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Are Enzyme Supplements Best for Stomach Problems?

Does it seem like every time you eat you experience heartburn, gas and bloating, cramping and other symptoms of poor digestion? You’re not alone. Nowadays the typical American diet is loaded with heavily processed, sugary and high-fat meals that lack the beneficial enzymes needed to effectively break down the foods we eat. Not only that, but even when we cook fresh foods such as vegetables, the cooking process can destroy their natural enzymes, leaving our stomachs in a state of constant discomfort. The good news, however, is that taking a daily digestive enzyme supplement can help prevent those post-meal stomach problems.

The Truth about Antacids

When poor digestion strikes the first thing a lot of people do is reach for an antacid. But, while many such over-the-counter remedies often provide quick relief, they don’t address the underlying problem. The result is that the next time you eat, the symptoms come back and the cycle of poor digestion continues. In addition, antacids affect pH levels in the gut, which can upset the balance of beneficial bacteria that reside there. Those bacteria play a significant role in healthy digestive function as well as immune health, vitamin production and more.

Enzymes: The Best Solution

The best way to prevent stomach problems after eating is to stick to a healthy, high-fiber diet that includes plenty of fresh, raw foods. Of course, the hectic pace of modern living hardly ever leaves time to prepare healthy meals and snacks, which is why most experts recommend taking a daily digestive enzyme supplement with every meal. Unlike those quick-fix over-the-counter drugs, digestive enzymes are natural, safe and highly effective. What’s more, instead of masking the symptoms of poor digestion, they help provide a solid foundation of digestive health, which in turn helps to support your overall well being.

When choosing an enzyme supplement, be sure to look for a plant-based enzyme formula. Plant-derived enzymes are effective over a broader pH range in the body and can help break down a wider variety of foods, including proteins, fats, dairy foods, carbohydrates and sugars. People with particularly sensitive stomachs may benefit from a supplement with added herbal ingredients and amino acids shown to help soothe and nourish the digestive tract. There are also targeted formulas available to address issues such as excess gas or lactose intolerance.

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