasion. Sounds like this is the product for me. Thank you for your testomonials.

  • Seeing is believing....  |  (Posted on 1/18/11)

    Review by Jan

    Out of 5

    I've battled worms in my life for the last 40 years, starting with seeing a pinworm in my stool at age 9. The worms would re-occur, and I would take Vermox. One physician prescribed 100 Vermox pills because I couldn't seem to get rid of the worms. Started ParaGONE, and saw not one type of worm, but three different kinds. Talk about grossed out.... At 5'9", I'm a good weight at 138 pounds, but still have belly bloat. With ParaGONE, the belly bloat disappeared. And so did my craving for sweets. Reading up on worms, it's a prevalent condition. Too bad modern medicine doesn't recognize the multiple symptoms related to worms. I have hope that my worms will be eliminated, and like other writers, I will take an annual cleanse as a preventative. Thanks for the great product!!!

  • An Annual Must-Do!  |  (Posted on 12/30/10)

    Review by Melissa

    Out of 5

    Discovered this product in 2001 - I do an annual cleanse each year after "holiday season" - boy is it like taking the garbage of the year "to the curb". Each year I am delighted with the results and am more appreciative of the health benefits of "cleaning out the critters". Despite careful precautions, parasites can and do find their way into our lives over the course of time - this product allows one to "take their body back", inexpensively and inarguably.

  • I love all of Brenda's products   |  (Posted on 11/29/10)

    Review by KD

    Out of 5

    I started this cleanse because I just didn't know what was wrong with me. I felt foggy, no energy, constantly ate, anything and everthing - and just wasn't myself. I wasn't sure if I had parasites or not and I still am not sure. But I do know that I feel so much better after day 3!
    I have Tons of energy, my sugar is normalized and I don't have cravings. And I don't snack inbetween meals. My stomach is flatter. I know I definately dropped a few pounds or more.
    After I eat, I am not bloated like I used to be. I told everyone about this product. I feel brand new.
    I am under 150lbs, and the directions say to do the low dose for 2 weeks, take a break for 5 days and do the cleanse again for 2 weeks. I am on my 5 day break right now and still feel good. After I am completely done with the cleanse and if I develope my food cravings again, I will buy the CRAVE BE GONE by Renew Life.
    But I highly recommend this product!
    I highly recommed all of her products!!!!!!

    I've also used the
    Organic Total Body Cleanse.
    50 Billion Probiotic
    Super Critical Fish Oil
    and Constipation Stop

  • It really works!  |  (Posted on 11/27/10)

    Review by Nette

    Out of 5

    I am a true skeptic in every sense. I am vegetarian but I often eat in restaurants that serve meat (it's inevitable). I was experiencing lots of gas and stomach bloat after eating dairy or and type of bread. I mean my stomach is pretty flat and it would swell up like I was 3 to 4 months pregnant. I was so frustrated I had to take action. I purchased paragone and at first I didn't really notice any symptoms until about day 7. I started to feel sick, i was constipated and I felt semi-depressed. Then the yuck came....I would go the the restroom and look in the toilet after a bowel movement and couldn't believe my eyes! I saw feces that looked like little flat maggots all through out my fecal matter. At first I thought it was rice but it kept happening, I hadn't had any damn rice!!! I was freaked out. The maggot-like things kept coming and my bowels smelled like death. Before that my bowels never had a strong odor like that. Anyway, I stopped taking it because I was grossed out and now my symptoms have returned. I feel brain fog, bloating, headache and fatigue. I had to regroup and I just started back tonight after a 3 week break. I had to put my big girl panties on and stop being a wuss. I would rather be uncomfortable for a while than have nasty parasites taking over my body. I will update again with my new results in a couple of weeks, until then.....cleanse yourself! : )

  • not sure what to believe  |  (Posted on 11/12/10)

    Review by T. man

    Out of 5

    I too have done colonix twice a year for 3 yrs till i discovered this line ...trust me when i tell you it does work better for me......goodluck.......give it a try.....

  • PARAGONE CLEANSE  |  (Posted on 11/12/10)

    Review by T. man

    Out of 5

    I am on my second week of paragone & while nothing crazy has been eliminated, of course they say most are micrscopic and not seen with the human eye anyway. I am feeling soooo much better more alert way flatter stomach, even after eating....no gas or bloating no sugar or food cravings of anykind..... actually feel empty after an elimination and cleanse is very easy on your system......no multiple bathroom runs....very glad i took a chance on this cleanse....

  • Not sure what to believe  |  (Posted on 10/21/10)

    Review by Sherri

    Out of 5

    Hi, I would like to know if this product actually works and helps eliminate parasites. I have
    used Dr. Naturas colonix cleanse program and it did not do anything. It is just like a whole bunch of laxatives that doesn't do much cleansing whatsoever. I have also used Dr. Floras cleansing program, and again got the same ol' results. I called to get my money back but that was no use.. I am tired of these cleansing scams that do not give you the results they claim. I need Reassurance from someone that actually used paragone and has seen any type of parasite worm's come out of their body's during their bowel movements/Or had their chronic symptoms go away, like: Chronic fatigue, numbness, Alterations in Blood Pressure, anxiety, nervousness, irritability etc. (These are the symptoms that i am going through on a daily basis) Please Help!


  • Cleansing   |  (Posted on 10/21/10)

    Review by Paulene Grady

    Out of 5

    Good day, I've been using this poroduct for 3 days and already I feel and see a difference. So much waste has left my body and I'm a tad size smaller. What made me do this is because I was feeling fatigue and craving lots of sweet. I felt like something was going on that I needed to pay attention to and I did and this is how I ended up using Paragone. I would highly recommend it.

  • Still waiting...  |  (Posted on 10/19/10)

    Review by D

    Out of 5

    I've been on the product Para Gone for 4 days so far... So I can at least say it has helped with some of my food cravings all day. I have ringworm and what seems to be a spreading issue, and I refuse to take any medicines because of their side effects. I decided to try this, it was recommended by the health food store owner. I'm just hoping it really comes through for me.

    Any suggestions on ringworm/skin infections by survivors? Thanks...

  • question  |  (Posted on 8/21/10)

    Review by yorcreation

    Out of 5

    i know it says i should do first cleanse first then paragone after. but i really want to go straight to paragone. you think it would be a bad idea to take both at once? or should i skip the first cleanse which i started 3 days ago.?? thanks

  • Do not want to miss this one :)  |  (Posted on 8/15/10)

    Review by Tilla

    Out of 5

    Years ago my Mom and I came to the conclusion that we were both having symptoms of a parasite problem. I felt toxic and looked it. I was always constipated with a bloated lower tummy, bad acne problems, mucus in my stool and an occasional itchy rectum. I was alway anxious or fatigued and was dealing with major bruxism.
    So the two of us got together and did some research on all the all the books we could find for natural herbal parasitic combinations or single herbs used for the expelling of parasites. We crossed referenced are lists and made one list then drove to a few natural health food stores. The only product we found to best match our list was ParaGone. So we purchased it. The results were wonderful.
    Since then I tell all my friends and family about it. I currently work in a natural health food store and anyone coming to me looking to do a cleans or suspects they are dealing with parasites. I tell them if you want to cleans you do not miss this one. I explain to them why I feel this is a excellent product to contribute to their cleaning process.
    Thank you Renew Life for making such an excellent product.

  • Jon  |  (Posted on 8/5/10)

    Review by Looking forward to the ParaGone

    Out of 5

    For years I have always been the same weight but last year I gained over 10 pounds and was not happy with the excess tummy weight. I purchase the first cleanse and in days I felt a great relief not to mention that I had lost the weight and my stomach was flat again. It's been months and now I am looking forward to trying ParaGone. I like the fact that the products are herbal product and are safe to use.

  • A Life Saver  |  (Posted on 7/30/10)

    Review by Mark

    Out of 5

    As others have said, ParaGone is a life saver. I've picked up parasites from japanese restaurants and/or sushi bars twice now in five years, and Paragone has worked very effectively to naturally rid them from my body - not with antibiotics that kill everything else and ultimately weaken my immune system. I'm also on the liver cleanse because I believe I picked up liver flukes from eating sushi, and that product is working to rid even more parasites. With today's "exotic"/raw foods, anyone who likes to eat out alot should use your products - they work.

  • Wow!  |  (Posted on 7/13/10)

    Review by coloradorelief

    Out of 5

    I did a run of the Total Body Cleanse for two weeks. Took a week off and now on ParaGone. After day two(!) I saw results that greatly improved how I felt, as well as the results in the stool elimination. Yes, it can be disgusting to see, but so glad to see it leaving. My body is in so much better balance and I can once again eat foods that have been on my "no" list for years.

  • Great product  |  (Posted on 7/9/10)

    Review by deanne

    Out of 5

    I went on this for the full 30 days, repeating the schedule after five days as recommended. I was skeptical, but it obviously got rid of something because I felt horrible for the first three days and then started to feel great. I didn't notice worms in the toilet or anything like that, but was coughing up more plegm which means my body was removing something. I chose this rather than the Candida one because it had ingredients that would take care of the yeast as well as other stuff. My skin looks better and I have more energy.

  • I can't recommend your products enough.  |  (Posted on 5/13/10)

    Review by Denise

    Out of 5

    After years of irritable bowel syndrome, your products have helped me tremendously. I went through all kinds of hospital tests and was told nothing was wrong with me. Based on my symptoms (mainly abdominal bloating and constipation), I bought CleanseSmart on the recommendation of my local health food store. I then did ParaGone afterward, and I have not had any problems since!

  • Impressed  |  (Posted on 5/10/10)

    Review by SS

    Out of 5

    Today is my third day on your product and although I am impressed with your product, I am thoroughly disgusted with what is coming out of my body. Tonight I had a blob of mucus come out along with hundreds of tiny worms and sacs that either have eggs or larvae in them. My results were showing after the very first usage of ParaGone. I have had no side effects from your products, only a headache from caffeine withdrawal. The amazing thing was that I awoke the second morning to NO caffeine craving at all. I want people to know that your product gives the results it says it will and that is every time you have to use the restroom. My body thanks you.

  • IT Works!  |  (Posted on 5/7/10)

    Review by Mel

    Out of 5

    I literally cannot believe the difference in how I feel and look after using ParaGone - it is such a positive change. I could never communicate and make understood to my physician how I constantly felt poisoned from the inside for the past 20 years. My research lead me to many websites and ultimately to my local natural grocer's. I asked the proprietor for his advice and he shared Renew Life literature and recommended ParaGone. The way in which the products were presented without tons of gross out pictures and hype to make me panic-purchase, the way in which their mechanisms were explained thoroughly, along with common sense advice recommended has made me a customer for life. Just over a month or so later, I an 28 pounds lighter, when I eat it gives me energy and my thoughts are no longer "foggy".

  • All Clear  |  (Posted on 5/7/10)

    Review by Thomas

    Out of 5

    While using Para Gone, my ringworm cleared up. I had a very severe case and now it's gone. Thank you.

  • A life saver  |  (Posted on 4/5/10)

    Review by Toni J

    Out of 5

    As a former Peace Corps volunteer, I lived in West Africa for two years and during that time I eventually contracted parasites. Fortunately, I was in the US on vacation when I began to suffer with severe diarhea and became very ill. The medicine that I needed had to be special ordered. I did some research of my own and found out about Paragone. I tried it and it began to relieve my symptons. I never even took the other medicine. I retested when I returned to my site and it was negative. I highly recommend this product if you contract any sort of parssites. It works! Since then I have used their other products and they are the best.

  • So happy that I'm in tears  |  (Posted on 4/2/10)

    Review by Brittany S

    Out of 5

    I want you all to know your product, ParaGone, is a miracle to me and it has saved my life. I was first diagnosed with cryptosporidiam last year. An incurable parasite, and even though I do not have AIDS or HIV, I do have a low immune system and I got so sick I had to quit my job. Every doctor I went to told me that it's not curable but "treatable" and they wanted to put me on antibiotics. And I declined! I don't think they understood that if they took that good bacteria away from me, I could die or get worse! I stopped going to doctors and tried anything I could. I tried oil and vinegar, I tried tons of ginger, I tried coloidal silver etc. and I was still sick. So one day I went to a local health food store and told them my problem, that I was hopeless and would try anything. The health food store employee showed me Renew Life's ParaGone. I was sceptical and hesitant since it was so expensive and I had limited funds. Something in me told me to get it and I did! I did not believe it would get rid of this parasite but if I didn't I wouldn't be writing you right now. It has been a year of suffering for me. I am 25 and a single mother. I cannot thank you all from the bottomf of my heart enough!!! It feels so good to finally wake up pain free. I am so happy that I'm in tears. I am myself again because of ParaGone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And God bless all of you.

  • Great Product; Really Works!  |  (Posted on 3/19/10)

    Review by alexandria

    Out of 5

    I took this product after eating a bad dish in S. Korea. I have a tough Western stomach, but this country really did a number for me. I had really bad gas and issues going to the bathroom for months after being there. I took paragone and it was the only thing that gave me relief. I took it at least twice and I want to do it again although I don't think I have parasites (going to do regular cleanse). Oh, I also went to tons of doctors who could never find a cause to my intestinal issues.

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