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Aging and Probiotic Vitamins

Senior Intestinal Health

Recent studies have indicated that as we age, concentrated doses of probiotic vitamins are often necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system. Bifidobacteria in particular are crucial with regard to keeping our immune system in proper working order. Aging also makes the body more vulnerable to disease, digestive disorders, and parasitic illnesses. Scientists in Britain measured the amounts of probiotic bacteria in people of varying ages and found that “…the absence of Bifidobacteria, or their low numbers in the elderly, may have metabolic and health consequences … because they play an important role in the body affecting immune system reactivity.”

A study conducted by the University of Dundee and South Bank University in London found that living a healthy lifestyle and taking probiotic supplements can boost your supply of Bifidobacteria. When measuring decreasing amounts of beneficial bacteria in aging adults, scientists discovered that most seniors had very low levels of these good bacteria. In the future, people concerned with protecting their health as they age and lowering their risk of disease will be taking senior probiotic vitamins.

According to probiotic researcher and University of Western Ontario professor Gregor Reid, PhD, “You have ten times more bacterial than human cells, and half our excrement is bacteria … I feel that everyone should be taking some probiotics. Once you get into specific reasons such as to prevent diabetes, or help with obesity or prevent vaginal infections or cardiovascular disease, in the future you will find specific probiotic vitamins targeted for such purposes.”

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