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What You Need to Know About Herbal Cleansing Formulas

Detoxification Involves All Organ Systems

Detoxification and regular internal cleansing are essential to your overall health and there is much more to body cleansing and detoxification than simply "colon cleansing". Purging harmful toxins and waste from your entire body can be much more important. Detoxification must be seen as a comprehensive process that involves cleansing all the organ systems - otherwise known as the body's 'channels of elimination'.

The five primary channels of elimination are the colon (or bowel), liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. And total-body cleansing can be effective by addressing each one.In addition to the five primary channels of elimination, there are other critical channels of elimination. These must be supported for complete cleansing to occur. The main examples are the lymph (lymphatic system) and blood (vascular system). When toxins overburden the liver, that toxic load travels via lymph and blood circulation to the other organs of elimination.

Colon Cleansing is the First Step

This is why all high quality comprehensive cleansing programs begin with a general cleanse of about two to four weeks. This master cleanse is designed to support all of these organs simultaneously.

Colon cleansing is usually the first step in the detoxification process. Many people consider it normal to eliminate only once during the day, but most experts believe that is not enough to remove all the waste in the colon, which can often include a heavy load of toxins.

There are several approaches to facilitate detoxification and cleansing. One of the most effective is herbal cleansing. It is important to keep the cleansing process as simple as possible because most of us today lead busy, stressful lives. The simplest and most effective herbal cleansing formulas usually include the following ingredients:

  • Antioxidants such as Milk Thistle, which helps strengthen liver cells and bile secretion
  • Laxatives like Dandelion which also stimulates bile secretion
  • Expectorants such as Mullein which helps expel mucus from the lungs
  • Diuretics like Corn silk that helps to flush the kidneys
  • Blood purifiers such as Red clover which is also a blood purifier

In addition, the best formulas are likely to include:

  • Artichoke leaf used to protect liver cells and stimulate bile secretion
  • Burdock which helps purge toxins that cause skin conditions
  • Beet which helps reduce damaging fats in the liver and Larch gum which supports the lymphatic system

Often, other herbs are included, such as ashwagandha and hawthorne berry, which support the adrenal glands and heart respectively. Magnesium hydroxide helps to hydrate the bowel and triphala, rhubarb and aloe help stimulate peristalsis. Any herbal cleansing program should also have fiber as a cornerstone because it absorbs and removes toxins by way of elimination.

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