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Bowel Cleanse

ReNew Life organic cleanse supplements: ǂ

  • Total Body Cleanse made with all organic herbs and fiber to maximize detoxification ǂ
  • Organic Clear Fiber made with 100% organic acacia fiber to help soak up toxins for flushing ǂ
  • Bowel Cleanse made with organic herbs and fiber targets the colon for optimal toxin elimination ǂ

Cleansing Support—Organic Cleanses

Today, more and more of us are choosing organic foods whenever possible, and the same goes for the ingredients in an organic cleanse. An internal cleansing supplement that supports the body’s channels of elimination helps promote total body detoxification, liver health, digestive well-being, weight management, and overall energy. ǂ Regular cleansing (at least twice a year) is a healthy and beneficial aspect of the organic lifestyle.

Organic cleanses are now available with organic herbs and ingredients to help maximize the cleansing process and support those choosing an organic way of life. These cleanses contain the finest ingredients grown with care and a strict adherence to organic principles.

What Does Organic Really Mean?

Ask the average person this question and they’ll tell you organic means “natural” or grown without pesticides. While both of these answers are correct, the term organic encompasses a wide range of attributes that combine to produce an organic product:

  • Produced without the use of most conventional pesticides
  • Produced without fertilizers made from synthetic ingredients/sewage sludge
  • Produced without bioengineering
  • Produced without ionizing radiation
  • Organic animal products are produced from animals that are not given growth hormones or antibiotics, allowed access to the outdoors, and are raised entirely on organically grown feed

Organic ingredients such as the herbs and nutrients in an organic cleanse are specifically handled from farm to bottle. Care is taken at every step of the way to maintain organic standards and ensure your ingredients are truly organic in the finished product. Organic farms undergo an extensive multi-year conversion or establishment process to treat soil and ensure fertility to organic standards.

Your Organic Cleanse Options

ReNew Life offers several supplement cleanse options made with organic ingredients. One of our commitments to quality is to never include added “other” ingredients in our cleanses so you can rest assured that the ingredient panel is telling the whole story as far as what goes into your cleanse.

Choosing an organic cleanse:

  • Total Body Cleanse – this cleanse contains 20 organic herbs and botanicals and 3 types of organic fiber. All the ingredients in this cleanse are organic! The cleanse works in a three step detoxify, capture, and eliminate protocol for complete cleansing in just two weeks.
    • Detoxify with organic burdock, milk thistle, echinacea, kelp, dandelion, turmeric, garlic, and more in the first part of this cleanse that targets detoxification around the body (skin, lungs, blood, lymph, liver, kidneys, and colon). ǂ
    • Capture toxins with organic oat bran, flax seed, and acacia fibers to prepare the toxins for elimination. ǂ Fiber is the great toxin flusher and a vital part of any cleanse. It helps to soak up toxins and create healthy bulk in the colon so toxins can be included in the stool and eliminated. ǂ
    • Eliminate toxins with the final part of this organic cleanse that focuses on the colon. Organic rhubarb, fennel, slippery elm, and marshmallow help gently stimulate the wave-like motion that moves waste out of the colon and lubricate the colon walls for complete and healthy bowel movements. ǂ
  • Organic Clear Fiber – the first question is can fiber be categorized as a cleanse? Yes! Especially when it is amazing acacia fiber. In addition to slowing the release of glucose in the body (reducing hunger and carb cravings) and lowering your cholesterol, acacia fiber is the great cleaner-upper. ǂ As a soluble fiber it dissolves clear and tasteless in water/liquids/food and acts like the soft side of a kitchen sponge in the colon. Acacia fiber soaks up toxins and adds them to stool so they can be flushed out. ǂ It cleanses the digestive tract naturally, targeting one of the main areas in the body that is prone to toxin build-up and retention. ReNew Life Organic Clear Fiber is made with 100% organic acacia fiber and only acacia fiber.
  • Bowel Cleanse – this cleanse is made with organic herbs and a select mineral, magnesium hydroxide, to help get bowel movements back on track and balance intestinal health. ǂ The organic herbs and fiber in this cleanse help soothe intestinal discomfort, lubricate the intestinal walls for easier movement, and draw out toxins so they can be properly eliminated. ǂ The magnesium in this bowel cleanse encourages the colon to draw water into the stool, softening and hydrating bowel movements. This is formulated as a one-month cleanse and is deal for irritable bowel issues, sluggish bowel movements, and digestive upset. ǂ

Do I need to cleanse if I’m eating organic?
This is a good question and it brings up the topic of toxins. Toxins from our food supply only make up a part of the total toxin load our bodies take in. Even if you’re eating all organic foods, you are probably taking in toxins:

  • Through the skin in the form of cosmetics and household products
  • Through the liver if you ever consume caffeine, alcohol, and over the counter medications
  • Through our water supply if you prepare food with unfiltered water
  • Through the air in the form of the many pollutants and chemicals present in our own homes.

Cleansing at least twice annually with a natural supplement helps to support the body’s inherent detoxification channels as they neutralize toxins and flush them out of the body. The result is a big boost to your health and energy levels!