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FitSmart Bars

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FitSmart Bars
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Delicious, High-Fiber Snack Bar Helps Manage Hunger

  • 10g Fiber & 10g Protein per Bar
  • Promotes Healthy Weight Management
  • 3 Great Flavors – No Soy, Gluten or GMOs

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Great-tasting, Nutritionally Balanced Snack Bar Supports Healthy Blood Sugar & Weight Loss‡

  • 10 grams of fiber 
  • 10 grams of protein 
  • Natural ingredients 
  • No added refined sugars 
  • No soy, gluten or GMOs 
  • No trans fats 
  • Certified kosher
  • 12 per box

Each Fiber35 Diet® FitSmart® Bar is a convenient, all-natural and nutritionally balanced snack bar containing 10 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein. Beneficial whey protein and natural acacia fiber work together to keep you feeling satisfied between meals.

Each FitSmart® Bar is made with nutrient-rich fruits, nuts, seeds, whey protein and acacia fiber , contains no added sugars or trans fats. It comes in 3 delicious flavors: Chocolate Chunk, Cranberry Apple and Lemon Poppy.

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Customer Reviews

  • Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee bring these Fitsmart Bars back!!!!!   |  (Posted on 9/25/14)

    Review by Horseherder

    They helped curb my appetite, provided great source of fiber and helped me lose 35lbs. And they helped keep the pounds off for over two years.

  • chocolate brownie fit smart bar  |  (Posted on 8/11/14)

    Review by anne

    Please bring them back they kept me full and happy.. my granddad loved them and is still asking for them too... they taste so so good... we miss them and they were a healthy snack.

  • Please Come Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  |  (Posted on 8/11/14)

    Review by Libbey

    I wish you would bring this back. I am a diabetic and they are great for a low GI snack OR a quick on the run breakfast.

  • chocolate fiberfit bars  |  (Posted on 3/18/14)

    Review by lee

    Oh I really hope you bring these back they are such a great snack when you need a good treat please please bring them back I really loved them taste really close to a brownie that was good for you. I pray you bring them back - lemon, chocolate and apple - love them all.

  • Enjoyed for years  |  (Posted on 2/17/14)

    Review by WB

    Ever since my wife found these over four years ago, I used to help maintain my weight and carb cravings. I looked for anything equivalent but either many bars have mostly protein or mostly fiber with too much sugar or worse, alcohol sugars, I have not found a brand with something equivalent with very basic natural ingredients. I am very, very sad these are out of stock. I would purchase year's supply if available.
    Very sad indeed!

  • Fiber Fit Bars Chocolate Chunk  |  (Posted on 1/31/14)

    Review by lee

    I have loved eating this great snack for over 3 yrs or more now and I am so sad they are not being made - I have had reflux and they so stuck by me in times when I could not eat allot I am so hoping you bring them back - they are so good tasting and good for you. Thank you

  • I am ordering my second box of lemon poppy  |  (Posted on 11/27/12)

    Review by Renee

    Great for a snack between meals while at work.

  • JUST AWFUL!  |  (Posted on 3/17/12)

    Review by Irene

    I've tried Cranberry Apple. They taste just awful. Hard and sticky. First I even could not help thinking that maybe they were past their expiration date but no: they are still supposed to be fresh. I wanted to use them outdoors but it will be impossible since you need immediately brush your teeth after eating them.

  • Filling bars  |  (Posted on 1/31/12)

    Review by SJ

    I like the lemon poppy bars. They really fill you up. When you look at the ingredients on the back of the label, it is all natural. You can actually pronounce what you are eating. I think they taste good but they are not going to taste like a fun snacky treat. They taste wholesome and real. Don't expect a dessert taste.

  • my husband, and love them  |  (Posted on 10/27/11)

    Review by Granny

    My husband, and I love them. We are going to order more. It really did cut our appetite.

  • chocolaty  |  (Posted on 9/6/11)

    Review by healthy nut

    The chocolate chunk is terrible if you really want chocolate. If it was named raisin, dates, or anything of that type, it would be right on target because it has no chocolate flavor at all. I spit every bite out too. If i'd known it was raisin flavored, I wouldn't have got it. I only got it because I thought it was supposed to be chocolate. YUK

  • To Each His Own I Guess  |  (Posted on 7/15/11)

    Review by Alex

    I think the chocolate is the best flavor, highly recommend it! It's like a chocolate walnut brownie. You can really taste the walnuts in all of these.

  • Chocolate flavor is horrible!!!  |  (Posted on 2/20/11)

    Review by kris10k4

    Awful consistency and flavor. I was given one for free and I Still had to spit out my very first bite, and throw it away! An audible "BLEH! Disgusting!" was heard by coworkers, but it couldn't be helped lol

  • EXCELLENT  |  (Posted on 1/29/11)

    Review by Dorie

    Wow I just tried the Lemon bars. I am very impressed with the flavor and moistness. I will definitely be purchasing these again.

  • Love these Bars  |  (Posted on 3/27/10)

    Review by LouLou

    I really love the dense consistency of these delicious healthy bars

  • fiber bars  |  (Posted on 3/19/10)

    Review by silver

    i always have one in my car for those times when i need a pick me up.

    they are filling and taste good to - i love the nutty flavor in the cranberry apple. 1/4 is enough to satisfy me and i try to stop at that so they last longer.

  • Can't Get Enough  |  (Posted on 3/18/10)

    Review by BDiddy

    I'm a fan of all the ReNew Life organic fiber bars, which are the best on the market, but these bars have the protein I need. I go through boxes of these bars, seriously - they help balance my hunger cravings in the morning and afternoon. At supper, I'm good with a reasonable dinner. Perfect product (although, I'd recommend you stick with the Apple or Lemon - the Chocolate flavored bars are not my cup of tea).

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