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Buddy Bear Probiotic



Keep your child’s tummy in tip-top spirits every day with Buddy Bear™ Probiotic. This  daily chewable probiotic is made with 4 scientifically studied Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains to promote digestive balance and support immune health so your child feels better.* Each Kids bear-shaped, chewable Buddy Bear™ tablet is bursting with delicious Sun-Kissed Orange taste, and contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

Everyday Probiotic for Kids Age 2 and Older

  • 1 billion live cultures per tablet
  • 4 scientifically studied probiotic strains
  • Promotes digestive balance*
  • Supports kids’ immune health*
  • Delicious, Sun-Kissed Orange Buddy Bear chewable tablet
  • Dairy and gluten free
  • Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

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Buddy Bear™ Probiotic is formulated with 4 scientifically studied strains of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli per tablet.* When taken regularly, it helps promote digestive balance and support immune health to help kids feel healthier and happier.* Kids will enjoy the delicious Sun-Kissed Orange taste of our Buddy Bear™ chewable tablets, and you’ll enjoy that they’re free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, as well as dairy and gluten free.

Why Choose Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotics?
Supporting good balance among all the diverse microbes in the digestive tract is key to your child’s well-being. But the environment, poor diet, and specific medications can put their gut in a rut. Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotics are made with multiple, scientifically studied strains to support digestive balance and harmony.* Our kid-friendly formulas work hard to provide the good-for-you bacteria that occur in a naturally healthy gut to support digestive and immune health and help kids feel healthier and happier–whether at school or at play.*

Supplemental Facts

not tasty enough

I believe this is a great product except I had difficulty getting it to a child because of the taste. It does not seem that was a problem for other reviewers, so perhaps it was just the the child's taste buds?

Reviewed by Judy on 8/26/15


My son has been taking this since he was really young and it still helps him! Thank you RENEWLIFE!http://renewlife.coventuremedia.netdna-cdn.com/skin/frontend/enterprise/renewlife/images/btn-submit-review.gif

Reviewed by Brie on 8/5/15

Highly recommend

My 3 year old son started having diarrhea after a farm visit. It went on for nearly a week. He doesn't like yogurt so I had no way of getting probiotics into his digestive system. He was going to the bathroom non-stop and complaining of stomach pain, but within a day or two of taking this probiotic he stopped going to the bathroom constantly and his stomach pain was gone. After about three to four days he was pooping completely normal again. Great product, works wonders, easy to chew.. He ASKS for it. Even his picky eater friends like it. Highly recommend for a children's probiotic.

Reviewed by Marina on 4/21/15


I have been giving this to my 3 little ones for 6 weeks. All are having regular bowel movements daily now, and my oldest is no longer having reflux issues

Reviewed by Christin on 4/6/15

where is the guarantee?

Unlike the Ultimate flora line, Buddy Bear does not come with a probiotic guarantee. looks like candy to me. DO your research! Look at the "other ingredients". Any substance you do not recognize simply google "MSDS" and then the CHEMICAL name listed in the "other ingredients"

Reviewed by tiecha on 11/25/14

My Kids LOVE THIS!!!

The Buddy Bear Probiotics are a hit in my household. My kids LOVE IT!!! At times I forget at the end of the night to give it but my kids are quick to remind to me that they need their bear (how they referred it as). My 4 year old has pancreatic insufficiency and is lactose intolerant so he has had stomach issues from the get go. My wife and I, as well as his doctors, have noticed an improvement in him since we have started him and Buddy Bear Probiotics along with Buddy Bear Digest. This is a wonderful product!!! Thank you Buddy Bear!

Reviewed by Jason on 6/9/14

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