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Why We Need Enzymes

Essential Role in Healthy Digestion

Enzymes are protein-based substances that play an essential role in every function in the human body, including eating, digestion, breathing, kidney and liver function, reproduction and elimination. In the digestive tract enzymes break down foods by breaking apart the bonds that hold nutrients together—nutrients that the body will eventually use for energy.

Several locations in the digestive system secrete enzymes: the mouth, stomach, pancreas and cells of the small intestine. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the most basic foods that the body breaks down and absorbs, and the enzymes protease, lipase and amylase, respectively, are made by the body for this purpose. A healthy diet, exercise and proper detoxification will help promote healthy enzyme production in the body.

In addition to the enzymes and secretions made by the body, raw, unprocessed foods also contain enzymes that assist with digestion. However, due to modern food production methods, many foods are depleted of their natural enzymes through cooking and processing.

As a result, many experts encourage the consumption of fresh, whole and unprocessed foods to offset the common effects of the modern diet on digestion.

Cellulase & Phytase

Additionally, there are several enzymes that the human body lacks, such as cellulase, (the enzyme that breaks down cellulose), and phytase, the enzyme that breaks down the phytates and phytic acid we consume in our diet. Because of this deficiency, many people have difficulty breaking down certain foods such as starchy beans, legumes and nuts. Without the essential enzymes needed for proper digestion, the body may not completely break down those foods to absorb their nutrients. As a result, undigested food in the digestive tract can ferment, causing gas, bloating and other digestive difficulties.

Powerful Digestive Enyzme Supplements from ReNew Life Formulas

To support healthy digestion, ReNew Life offers eight enzyme blends that combine plant-based enzymes that are active within a broad range of environments, from a pH of 2-9. Several ReNew Life enzyme products incorporate additional ingredients, such as amino acids and herbs, to support optimal digestive health.

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