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Organic Clear Fiber

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Organic Clear Fiber
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100% Organic, Soluble Acacia Fiber

USDA Organic

  • Convenient, clear-mixing daily fiber
  • Helps curb appetite‡†
  • Helps remove digestive toxins‡
  • 5 grams of fiber per serving 
  • Flavor free, sugar free, psyllium free

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The Total-Body Benefits of Fiber‡
A high-fiber diet provides many benefits for the whole body, including heart health, detoxification, improved regularity, and it helps promote digestive balance.‡

A balanced ratio of soluble and insoluble fiber in the diet is essential for optimal health.‡ Organic Clear Fiber is a natural source of dietary fiber that provides 5 grams of soluble fiber per serving. It helps you get closer to the 20–35 grams of daily fiber that many experts recommend.* Made with 100% organic acacia fiber, it dissolves in liquids and soft foods, and is great for cooking or baking.‡ Organic Clear Fiber is grit free, will not thicken or gel, and is free of binders, fillers, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.‡

†Helps curb appetite by helping you feel full.

*The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends a healthy diet including 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love it!!  |  (Posted on 4/10/15)

    Review by Treka

    Out of 5

    I really like that the acacia fiber does not thicken which makes it super easy to add to my daily water bottles & swallow with ease.

  • It was okay...  |  (Posted on 1/21/15)

    Review by Sherry

    Out of 5

    Would have given it 2 1/2 stars if I could. It was a middle of the road product for me. I didn't really notice much difference when using this but I seem to be a difficult case and have tried many products. There is absolutely no taste and it did not give me any bad side effects. It did clump a little bit so works best if you can put it in a smoothie or shake of some kind.

  • Outstaning  |  (Posted on 12/10/14)

    Review by Kitty

    Out of 5

    I have suffered with IBS all of my life. However during approximately the past 5 years I have suffered with conic constipation as well. From the very first day I started using Renew Life Organic Clear Fiber my constipation has disappeared and I feel fantastic, I actually feel normal again. To put it simply, it has changed my guts for the better, normal regular bowel movements thank you , thank you, thank you. Renew Life, keep up the good work !
    BTW The clumping is inconsequential, just use warm water and stir it more !!

  • I love this!   |  (Posted on 6/5/14)

    Review by Leah

    Out of 5

    This is perfect for my morning protein coffee. No taste and dissolves instantly

  • Love it  |  (Posted on 7/21/13)

    Review by Kelsey

    Out of 5

    I have acid reflux and IBS and was told by the gastro to take Metamucil. I took Metamucil and my bowls skin, nails and hair became dehydrated. It worked but it started to bother my intestines after a while. Since in prone to IBS-D my digestion was awful. I cut out so many foods but it would still occur. I even had a colonoscopy suspecting IBD- but it was clear. Dying to eat more then a bland diet I picked up Organic Clear Fiver. I use 1/3 a ts 2-3 times a day and my issue is resolved. I am able to eat dairy and gluten D free even though I still shouldn't. I can enjoy it in moderation without suffering the consequences. I am not dehydrated or deficient in Minerals like I was with Metamucil. I actually wake up with an upset stomach due to my reflux at night and drink some of the Clear Fiber in my Tea And my stomach issue resolves. I highly recommend this product. It doesn't clump, just make sure you stir well. It also isn't thick and tastes like nothing. I hope they never stop making this product!

  • Pretty Good  |  (Posted on 6/27/13)

    Review by Do

    Out of 5

    I agree that the product clumps. At first I thought it just clumped in cold drinks, but it surprises me with a lump in my coffee too. Now I mix it into my salad dressing and have no problem. Maybe it's better in wet foods? Had terrible gas where I thought my stomach would pop! but maybe that means I needed it. I'm on day five so I'll keep on keeping on.

  • BETTER THAN OTHER FIBERS  |  (Posted on 6/2/13)

    Review by Linda

    Out of 5

    I have to speak to the coffee review - I also was disappointed by clumps in my coffee, but found one morning after stirring, and having to walk away to do something, then returning a minute later to stir again, they dissolved right away. I may have been rushing it. Now, I add, stir, wait one minute, stir again, and bingo. It needs a little time to melt, I guess. Otherwise, I find this to be an excellent fiber, and certainly an improvement on the inulin I was using before. It was expensive also, but had much less benefit, so I guess this is "more bang for your buck" to me. I eat organic whole foods overall, but since I'm not a grains fan, this makes sure I get 30 grams a day no matter what. I intend to keep using it, but think I'll buy online here since my health food store is more pricey!

  • Great to use  |  (Posted on 6/30/12)

    Review by Brooks

    Out of 5

    I just started taking this product and it's seems to be working. I add it to my plain yogurt.

  • Seems to Work  |  (Posted on 4/7/12)

    Review by SoCal Mom

    Out of 5

    I did not give this a 5 star rating because contrary to what the packaging claims, this product does indeed "Clump" I used it in my morning coffee and litterally got out the small hand held battery operated frother to get rid of the clumps. It is like a science project every morning. I have tried different techniques and it still clumps up. Besides the clumping the product is very mild and has not caused any stomach discomforts. After taking the product two times on the first day, by day two I noticed a difference. I suffer from constipation and it is very painful. I am going to keep taking this and see if it helps. I tried Benefiber before and it caused alot of stomach discomforts and caused watery stools....not very pleasant. I think this product will work but I hate the clumping business. I will have to dump it into my morning smoothie next and that should do the trick to avoid the clumps. It works, just needs a little tweeking.

  • produced severe gastric distress  |  (Posted on 3/24/12)

    Review by d. in oregon

    Out of 5

    I had been using a different brand for quite a while with no problems. But I was tired of paying shipping fees. When I saw this product at a local store, I decided to try it. For the first few days, I felt like something wasn't right - gas, bowels too active. I kept using it, however, since acacia fiber had worked well for me before. I might've used a little more than the one tablespoon at first, since that's what I did with the previous brand. So I decreased it to the recommended one T. Or less. The gas pains I experienced this morning were so sharp that I thought I was having a kidney stone attack - which is saying a lot. From what I can tell, my reaction isn't typical, and a lot of people swear by this product. But beware.

  • Product has changed  |  (Posted on 1/4/12)

    Review by Grandmum

    Out of 5

    I don't know what you did to this product but it's different than the product I purchased several months ago. I loved the product in the hourglass package as it was easy to shake out (holes in new product are much larger causing too much to come out at once), it dissolved easily (this product leaves a lot of residue on the glass, spoon and clumps in the liquid). I would like my old product back as it was superb!!! Better than any I've tried. I suffer from IBS and fiber with psyllium only makes it worse so I was thrilled when I found this product at my local health food store only to find after the second purchase, it was in a new container and obviously from using it, it's a different product. It is still better than other fibers but I really wish you'd bring back the old product which was far superior.

  • awesome  |  (Posted on 10/9/11)

    Review by Holly

    Out of 5

    I have a chronic illness. so many different things going wrong, getting healthy has been running in circles. fix one thing and another falls apart. I've had trouble digesting--my whole digestive system is out of whack. Since taking your product, my stomach/intestines are no longer swollen and sore. food is out of my stomach w/in 2 hours, not the 6-8 it took before. my blood sugar has stablized. I've only been doing this a week, but WOW. I've been told to take fiber before, I've tried all kinds and had the same nasty reaction of gas, bloating, constipation ( and I drink water like a fish!), headaches to migraines that last for endless days, by the 2-3 day I look 9 months pregnant I'm so swollen and sore, and Dr's say, ok. that isn't working for you....I have severe reactions when it is not the right thing for me. this product has just calmed things down, I am looking forward to more wonderful pluses as time passes as I continue to this product, as I am finally eliminating toxins instead of recirculating them and much more... and I feel stronger already. thank you thank you thank you.

  • Amazing!  |  (Posted on 2/18/11)

    Review by Stacy

    Out of 5

    This product is amazing! I've spent all my life suffering with constipation - since childhood. Even after I changed up to a healthy, organic lifestyle. This clear fiber has completely turned that around. I have NO problems these days. As far as the claim to no thickening or gel-ing ... well, it has everytime I've used it. But not bad like a lot of other products. I have never experienced any gas or bloating with this fiber. I recommend this product to EVERYONE!

  • Excellent product!  |  (Posted on 1/4/11)

    Review by Mom of 2

    Out of 5

    I have two young children and they both have constipation issues which has caused us many problems, especially with potty training. But this product has helped to keep them regular and they don't even know they're taking it! I give it to them once daily in their juice or milk and it dissolves so well. I would recommend this product for anyone! I didn't like the idea of giving my kids "medicine" on a daily basis but it's organic and it's safe and that's why I love it!

  • Pleasantly Surprised!  |  (Posted on 6/16/10)

    Review by GC

    Out of 5

    I was skeptical of switching from Benefiber, since that product did not form grit and wasn't thick. But I wanted something natural and organic. I tried Organic Clear Fiber and although it takes a little to dissolve it is GREAT! I don't taste it and it isn't thick.

  • Thank You (3x)  |  (Posted on 5/6/10)

    Review by Andrea from VT

    Out of 5

    I just wanted to thank you for creating Organic Clear Fiber. I finally found a product I can use! Because I have Celiac along with many food sensitivities and allergies, it has been extremely difficult to maintain regular bowel function, constipation has been the most bothersome. Since trying your product, I can now get the required fiber my body needs to stay regular. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Dissolves quickly in everything!  |  (Posted on 3/23/10)

    Review by Floridian

    Out of 5

    L-O-V-E this stuff! I add one rounded teaspoon to my morning whey shake with ice and it dissolves instantly! Product recommends 3 times per day, but once a day works for me. Finally found the 9.5 oz container at a local health food store...and it was on special! Am recommending this to my friends.

  • Love this product  |  (Posted on 2/10/10)

    Review by Mary

    Out of 5

    I really enjoy your product, Organic Clear Fiber. For once I can have a fiber supplement that does not thicken up and have to choke it down. Thank you for such a great product and keep up the good work.

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