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Buddy Bear Gentle Lax

Buddy Bear™ Gentle Lax is a delicious, chewable colon support formula for kids that promotes healthy elimination and helps restore regularity so your child feels better.* Made with magnesium, prune and fig, rhubarb root, peach leaf, and other healthy ingredients, each tablet is filled with delicious chocolate cream flavor, but no artificial  ingredients.*

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Gentle Colon Support for Kids*

  • Herbal and mineral formula
  • Promotes healthy elimination*
  • Helps relieve occasional constipation*
  • Chewable Buddy Bear tablet
  • Delicious Chocolate Cream flavor
  • Gluten free, with no artificial ingredients
  • Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

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Help restore regularity in your little one with Buddy Bear™ Gentle Lax.* The herbal and mineral colon support formula is made with magnesium, prune and fig, rhubarb root, peach leaf, and other healthy ingredients to promote healthy elimination and help relieve occasional constipation.* Your child will love our Buddy Bear™ shaped tablets filled with delicious, chocolate cream flavor, but no artificial ingredients. Buddy Bear™ Gentle Lax is a gluten free formula, and guaranteed for quality, purity, and potency through expiration.*

Why Choose Renew Life Kids Digestive Support Formulas?
Renew Life’s digestive support formulas for kids help keep your child’s tummy in tip-top spirits.* Made from ingredients derived from nature, and nothing artificial, our kid-friendly formulas are gentle and safe with the great taste that their discerning palette’s enjoy. They help your child feel healthier and happier whether at school or at play.*

Supplemental Facts

great natural product

I love this product,after dealing with bm issues and lots of miralax which did not like giving to my daughter...I've finally found an natural product that works for her with ease...thank you buddy bear

Reviewed by Michele on 9/4/15

Love these

My daughter had to be put on more iron which made her constipated nd she wouldn't go for days nd then when she did was in pain. I wanted to give her a healthy product nd these happened to be on sale at my local heath food store so I decided to try them nd I'm so glad I did cuz they have worked miracles for her nd I love that they r healthy for her! Hardly any ingredients nd the ingredients that r in them r healthy nd clean. I highly recommend these nd I will continue to buy them!

Reviewed by marisa on 12/28/14

Great product!

My 2 yr old has been suffering from extreme constipation aggravated by fear of painful bowel movements. She won't go at all for days if I don't give her something. Of course doctors said give her mirilax. I did off an on but didn't feel right giving that to her. I took mirilax and I had shortness of breath and weakness. I looked it up and that is a side effect of Mirilax. I said right then I will never give her that stuff again! This has been a great product because it gets her moving and she loves the taste so she will actually take it.
I only wish it didn't have rhubarb in it, because I read that it is considered a stimulant laxative and I don't know if it's okay to give it to her everyday, long-term.

Reviewed by Beth on 7/11/14

Free Shipping On Orders Over $49. Plus, Free Gift With Orders Over $75!