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Liver Detox

Liver Detox for optimum liver cleanse support: ǂ

  • 2-part morning and evening detox formula
  • 17 potent cleansing herbs, amino acids,
    and nutrients ǂ
  • Supports, stimulates, and helps protect natural liver function ǂ
  • All-natural, All-active formula—NO added inactive ingredients

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Natural Liver Detox │Detoxification Program

The liver is the body’s primary cleansing and detox organ, yet liver detox is typically not high on our health maintenance list. Most of us aren’t even aware that our liver could benefit from detoxification support or what types of nutrients to use for this type of cleansing.

The liver filters 100 gallons of blood every day. This large organ can become “constipated” with all the toxins it processes. A natural liver detox cleanse helps support, assist, stimulate, and protect the liver’s important detoxification functions. ǂ This is the type of cleanse you will notice in other parts of the body as well because the liver directly supports digestive and skin health and a healthy metabolism.

Your Detox Hub

Among the 500 functions your liver performs, six of these are considered primary functions that are vital to life and health. The liver:

  1. Filters all food, drugs, alcohol, and materials in the blood
  2. Regulates blood sugar
  3. Detoxifies all internally produced toxins (endotoxins) and environmental toxins (exotoxins)
  4. Manufactures bile, which is essential to fat digestion and toxin flushing
  5. Makes hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, and cholesterol
  6. Houses immune cells (kuppfer cells) that alert the body to the presence of pathogens and toxins

The liver is your hub of detoxification and cleansing, especially in our modern world filled with increasing toxic challenges. We are now exposed to more toxins from our food, water, and air supply than ever before. This means our livers work harder, processing more toxins, and in turn require the extra care a liver cleanse and healthy lifestyle can offer.

How does the liver detoxify the body?
About two quarts of blood pass through the liver every minute for detoxification. Our 4 lb filter, the liver, processes up to 99% of toxins such as coffee, alcohol, nicotine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and food additives before they can enter general circulation. This happens when the liver is functioning well.

A properly functioning liver performs its liver detox functions in two phases:

  • Phase 1: the liver activates a series of enzymes that metabolize toxic substances absorbed via the digestive tract. This phase of detoxification can be limited by a build-up of toxins in the liver, and more toxins can be stored up in the liver than processed, further impairing the detox process.
  • Phase 2: the metabolized toxins (intermediaries) have to be further processed with mineral compounds and amino acids to neutralize them and make them water soluble so they can be eliminated from the body via the colon and kidneys. A delay in this phase due to an overloaded liver also contributes to toxin build-up in the body, the liver, and in fat cells. The result is a liver under duress, weight gain (especially around the belly), water retention, joint and skin issues, and overall poor health.

Natural Liver Detox Nutrients

Certain natural botanicals, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins have been used over the centuries for their inherent liver stimulating and detox properties. These compounds support both phases of liver detoxification as well as a healthy liver so your primary detox organ can do its job efficiently and thoroughly.

A liver detox cleanse is recommended over a month period as needed or annually to help maintain the liver’s important functions. ǂ This natural formula does not interfere with your everyday lifestyle, but is best completed in conjunction with a detoxification diet high in raw fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and free of processed foods, trans fats, chemical additives, and drugs.

Select detox nutrients in your liver cleanse include:

  • Milk thistle, which is high in the powerful cleansing antioxidant, silymarin. Silymarin helps to protect healthy liver cells from free radicals that damage liver cell function. ǂ
  • L-methionine, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, three powerful amino acid pre-antioxidant stimulators. This triple-threat stimulates the liver to produce glutathione, an antioxidant that health care professionals consider among the most important in the body for its potent detox, immune, and longevity supporting properties.
  • Dandelion root, a botanical that stimulates the production of bile, the liver’s primary vehicle for carrying toxins to the colon for elimination.
  • Selenium and Turmeric (Curcumin), which support toxin breakdown in the liver and provide potent liver antioxidant support. ǂ
  • Green tea leaf, which is high polyphenols, antioxidant compounds that have been widely studied for the detoxification benefits. ǂ
  • Ayurvedic herbs, long used in the ancient Indian healing traditions. These liver supporting herbs include Boerhavia Diffusa, Eclipta Alba, Terminalia Belerica, Tinospora Cordifolia, and Picrorhiza Kurroa—all gathered from natural plant sources.

Liver detox foods contain compounds that help naturally cleanse the liver. These foods support your liver cleanse and include:

  • Avocadoes, which promote glutathione production
  • Apples, high in cleansing pectin
  • Beets, high in antioxidant flavonoids
  • Garlic for liver toxin flush support
  • Grapefruit, high in vitamin C that supports liver enzymes
  • Arugula, spinach, and mustard greens, which are high in purifying chlorophyll
  • Cold-pressed olive, flax, and coconut oils that help draw out toxins
  • Brown rice, which supports a healthy metabolism for cleansing