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The Skinny on Fiber and Weight Loss

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words dietary fiber? If you’re like most people, you think fiber is good for one thing and one thing only—helping to “get things moving”. But before you dismiss this nifty little natural substance as nothing more than bowel mover, there’s something you should know.

Not only is fiber important for digestive health, but research shows that foods high in fiber play a significant role in weight loss and maintaining healthy weight. And for the millions of Americans who struggle daily to lose weight, fiber may just be the key to finally getting rid of those extra pounds and keeping them off for good.

4 Remarkable Ways Fiber Helps You Lose Weight

Keeps You Satisfied. Fiber-rich foods pack a high volume of content into a low-calorie package, allowing dieters to eat more food but consume fewer calories. And because they add bulk to the diet, they help you feel full longer after eating.

Controls Blood Sugar. Want to reduce those ups and downs in blood sugar that can lead to fatigue, low energy and cravings? High-fiber foods and supplements help regulate blood sugar because they’re metabolized more slowly during digestion, so your energy stays on an even keel.

Manages Hunger. Foods high in fiber stimulate a powerful anti-hunger hormone in the body called cholecystokinin (CCK), which sends a message to the brain that the stomach is full and it is time to stop eating. How’s that for a powerful weight loss ally?

Eliminates Unused Calories. People who eat a high-fiber diet actually excrete more calories in their daily bowel movements. That’s because fiber helps to “flush” unused calories from the body by blocking their absorption and eliminating them via the stool. According to experts, it’s possible to flush away up to 7 calories for every gram of fiber you eat!

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