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Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion

Seeking an Immunity Boost Probiotic?
What to Look For:

  • A Lactobacillus-Bifidobacteria probiotic that mimics your body’s natural balance
  • High overall potency at 50 billion probiotic cells per capsule
  • Delayed release capsules that reaches the intestines
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Immunity Boost—For After Antibiotics

Giving your body an immunity boost after a course of antibiotics helps restore balance to the digestive tract, an important center of immunity in the body. Although the immune system is mysterious to most of us, it is actually a well-coordinated network of cells in the digestive tract, lymph system, bone marrow, thymus, blood vessels, and spleen that defends the body against potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. A healthy immune system is balanced and prepared for those situations that require an immune response.

Various factors can impact your healthy immune system:

  • Inadequate intake of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  • Certain medical conditions that chronically depress immunity.
  • Stress, including mental and emotional strain that can weaken immune defenses.
  • A course of antibiotics, which unselectively eradicates all bacteria from the gut.

Antibiotics and Your Immunity

Antibiotics are sometimes necessary to treat bacterial infections, though it is important to give yourself an immunity boost during and after treatment with antibiotics. The antibiotic’s job is to remove all living bacteria, including the beneficial bacteria that live naturally in the gut and support your immune system. These beneficial bacteria are part of the biggest central immune center in your body: the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT), which is found all along the digestive tract.

  • Did You Know? Over 70% of immune cells are found along your digestive tract!

The digestive tract is your main channel of defense against foreign invaders and potentially harmful bacteria. So much of what we are exposed to is taken in through the mouth and makes its way along the digestive tract to the end where it is excreted. A healthy digestive tract is a strong defender while an imbalanced digestive tract can leave the body vulnerable.

Probiotics as a Natural Immunity Boost

Probiotics (Pro=For, Bio=Life) are live beneficial bacteria that help replenish your natural beneficial bacteria stores in the intestines. Think of them as the reinforcements that come in to fortify your natural defenses.

Because antibiotics (Anti=Against, Bio=Life) eradicate all bacteria, including beneficial probiotics, it’s especially important to “restock” the digestive tract during a course of antibiotics and for several months afterward with high doses of probiotics. Not only do probiotics promote immune health, they also help support the body against digestive issues such as occasional antibiotic-associated diarrhea.‡

Sources of natural probiotics:

  • Cultured and fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchee.
  • High potency probiotic supplements that provide an immunity boost in capsule form.
  • Prebiotic foods such as onions, garlic, flax, and whole grains that “feed” beneficial probiotics in the gut.

Tipping the digestive balance in favor of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to help offset the growth of harmful microorganisms is one of the best ways to ensure your body gets a healthy immunity boost after antibiotics. Probiotics can be safely taken every day, and many people make them a permanent part of their supplement routine, especially while traveling, thanks to their ongoing immune and digestive health benefits.

What Do Probiotics Do?
Probiotics, which support the natural colonies of beneficial bacteria in the gut, support immunity in various ways:

  • Help remove potentially harmful microorganisms that enter the body through the digestive system‡
  • Crowd out these harmful microorganisms by competing with them for space and resources‡
  • Help strengthen the endothelial lining of the intestines, a primary immune barrier‡
  • Assist the digestive system’s inherent toxin removal process‡
  • Support optimal vitamin and mineral absorption in the intestines‡
  • Produce B vitamins and vitamin K‡

Extra immunity Care after antibiotics
In addition to replenishing beneficial bacteria levels with probiotics, there are several steps you can take to strengthen your immune system after a course of antibiotics:

  1. Get at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night
  2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes 5 times a week to increase immune cell production. Yoga and rebounding on a trampoline are especially effective because they stimulate immune lymph fluid flow.
  3. Add plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and nutrient-rich veggies to your diet. Avoid processed foods which contain ingredients that may challenge immunity.
  4. Consider an herbal cleanse to help remove any leftover toxins after the antibiotic sweep.