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Look For Variety When Researching Probiotic Products

Acidophilus, Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria

Perhaps the most important fact you need to know when you’re researching probiotic products is that you need a mix of various types. When it comes to populating the digestive tract, variety is the spice of improved life. Although some people mistakenly assume that “acidophilus” (a strain of Lactobacilli, the most prevalent healthy bacteria in the small intestine) is the only kind the body needs, the truth is that optimal health is a team effort requiring an assortment of probiotic bacteria. Over 500 species of bacteria live inside us. The benefits and actions of many of them are only now being investigated for the first time.

Good Bacteria, Protective Benefits

Probiotics’ protective benefits depend on diversity. For example, one way in which probiotics prevent infection is to deprive harmful bacteria of places to live in the digestive tract. Probiotic bacteria occupy spaces on the intestinal walls that might otherwise provide homes for nasty yeast and other pathogens. Consequently, when researchers look at how probiotic products keep you well, they find that combinations of Bifidobacteria as well as Lactobacilli protectively blanket the digestive system most effectively. In this research, continually taking probiotic products was shown to keep infections at bay. Otherwise, when the supplements were stopped, the chances of infection were shown to increase.

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