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Liver Detox Cleansing

A properly functioning liver is vital to health.

Liver detox formulas are designed to support liver detoxification mechanisms, while reducing the amount of detoxification stress. Due to the thousands of chemicals people encounter each day, the cleanse is recommended for everyone.

Simple 2-part Liver Detox Program

A complete liver detox program will support phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways of the liver, which are overworked when liver toxicity is present. This support is best achieved with antioxidants and herbs. The two-part liver detox program should be followed for 30 days.‡

Morning Formula

Part I contains Western herbs, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants used traditionally to support the liver’s natural detoxification functions.‡

  •   NAC (N-aceytl-cysteine)
  •   Alpha lipoic acid
  •   Vitamin C and E
  •   Taurine, methionine, choline
  •   Milk thistle, dandelion
  •   Green tea and tumeric‡

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Evening Formula

Part 2 contains a blend of Eastern herbs used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine to increase bile flow and aid in liver detoxification.‡

  •   Belleric myrobalan fruit
  •   Boerhavia diffusa root/ herb
  •   Eclipta alba root and herb
  •   Tinospora conrdifolia stem
  •   Andrographis paniculata leaf
  •   Picrohiza hurroa root

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Liver Detox 2-part Cleansing Program

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