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Liver Detox

Natural Liver Cleanse: ǂ

  • Includes gentle, deep-cleansing morning and evening formulas ǂ
  • Stimulates, protects, and supports natural liver detoxification ǂ
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Support Liver Function—Natural Liver Cleanse

Have your or someone you know ever tried a natural liver cleanse to help support your liver’s important detoxification functions? Maybe you weren’t aware that you can cleanse your body’s #1 cleansing organ. Cleansing the liver with time-tested antioxidant herbs and natural amino acids benefits the liver and the whole body because the liver filters every drop of blood that feeds every cell. When your filter is clean, your body is better cleansed and given the extra vitality boost it might need.

How Toxic Am I?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a judgment call. Many of us carry far more toxins in our cells (especially our liver and fat cells) than we think. We live in a world that encourages toxicity. There are over 100,000 chemicals in use today with more being invented by the minute. We live in plastic environments, breathe polluted air, eat foods with dubious backgrounds, spray ourselves and our homes with toxic chemicals…the list goes on and on.

In short, toxins are unavoidable. We can take steps to minimize our toxin exposure, but an absence of toxins is virtually impossible.

Luckily, we have the liver! Your liver performs over 500 functions and filters 100 gallons of blood every day. Every toxin you ingest is filtered through the liver where it is neutralized and prepared for elimination via the bile (colon) or the urine (kidneys/bladder). We would get bogged down and fatally toxic very quickly without the liver.

The Dirty, Modern Liver
Unfortunately, this is no longer our great-grandparent’s world. All the extra toxins modern life provides are doing a number on our livers, which can become congested with extra toxins. This is where a natural liver cleanse comes in. Like maintaining the oil filter in your car, a liver cleanse helps to maintain your hardest working detox organ so it can do its job effectively.

Signs you’ve got a sluggish, toxin-laden liver:

  • Joint and muscle pains due to inflammation and extra toxins circulating in the body
  • Skin challenges such as acne, facial redness, and excess sweating (the body’s effort to rid itself of extra toxins)
  • Weight gain, especially around the middle and thighs (one of toxins’ favorite hiding places is your body’s fat cells)
  • Chronic fatigue and depression (the liver is responsible for hormonal manufacture, too)
  • Digestive problems and constipation (your liver produces bile, a primary digestive aid)

When a toxin-congested liver starts affecting your health, you really feel it. You may not attribute the complaints to your liver, but odds are high that your toxin load is too. The time has come for some detoxing steps. It’s time to show your liver some love.

Your Very Own Natural Liver Cleanse Protocol

A natural liver cleanse starts with a drastic reduction in toxins. This means cutting out the obvious ones like alcohol and OTC medications (if possible). It means choosing organic foods whenever you can, drinking and preparing food with only high quality filtered water, eliminating as many toxic household products, cosmetics, and hygiene products as possible. In other words, if it contains unpronounceable ingredients, it’s most probably toxic.

The next phase in cleansing the liver involves certain herbs, amino acids, and botanicals that actually support the liver’s detoxification phases while also helping to cleanse out your toxin cleanser. A natural liver cleanse that contains a select variety of these nutrients in carefully determined amounts will help restore the liver to optimum function. The nutrients are taken internally in capsule form over a month period for thorough cleansing results.

Some of the liver-cleansing nutrients in ReNew Life’s Liver Detox include:

  • Amino acids L-methionine, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and Alpha Lipoic Acid which all stimulate the liver to produce more glutathione. ǂ Glutathione is one of the body’s most potent natural detoxifiers and is also vital for immune health.
  • Antioxidant powerhouse Milk Thistle, which contains silymarin. Silymarin targets liver cells by helping to protect them against free radical damage from toxins. ǂ More healthy liver cells makes for a healthier, more efficient liver.
  • Bile-boosting Dandelion Root, which assists the removal of toxins from the liver. ǂ Bile is vital for timely and regular toxin removal and as a digestive support aid, particularly aiding the digestion of fats.
  • Ayurvedic herbs used for centuries in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition. These herbal extracts help purify the liver and promote optimal detoxification. ǂ
  • Powerful polyphenol rich Green Tea Leaf which contains one of the highest antioxidant concentrations available.

An antioxidant can be compared to a toxin antidote in the liver and throughout the body. Toxins generate free radicals, which scavenge healthy cells for the parts they need, leaving damaged cells in their wake and setting off a chain reaction that can lead to disease. Antioxidants help stop this chain reaction with the compounds they contain, promoting healthy cells and minimizing free radical damage. ǂ
Feed your liver – antioxidant-rich salad recipe

  • Chopped arugula and spinach (both high in purifying chlorophyll)
  • Sliced, cooked beets (great source of antioxidant flavonoids)
  • Grated carrot, pumpkin seeds, and chopped tomato
  • Kalamata olives (high in oils that help draw out toxins)
  • Garnish with a dressing made of mashed avocado (rich in glutathione), vitamin C powder (one of the best antioxidants out there), apple cider vinegar, and minced garlic (supports liver toxin flush)